2: Demon

2: Demon
Same day, 10: oo p.m.

“So, what do we do now?” asked Light, as he kicked back and relaxed on my couch.
L and I stayed seated on the floor and looked at each other blankly. Then we looked over at Light who was waiting for our reply.
“Well…?” Light spoke again. Little more sarcastic than last time. He was impatient, wanting to know what we were thinking right away.
“Well, I think its best before we go any further that, you both should know that I have a-a ‘Death Note’ as well as the ‘Life Note’. I also have what your people, light call a Shinigami. But, in America we don’t call them that. We call them demons of the realm of hell. They do still possess a ‘Death Note’, just like the ones in Japan. I think its best that you meet him, even though he says he could really care less if he meets you guys. You must excuse him sometimes though; he can be a real punk ass. Anyways here,” I held out my Death Note so that L and Light could touch it. “Do you see him yet?”
L and Light looked up and their eyes gazed widely above me. The look on their faces signified that they saw him.
“Well…? Do you see him or not?” I asked again.
“Yeah, we do”. L and Light spoke at the same time.
“Well then boys, I’d like you both to meet ‘Sid’, my personal friend and my protector from the nether world.”
Their gaze was transfixed on the monster that stood very close to me. He was so close, that I could feel him breathing down my neck.
“Hello L, Light, Its very unfortunate to meet you both” Sid said in his deep dragon-like raspy voice. He laughed sinisterly.
L and Light didn’t say a word, they just stood there. Practically petrified.
“I just want you guys to know, that unlike most Demons or “Shinigami” as you call us, I actually take a side. I’m with Z, all the way ‘till she passes on.” Said Sid. He gave out a loud hysterical snarl like laugh, and coughed loudly. “I also want you guys to know that I’m no ordinary demon. I used to be human”
“W-What?” Light said. His voice cracked. I knew he was frightened, and for me and L, that was a good thing.
I must always keep a close eye on Light; for if he made the wrong move, L’s and mine cover could be blown. Then again, if he wants to be “a God” of the new world, he will have to do as I say and command. So, I shouldn’t have to worry too much… or do I?
“Hmm…” L bit lightly on his thumb nail, and closely examined the monster. “So, Sid…”
“Hmm…?” The demon replied with a sinister grumble.
“You said you used to be human, is that correct?” L said back.
“Yes, that is correct, L”.
“So, if you used to be human, who were you?” L said as he stepped closer to the creature, showing no sign of fear what so ever.
Light on the other hand, was shaking in his shoes. He never saw a monster this horrifying, which actually took sides with a human.
Sid laughed uncontrollably. “Well,” he began to speak. “If you must know, I went by the name of ‘Sid Vicious’. I was a musician, so to speak. I played a lousy bass in the band ‘The Sex Pistols’, a punk rock band back in the late 70’s. Some called me a very violent and destructive person. I think they were right. I was also a major drug addict, and died later because of it.”
“How interesting. So, how did you become a death god?” asked L as he came up closer to me and Sid.
“Glad you asked, L”, Sid laughed hysterically again. “ I made a deal with the devil, to give me a second chance at life. But he does not hold the power to grant me what my heart wished for, only God is in possession of that. So, he made me able to live again, but only for a price…”
“And what was the price that you had to pay?” Asked Light. Still terribly shaken by fear.
“I would have to serve Satan, forever. And my soul will never find rest or peace. I will keep on living in this form, writing names down to gain more life and send to Hell. There is no way out of it. As far as I know anyways.” Sid spoke with a heavy heart then asked. “Do we have any apples?”
“Yes, I do. They’re in the fridge. Help yourself.” I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him.
“Good. Good. I’m craving them”. Sid said with a laugh. He went into the fridge and grabbed some. Then he began to devour them, like how a python slowly swallows down its prey.
I yawned. “Well, I think it’s time we all went to bed, so that tomorrow we can start our lives of Justice”.
“Yeah, we probably should.” Said Light.
“But where are we all to sleep?” Asked L.
“Well, my bed of course. Its king size, so it should workout just fine. Oh! And Light, you’ll need these”. I put a pair of handcuffs around his right wrist and around my left one. It had a long chain, so we both could move about freely.
“Awe Man, not again! Why?!” Light asked.
“Because, I don’t completely trust you. That’s why. Deal with it.” I laughed at him, mocking and teasing him, just a little.
“Fine. Let’s go.” Said L. He didn’t like the idea of us all sleeping together.
“No need to worry L, If Light tries anything Sid will have to kill him with his notebook”. I said sadistically.
“Eh, don’t worry, I won’t do anything. I don’t want to die again”. Light was still frightened.
“Good! Now let’s go to bed.” I said cheerfully.
We all headed to my room, and all got on my bed. I was in the middle; L was on my right and with Light on my left. Sid sat in my bedroom chair like he always did every night. His glowing red eyes eliminated the room a little. Light fell fast asleep, and was snoring annoyingly. L lay on his back with his hands behind his head. He stared up at the ceiling and breathed shallowly. It was hard for me to fall asleep; the reason being, it was kind of cold in my room. Of course it was, being in the month of January.
I was slightly shivering, but I guess I was making enough movement for L to notice.
“… Cold?” he asked me.
“Mhm…” I replied with a shiver down my spine.
“Come here, I’m quite warm”. L signaled me to put my head on his chest, and curl up next to him.
I did what he wanted, and became warm. I then, fell fast asleep.