Hey, everyone! This is the Dark Heaven WORLD, created by the artist/writer Yuriko91. Here, you will recieve updates, page previews, and character biographies.

Also, this IS for the fans who read the manga to see their favorite characters, Yuki and Cam. If you do not like yaoi, leave the premises.

Change of Face

Hello, everyone.

I'm considering rewriting the Dark Heaven story. It seems a bit cliche and I want to start something fresh. I need to rewrite every character's back story and make the storyline itself very interesting (but it was regardless, no?).

Anyway, it seemed that I started hastily (to see that I would and could make a yaoi webmanga), I didn't have a set storyline, or characters (except for Cam and Yuki).

I hope that this doesn't change the fans' feelings about the comic. Hopefully, Dark Heaven will be back--and better than ever.

You can still visit it at this site too.

Code Geass doujin

Okay! This has been going on in my head for the longest time...but I want to make a Code Geass doujin. :) Yes, it's true; the urge and plot bunnies have been playing dodgeball in my head. The title is called Life Beyond Death. It tak...

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Wanna Join the Forum? ;)

Hey, guys. Got an announcement for you. Are you an normal fan or hardc...

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Wayward something

Yo. Sorry for not updating in the longest time (I'm gonna wear this out sooner or later...). Wanted to let you guys in on a few things. I'm still writing Dark Heaven (I haven't lost intrest) but I want it to be unique than most yaoi comics/...

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My Apologies...

News for 2/12/09: *blows off dust then goes into a coughing fit* Sorry I haven't updated here in a while...I'll make th...

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