read this first..

about this world..

1.. all stories are fictional.... never happened or unlikely to happen in real life.. maybe it will.. who knows.. it's an imaginary world for fun..


2.. want to join..? pm me ur story and i'll post it myself.. i want to monitor what goes in this world.. so pls keep it clean.. XD

when u pm me for this world, pls follow this message format:

subject: username :: title
message: short story

please keep the length to a minimum... u can continue the story on a different chapter perhaps... though i'd rather post different short stories than lengthy ones to keep the readers not stuck on a particular character/setting.. ^^;


3.. i will borrow theotaku members from time to time.. it's fun like that isnt it..? :D who doesnt think of hanging out with one of our members here..? eh..? it'd be cool to hang out with tuuuut and tuuuut and tuuuuut.....

now on to the start of this imaginary world....~~~