Hello every one!
I'm Dark Kitty Love, here's some about me.

Name:(wont say) But you may call me Darkittylove or Kairi.

Love/likes:Anime, music, cosplay, manga, games, drawing, animals, creepy things and MEN!!!

Dislikes/hates:loud sounds, doing nothing and barking dogs...

Fave singer/bands:The Gazette, Gackt, Versailles, Nightmare, D=out, Dir-en-Grey, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, 12012, Exist Trance and more

All 3 days.

~The 24th. Kai-san had left for the concrt and DKL is sewing and talking no the phone as well.~

DKL:So what do you think Ai, buttons or strings?
Ai:For what is it again...?
DKL:The sock puppet eyes for Kaikai.
Ai:Oh. You where taking about the party just now and go straight to the sock puppet? *laughs*
DKL:I know, I know! Sooooo which one!
DKL:Hai, hai! That is better.
Ai:Just how many are you making?
DKL: Why do you ask?
Ai:Weeeell you asked me that about 5 times already. You can't possibly be forgetting ever time I answer!
DKL:I don't! I'm just making many that's all.
~some one knock on the door~
Ai:Really? How-
DKL:Hold on a sec. Some ones at the door. *gets up and heads to the front door*
~DKL opens the door and is surprised to see Gackt there~
DKL:Oh my god...Ai I'm going to have to call you back. *hangs up*
~DKLs still in shock~
Gackt:Um. Can I come in?
DKL:*shakes head* Oh, oh. Yes, yes! Pleases do. *moves a side and lets him in* So what you doing?Not to be rude but, why did you come?
Gackt:I just wanted to see you and say hi.
Gackt:Plus I heard Kai had a concert today and I know you hate to be alone this day. And I was around so I thought it'd be nice to come visit.
DKL:Heehee! You always seem to be around at this time oh year.
Gackt:Yeah, I guess so... *scratches his head*
DKL:Oh sit, sit. Would you like some thing?
Gackt:No no. I'm fine, thank you. So how are you?
DKL:How are YOU?
Gackt:Hey, I asked you first!
DKL:I know. Your up first tho!
Gackt:*smiles*Ok, I'm good. A bit busy but good. Now it's your turn.
DKL:Well I'm ok. I think I'm getting sick tho...
Gackt:And how are-
DKL:When you going to have children?!
Gackt:WHAT?! Where did that come from?!
DKL:I wanna know!!!And things are good with me and Kai.
Gackt:That's good, but why do you want me to have children so badly?
DKL:Because!!! I think they'd look soooooo cute and not to mention talented!
Gackt:*sigh* Kitty... I told you once and I tolled you before, I'm never going to have any.
DKL:Awwww! Come on there has to be a way to change your mind...?
Gackt:No! I...I don't want them to suffer...
DKL:*hugs him* They wont. I know it. But when I have some of my own, you'll be sure to come and take care of them once in a while.*smiles*

~a few hours pass and Gackt leaves. And DKL waits for Kai to come home. It's is now the 25th. He finally arrives late at night and tires not to make any sounds. He opens the bedroom door to see the room lite up with candies. He then steps in amazed and happy then DKL comes form the back in her misses claus outfit, pushes him on the bed. And kisses him~

DKL:How are you?
Kai:Better now that your here. *kisses her back*
DKL:That's good. I made all this for you so you better like it. *starts to take off Kai's shtirt*
Kai:*kisses her hungrily* Sad to say but I'm not even looking around. I only see you.

~Privet time!~

~next morning Kai is still in bed and DKL is in the kitchen when she drops the dishes and wakes up kai. He comes running.~

Kai:Kitty!!! Are you alright?!
DKL:Hm? Oh, no I'm ok.
Kai:What happened?!
DKL:Oh it's nothings. I just started coughing like crazy and dropped them. *looks at him and laughs*
DKL:Heehee.*cough* Nothing, I just find it funny that you came running naked.
Kai:Well I thought some thing happened. Would you expect me to change first then save you?!
DKL:Heehee! No. *smiles* Now get changed *sneezed* so we can open the presents!
Kai:I will, but are you feeling well?
DKL:Hai, hai! Now hurry up! *coughs*
Kai:Alright! *goes gets dressed*
DKL:Damn it!!! Why did I have to get sick AGAIN!!! *sneezes* Hey Kaikai! *yells out*
DKL:Do we have any meds?
Kai:Ah ha! So your not well today! *comes out just in jeans*
DKL:No no!!! I'm fine! *cough*
Kai:With a cough like that, I don't think so. Come on I'll take you to the doctor.
DKL:NO NO AND NO!!! I went there that other day. I am NOT going again! It's just a simple cold. Nothing to be worried about. Sides! When I get the flu I do go around like nothing so this IS nothing.*smiles*
Kai:Oooook if you say so. I'll go get some medicine then.
DKL:But not now tho!
DKL:You need to open your presents first!!!
Kai:*laughs* Kay then. But for my gift to you, I need to take you some where. You don't mind the waiting do you?
DKL:Eh. I'm fine. *hugs him* Here! *grabs him and drags him to the Christmas tree* This is yours!*give him a wrapped box*
Kai:What is it?
DKL:Open it! *sneezes*
~He opens it and laughs~
Kai:What the heck is this?
DKL:A sock puppet! Don't you like it? I have mine see.*takes her out puppet out* Hi there sexy.
Kai:*laugh even more then puts his on and changes his voice*Hello back my sexy kitty.

~The 26th~
Kai:You sure it looks ok baby?
DKL:*laughs a bit* Your just what I wanted! My very own Santa!
Kai:*sigh* Right.... And do I have to got to the store like this with you?
DKL:No. If you did, I'd hate to see what the fan girls would do... Sides I already got them. So there's no need to go any more. *cough*
Kai:Maybe we should stay home...
DKL: What, why?!
Kai:Your sick and you voice sounds like a a dieing chipmunk...
DKL:WHAT?!?!?! Now that I didn't need to know! Meanie!
Kai:Sorry but it's ture.
DKL:I know! But there's no need to say it...
Kai:*laughs and hugs her* I'm sorry.

What to do...

~DKL is trying to cook something new and it dosen't come out good~
DKL:Ugh! Why food why?! Why can't you come out right?!?! ~pulls hair~
~Kai walks in and hugs her~
Kai:What's wrong Kitty?
DKL:Nooooothing... I just can't get this right.
Kai:And what is this? ~kisses her neck~
Kai:Soup? I thought you hated soup...
DKL:Yes I do, I do. But I'm a chef and I need to at lest know how to make them. Sides, if you get sick one day it would come in handy! No?
Kai:Sure. So How you feeling today?
DKL:Ok. Why?
Kai:Coz I still don't see much Christmas things around, it's Christmas eve and I won't be here later on.
DKL:Oh yeah...I...I forgot about that...
Kai:Don't get sad on me now! I'm not leaving yet. Soon but still ot yet. I don't like seeing you sad, cheer up lovely! Now where's your Christmas spirit?!
DKL:~smiles~ Hai, hai. I'll try.
Kai:Don't try, just do it! ~smiles then tries to tickles her~
DKL:~laughing~ No! Jah, jah! No mas!
Kai:~laughs~ See, now that's better! Just be happy.
DKL:Hai, hai! I will then. Aaaaand I'll also be waiting for you when you come back. In my home Christmas eve is better then that day it self. It's party till you drop! And the Parandas... OMG! Next year your going to one with me!
Kai:Sure. What ever makes you happy makes me happy as well. Now why don't you and I go in the bed room for a bit, hmmmm? I have a few hours before I have to go.
DKL:Heehee! I'll use those hours then for sure!
~Kai picks her up and goes into the bed room~
Happy Christmas eve every one!!!!


~10am DKL unlocks the front door and comes in, Kai comes the kitchen hugs and kisses her after he heard her come in.~

Kai:Hey, how was it?
DKL:How was what?
Kai:The party. What else, silly.
DKL:My, my, my... I don't know what in the world to say! *sigh*
Kai:...That bad...?
DKL:Boy, I'm not even going to talk about it.
Kai:Oh...I see.
DKL:It was good and baaaad so lets leave it at that. ok?
Kai:Oooook if you say so.
DKL:So how was your weekend?
Kai:Good I would say. Not much has happened since you left.
DKL:I see.
~Both walk to the kitchen~
DKL:What are you cooking?
Kai:You'll see when it's done. ~similes!
DKL:Awwww... Fine.
Kai:Hey Kitty.
DKL:Yeah? ~sits down on the counter~
Kai:Miyavi called and he wants to come visit.
DKL:OMG!!! Really?! When?! Is his family coming too?!
Kai:He didn't give my a date yet, but he did say before the end of the month. As for his family, I think their coming too.
DKL:AHHHHHH!!! I hope they do come! Lovely is so cute!!!!
Kai:That may be. But don't try and take her again ok? ~laughs~
DKL:Awww...Why not?
Kai:Why? Because last time they came as SOON as they came in you grabbed her and didn't let go untill they had to leave which was 4 hours later.
DKL:It's not my fault she so cute ya know.
Kai:~laughs~ We all thought you where going to kidnap Lovely and hide her. You almost didn't even let go of her when they had to go!
DKL:Hey now, I'm not going to do it again.
Kai:Your sure about that? Coz knowing you, well that seems hard to believe.
DKL:Blah, blah, blah. I know, I know. I promise this time I wont do it.
Kai:I believe you. ~wraps his arms around her and kisses her~

Too cute!

I was randomly looking around youtude coz finally my laptop let me and I found this. Kai's such a happy guy! His so cute!


~9am DKL is cooking Kai walks it to the kitchen still a bit sleepy and wraps his arms around DKL~

Kai:Thought I was supposed to cook breakfast.
DKL:*laughs* Weeeeell you where a sleep this time so I thought I should do it this time. Sides I've been awake since 4:30 and didn't have anything to do.
Kai:I see...You really need to see a doctor ya know. ~sits down~
~DKL freezes a moment and drops the spoon in the frying pan~
DKL:What?! See a doctor?! ~tries to get the spoon~
Kai:Yeah. You said you can't sleep, right? So why not go see if they can help you.
DKL:But I hate going to the doctors.....
Kai:I know, but if you don't go or sleep then your going to end up going there anyway, no?
DKL:But I feel fine. See there's no need to good. Not the slits bit sleepy here.
Kai:For now maybe. Ugh...Kitty you can be so stubborn sometimes! Am I going to have to make you go? Coz I will if I have to!
~DKL says nothing back then kai walks up to her and kisses her~
Kai:All I want is for you to be ok. Please...Just to be sure your ok.
DKL:*sigh* Ok. But just this once ok?!
Kai:~smiles~ Sure. So then hows your day been so far? ~then gets him self some water~
DKL:Good. We ran out of chocolate tho, so I'd have to go get more later.
DKL:Oh yeah! TW's is pregnant!
~kai almost chokes on his drink~
Kai:Really?! Wow... I didn't think that'd happen for sometime.
DKL:Heehee! Nah. It just looked that way. She went to see the doctor tho to make sure.
~DKL hands Kai a plate with food and sits with him~
DKL:Sooo how is it?
Kai:What...? Oh! Yeah it's good.
DKL:.......You said "what"....
DKL:I asked you how it was and you said "WHAT" and then just say it's good.
Kai:Oh...Sorry, it's really good.
DKL:That's better. Heehee! Ok yeah yeah. I know it's not as good. But I tried to do some thing different this time. Next time I'll try some thing else. Or next time I'll just watch you cook.
Kai:~smiles then covers his mouth~ Maybe, that or I'll just show you.
DKL:Hey! ~hits his shoulder~ I'm going to be the pro cook here! I need to do it.
Kai:Just saying.