Fallen Angel.

It was cold and rainig. L looked out the window and sighed. 'Why must it rain?' L thought. "Ryuuzaki, What happen to the cake I just brought in for you?" Light asked. Light was the main and so far the only suspect for the kira case. 'Kira must be taking a break or playing very carful with me.' L thought. "This case is going no where so all of you can go home and take a break. I'll call if something comes up alright." L said this in his usually monotone voice. Light looked at his wrist where the cuff laid. "Tell mom and Sayu hi for me dad ok?" Light asked kindly. His father nodded and the rest of the team said good night and left. "Ryuuzaki, we don't have no more cake or strawberries so you'll have to eat something else till the rain lightens up for the roads to be safe. Unless you and Light would like to go and get it yourselves." Watari had told them. L grimced at that and Light replied "We'll go and get some thanks Watari." Light stood up and went to go and get their coats all the while dragging poor L behind him. They went out in the rain with one umbella and they started off what was post to be a Normal trip to the grocery store.