Wayward something

Yo. Sorry for not updating in the longest time (I'm gonna wear this out sooner or later...).

Wanted to let you guys in on a few things. I'm still writing Dark Heaven (I haven't lost intrest) but I want it to be unique than most yaoi comics/manga. But the whole thing I'm doing with the Yuki/Cam relationship is corny, from what I was told. *shrug*

It may be corny now, but you'll see later on that DH isn't all cutesy, you know.

I have some dark things in mind for my characters. Who knows what my mind will release on paper (and in the pen).

I've finished Chp. 3 and 4's script; still drawing/sketching Chp. 3 out (I'm slow, I know).

Sorry for being insensitive and not giving your fix...but I doubt I can update the more "adult oriented" stuff here. Go here to read the rest (and first) of the comic.

Go here to see how I'm doing along with my artwork.

See you then. ;)