Hey, everyone! This is the Dark Heaven WORLD, created by the artist/writer Yuriko91. Here, you will recieve updates, page previews, and character biographies.

Also, this IS for the fans who read the manga to see their favorite characters, Yuki and Cam. If you do not like yaoi, leave the premises.

Dark Heaven Soundtrack

Okay, I decided to make a CD with some songs from Final Fantasy and other anime for a soundtrack of Dark Heaven.

Here's the list so far:
1. Eternity: Memory of Lightwaves (FFX-2) -- Eguichi Matsuda
2. Nageki no Mori (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni) -- AYANE
3. Haneoto (GateKeepers 21) -- Junko Watanabe
4. Ima, Egao ga Areba (GateKeepers 21) -- Sakura Nogawa
5. Simple and Clean [English] (KH) -- Utada Hikaru
6. Lose Control -- Evanescence
7. What I've Done -- Linkin Park
8. My Curse -- Killswitch Engage
9. This Fire Burns -- Killswitch Engage
10. Passion [Japanese; Sanctuary] (KHII) -- Utada Hikaru

Hope you like.

~Yuriko91 (Nya!)

Taking Submissions


Okay, for the fans of Dark Heaven, I'm taking submissions. Not for money, but just for fun and the love you guys give me. I will take submissions from any requirements or something you want to see as a filler page for the manga.

So hurry and gimme submissions!

Character Profiles Part 1

Here are the profiles for the characters you'e seen so far in the manga:

Cameron Halo [19/M (mistaken for a girl)] Status: Technical College student (Freshman)

Features: Long brown hair with burgundy streaks, ocean blue eyes (looks like he hasn’t slept in days but is actually eye shadow), pale skin, wears a black shirt with blue jean shorts or pants with black boots, wears striped black and purple armlets on his arms.

About: Cameron, or Cam, was enrolled in the Persona Technical College by his father, Jesse Halo (the Persona police commissioner). He acts and dresses like an emo/goth kid since he turned 16 and nearly sliced his thumb, his middle and third finger off using a knife in the kitchen. They had to be sewn back on at the hospital. He has a short temper and carries around a razorblade in his bag to protect himself. Cameron was almost raped by older students when he is saved by Leonardo Kanmura, the new student in PTC.

Similarities: At one point, he dresses like Yuna from Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 because of a cosplay skit May planned as a means of him and Yuki getting into a relationship. He more or less acts like a mix of Shuichi from Gravitation and your everyday goth/emo boy. Then again, there's the Yuna theory...

Leonardo ‘’Yuki’’ Kanmura [21/M] Status: Technical College student (Sophmore), priest-in-training

Features: Shoulder length dark brown (looks black) hair, dark brown eyes (can’t tell because his hair’s always in his face), normal skin, wears a short sleeved black shirt or a long-sleeved black shirt with blue jean pants and black boots.

About: Leonardo, or Yuki, was born into a Japanese family of priests and priestesses learning the ways of the spirituality in his family. He moved to Persona after his father divorced his mother, leaving her for a younger woman. He’s like Cam but much more darker—he broods, stays in his apartment for long periods of time, and only comes out when he’s hungry. Yuki saved Cam when he is almost raped by older students of PTC.

Similarities: He acts like Yuki from Gravitation, Sanzo from Saiyuki, and Shuyin from Final Fantasy 10-2. Even dresses like them at one point. 'Nuff said.

Miranda ''May'' Corin [20/F] Status: Technical College student (Freshman), actress (cosplayer)

Features: Back length blonde hair, green eyes, tanned skin, wears outfits similar to Rikku from FF10/10-2 (made of her own creations).

About: Miranda, or May, was born into a semi-rich family of computer technicians/hackers. She learned to hack into the school directory at the age of 10 when she was in elementary school. She's also a cosplay fanatic and into the Final Fantasy fandom. Her favorite character is Rikku from Final Fantasy 10/10-2 (which her character design is based from). She helped Cam when older students of PTC tried to come onto him and hook up with Yuki. Calls Cam ''Cami'' or ''Dark Yuna''.

Similarities: She (of course) acts like Rikku from Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. Even dresses like her.

Angeline Corey [22/F] Status: Technical College student (Sophmore), cosplayer

Features: Short white hair, red eyes, normal to pale skin, wears black shirts and blue jeans with gray tennis shoes.

About: Angeline was born into a family of devoted community members. She is a non-social girl but with May's help, she comes out of her shell. She is called (by nickname) ''Paine'' or ''Angel'' by May. Angeline is also into the Final Fantasy fandom, but tends to keep to herself how long she has been playing the series..

Similarities: Angel acts like a mix of Paine (FFX-2) and Lulu (FFX), considering her mood.

Jesse Halo [52/M] Status: Police Commissioner of Persona

Features: Short (messy) brown hair (dyed black in the back), ocean blue eyes, tall, muscular, normal skin tone, wears his Commissioner uniform (blue and black) and everyday clothing on certain occasions

About: Jesse is Cam's father. He is strict and obsessed with being the best. This obsession got him where he is today. He is also a laid back kind of guy. He knows of Cam's liking of boys, but does not interfere with it. It drives him crazy when he sees Cam and Yuki together. (HA!)

Similarities: He resembles Bunshichi Tawara from Tenjho Tenge (note the hair style and facial hair).

Persona Techical College Displinary Group (PTCDG): These 3 students were the ones who nearly raped Cam until Yuki came in, gave them a good ''magical shock to the system'', and were arrested on assault charges. They are later released on ''good behavior'' and come after Cam and Yuki on their field trip. They are arrested again for assault charges. The 3 have a connection to Cam's stalker who apparently graduated Persona High School and stalked Cam when he entered the technical college.

Brandon DeLeone [21/M] Status: Technical College student (sophmore), cosplayer, model
Features: Short, spiky blonde hair, violet eyes. Tall, normal skin, wears street clothes and has piercings in his ears

About: Brandon is Cam's ex-boyfriend and a sophmore at PTC. They dated for a while until Brandon graduated a year before Cam. He's hyper and fools around others to show how he can have a good time. He and his friends--Reeve, Chance, and Riley--are all fans of the Final Fantasy series. Brandon earns his money with modeling.

Similarities: None.

Hope you like it.
~Yuriko91 (Nya!)

Updates (Pt 1)

Okay, everyone, page updates for Dark Heaven, Chapter Two might or will be a bit delayed this week because of testing at my high school. I'll show previews of the new pages (soon), even though they're from the inner depths of my handy dandy notebook.

Also, I'm in the process of writing chapter 3 (nearly complete) and it will have lots of fanservice, too. Maybe Yuki'll be protective....maybe the two'll kiss? Who knows. You'll have to wait and see!