Hey, everyone! This is the Dark Heaven WORLD, created by the artist/writer Yuriko91. Here, you will recieve updates, page previews, and character biographies.

Also, this IS for the fans who read the manga to see their favorite characters, Yuki and Cam. If you do not like yaoi, leave the premises.


It's been a while since I've updated here, hasn't it? Well, I'm posting now with some news.

RL and school have been interferring with DH's status and it seems I've either gained or lost a few of my fans because of this. Hopefully, I'll be able to update very soon with 3 pages along with some more artwork of YukixCami.

But regardless of that, I've taken on a few new projects of mine. I'm writing out the episode scripts of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, writing a fanfic of TTGL, and making the manga version of the Xenosaga Episode 1 fic I started during the first half of my junior year.

Wish me luck with those and hope for more DH updates. TTYL


Freewebs site up!

Alright, now there is a freewebs site to Dark Heaven here:


There, it will have updates along with character profiles and page previews. Sounds too good to be true, ne? I will continue to put up more new stuffs (if I can figure it out..XD) So, wish me luck and vist, alright?!

Current page in-progress: Page 13

Printer/Scanner Found

I may have found a scanner at Wal-Mart today, which was about $80.00. Pretty good deal, huh? If I get a lot of money for my birthday, I'll use it to buy the scanner and keep in my room, using it only to scan my artwork and print out school essays I'll have to write next year.

TTYL. :3

EDIT: My mom's letting me have the scanner/printer that came with our desktop...which is broken and can't print. But it can scan, though.

Dark Heaven hiatus

Hey, everyone...sorry for not updating the comic. I've been really, REALLY busy with school and my laptop can't connect with the printer/scanner. So I'll have to get another one soon.

So, Dark Heaven will go on hiatus for a while. Sorry... *gets hit with plushies*

Chapter Progress

Chapter 2, Page 10 -- 89% complete

Chapter 2, Page 11 -- 0% complete (haven't started yet)

Chapter 2, Page 12 -- 0% complete (haven't started yet)

Chapter 3 Script -- 67% complete

Chapter 3 Cover Art -- 0% complete

Any Chance Yuki and Cam Will Knock Boots....MM, MAYBE.

~Yuriko91 (Neko kitteh, nya. ^^ )