Hi everyone,
The Dark Realm is basically a realm of dark desires and dark...things. I really can't say much about the dark realm. I can only hope that it will be visited often by other members.
I created the dark realm because I like being alone and I like to sit by myself in the dark hours of the night.Hey, we can't all be perfect right?Any way the dark realm was made because of how I was feeling and how miserable I was becoming. I hope you enjoy your visit to the dark realm.

Any ideas?!

Sorry for not posting anything in a long time. Been pretty busy with work and all the things I have going on in my hectic life. But I will start posting some new stuff soon. The thing is....I just don't what to post about. I've run out of ideas to write about. So here's what I want from you guys: I want some ideas of what I should write about! Just comment or message me. Okay, I guess I'll see you guys soon. ^_^


It's been a while since I last visited theO.Got too caught up in my own world to even give a damn. But hopefully that'll change soon.

Flyleaf Beautiful Bride music video


I hated school so much that I wished I would get out soon.Now that I'm out of school,I'm in college.And it sucks!I have to get up every day and go to classes.I have tons of homework every day for every class I take.Well it could be worse,right?I could be going to a four-year college.


It's so peaceful here in this dark abyssmal place
A place of pure solitude
A place of pure tranquility
I had thought I would go to a place of paradise
But what I had thought was wrong
I instead found myself here in this quiet place
At first,all I wanted to do was go back to my old life
A life filled with grief
A life filled with regret
A life filled with hatred
A life that will always be filled with pain
Pain that never ends
Even in death
Even now I can still feel my pain within me
It feels like something is alive within me
Something sinister and horrific
But I don't know what to do about it
All I can do is endure it to the best of my ability
Thing is...I can't anymore
I gave into the pain a long time ago
It should have ended then
But it didn't
It only got worse after my death
And will continue to get worse with each passing day
Until my torment is complete
Which will last until the end of time itself