Death Note: Resurrection, Pre-face

Death Note: Resurrection
In the year 2013, the great bringer of justice perished. A year before his death, his arch-rival died by this man’s hands. The death of these two young brilliant minds occurred in central Japan. The man of justice, went by the name: Light Yagami. His rival took the name: L. Lawliet and set out his path to uncover the person behind the mass murders on country-wide criminals. Light Yagami took on the name Kira, due to japans’ culture of superstition. Kira, was the name of the king god of death. He took this name to his liking, and began to run with it. In the end, he made a fatal error into asking his shinigami (Japanese for death demi-god), to write down the names of his adversaries before him. The shinigami, Namely Ryuk, took out the death note that kills people by writing down their full name, and instead, killed Light.
The year is now 2014; criminals still parade the streets of countries around the world. But, thanks to me, America has been a lot safer for the good natured. My name is Z. Harris, and that is the name you shall know me by. I am 23 years of age and I am the youngest to work for the Government under the title of “Criminal Justice Prosecutor”. I take my job very seriously and have no mercy to those who have done others’ wrong. This is why, In America, we do not have the name Kira or other sorts, because in rough translation from Japanese to English, Kira is known as “Reaper”. For the past 2 years I have studied light yagami and L. Lawliet’s past and their affair’s with the Japanese government and police task force. I have come to the realization about both of their errors during the time they lived.
Light’s mistake was working under watchful eyes and being too close to the police force, and revealing himself to Near too early. L’s error was being too close to light and revealing his true name. As for me, I work alone, and have no surveillance over me and the work I do. I have no known enemies, and everyone at my work loves me and my personality. I do have friends but no close ones, due to my hidden agenda. I live alone in an apartment with my black cat named Bagheera. Over the past years I have saved up money to take a business trip to Egypt, in search of the mythical, yet historical, book of Life. In all my hardships in trying to find this book, all my long hours of searching has finally paid off. I found it, the mythical book exists! The Egyptian people that excavated the book asked no questions, for I paid them what I was able to too keep them quiet. They warned me that great terror could be unleashed If the book were to fall into the wrong hands. I told them not to worry, but they kept insisting. Later they left with their pockets stuffed full of American cash and said nothing more about the subject.
I took the book home with me the next day. The book; “Life Note”, was very similar to the “Death Note” that I had already acquired. Except one Difference, It brought back the person that’s name was written in the book to full rejuvenation; to the age they were when they died. Not even three months after light’s and lawliets’ deaths, I went to Japan and robbed their graves of their slightly decomposing corpses. I took them home and kept them until I could acquire the “Note of Life”. I now have everything I need at my disposal.