Hello every one!
I'm Dark Kitty Love, here's some about me.

Name:(wont say) But you may call me Darkittylove or Kairi.

Love/likes:Anime, music, cosplay, manga, games, drawing, animals, creepy things and MEN!!!

Dislikes/hates:loud sounds, doing nothing and barking dogs...

Fave singer/bands:The Gazette, Gackt, Versailles, Nightmare, D=out, Dir-en-Grey, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, 12012, Exist Trance and more


Can you see how tiny I am?...


I wrote this to Kira, and I wanted to tell you all about MegaCon.

lol! Sorry, I forgot to add the letter...


How's Valentine?

So how was every one's Valentine? I wanna know!

Mine kinda sucked... I had no one to spend it with.
Just stayed home and watched boring movies...


Yey! 2/7/09 was my B-day and my bro's too!!!

I had a party. Not many people came but it was fun any way!
We played mini golf, DDR and more.
I wish I know the people better tho...

When we played DDR I stepped on something that I wasn't supposed to and re-injured my toe for the thread time.

See my bro and play with hard fake swords and hand to hand combat. This time my bro had the sword and I had to hit him in the chest or head with my fist or feet.

He was about to hit me as I ran so I stopped, dropped and spun around in mid air and as I did I kicked him sooooo hard I made him fall and broke my toe!
I dodged he's attack, made a cool anime like move but miss calculated...
I have you know that I could break wood with my toe so I hit him really hard.
I keep ed running with it!

OMG! Gotta go! BYE!!!