Love is true ART!

Hello its Princess Asana. Im writing my very first short story!!!. Its about a girl named lily Romanoff. She is the second to last member of the B.W(Black widow). Who starts off her new journey by herself since her sister Natasha Romanoff sets off on her own Journey as a AVENGERS, what will LILY come across on this strange new journey? HEEHEE^^

Chapter 1: A New Life
*sun shines through the window of my room, illuminating everything*, "ARGH!" another day, but its a great start. I raise up and stretch, i looked around my room with still unpacked boxes. "I wish my sister was here. Its dumb that she isn't going to be here for my birthday. Today is my 18th birthday, in a couple months ill be graduating high school, and then off to start a new life and journey.

I get up, take a shower, get dressed, make myself some breakfast then im OFF!. I walk out into the brightened daylight, very strange that nobody is out starting they're businesses, then again- i always wake up two hours before any stores open, when i do that i set off on a little stroll...I went off on my walk when *suddenly**BOOM*!!!! my heart was pounding,
what happend?what on earth made that noise? a man jumped out in front of me with a giant sword on his back, "WHO ARE YOU!!?AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY VILLAGE!??". The man simply starred into my soul with cold silver eyes. I was in pure fear of this man, then e started at me taking his sword out in the process, and struck me in the side with full force. Before i could react to what has happend, my body was already throbbing with pain, and my entire white tank-top was covered in blood. "nin-,n,ahhh" he pulled the sword out with evil passion, "wh-wha-what-d-odo you..." "don't struggle black widow, it'll all be over soon, the poison is consuming your body, and when it enters your heart arteries you'll die quickley but painfully slow." The man stood before me with power, with chakra so high it was unbareable to see. The unknown man then picked my lumber weak body up and carried me away with full strength. My eyes fell heavy, i was scarce that my eyes would shut and never open back up. My world fell into darkness, unable to keep my chakra steady, i heard my heart beat faintly with loud thuds, slower, slower, and slower, for then i couldn't see anymore light of day, and fell into a drift sleep.

NOTE from the Author: WHEW! in one hour i wrote all this! and this is from all memory from when i wrote this when i was a about 9. HEEHEE^^ it gets better i promise. Im trying the best i can to make it intresting to you readers, and i guess it wont be a short story after all! LOL enjoy chapter 2!~

Chapter 2: The great awake and rescue
POV in mind,*what is this, i cant- move, my body is heavy. Am i dead?NO. is this hell?Hell known as torture, death, pain, suffering, darkness with no way out?What's happening up there?~End of POV
*Then something happens and your carried off again* "UGH, this hurts my head is so sore, WAIT i can feel, i can feel pain in my body,*distant running and voices* "whose that i hear?" "DEIDARA HURRY UP YOU DON'T WANT THOSE ROGUE NINJAS TO CATCH US WITH HER!!! GET HER OUT SAFELY AND TAKE THESE ANTIDOTES SHE NEEDS THEM BEFORE SHE DIES!!!!GO!!!!" im going to die" what does that mean, whose deidara? and who was the femine sound kinda voice too? it sounded like a boy, a young boy....
-A couple hours later- eyes shoot open fast and i shoot up as i f someone was louching at me, i look around the unfamiliar environment. what is this place---?" its a hide out cuttie" A voice in the backround calls out. WHAT!!@? i turn around to see a very tall man, wearing a straw hat and a black cloak with red clouds on it, i could'nt see his face but the voice sounded familiar.."who are you?and what happend to me!?" i demanded, i was so weak that my voice cracked. He put his hand on my forehead and pleaded me to lay back down and relax while the anistetics were working to keep my heart beating and to keep the poison from reaching my heart. I continued to ask him questions, like where am i ? what happend when i was out?who are you and what do you want with me? He looked at me, looked at me in a way that i felt safe, he took his straw hat off, slowly, my heart beating, eagerly to see his face. I looked up at him with wide eyes shock was the best way to explain. It was him, my childhood friend from the rock village, he had long beautiful the usual blonde hair, with his beautiful blue eyes, it was him..."DEIDARA!!!!!!!!!!?????" He eyed me suspiciously, wondering how a strange girl like me would know an S-Rank ninja. "yeah?that's my name but how do you know me--?" A long pause between us, then his eyes got big with surprise. Could this realy be her? is it......"Uh, well now that i think about it, you dooo seem awfuly familiar, un". He put his fingers to his lips, thinking hard on where he met such an attractive women. It little longer and finally he remembered me, it was kinda awkward state. Deidara was my childhood friend. He was always there for me, protected me, and taut me how to defend myself, but often was too caring to fight someone, yet alone hurt them even though they could kill me if i didn't fight. That's what Kisame told me. And yes, we both grew up in the stone village. And in my past life, came across a couple Akatsuki members; Itachi, Kisame, Deidara(before akatsuki), and sasori. Its along story on how i met them, but i associate with them if needed. I decided to ignor deidara's caring concern to keep me still, i sat upright and put my back against the wall, i looked around again, "deidara, why did you leave the village? most important, why didn't you leave a note about your where-abouts? i was worried i would never see you again." I proceeded and gave him a hug, not that he would like that if he still liked me, we both were going through tough times in the stone village, but i never knew deidara went through such hard times to cause him to go to the Akatsuki. "I didn't want to leave you, alone with no protection, i wanted to stay with you but ended up being forced to go by Itachi, that's one of the reasons i hated Uchiha Itachi, im sorry i couldn't give you a last goodbye." Those thoughtful words struck me, he did still like me from day one, i wanted my old deidara back but how could i when he's doubted and forced to do something. I believed deidara, evert word. "I understand, as long as youre ok, then im not worried." Deidara checked my wounds and i was healing quickly, how was this happening, well then again, i specialize in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, its i believe RARE for someone to specialize in two different jutsu's. I guess im too different?.

Chapter 3: A quick heart
Me and deidara quickly got our stuff in gear and went off, it was strange...seeing my ex boyfriend after all this time...
deidara walked slower to my level, walking side by side with me was like heaven. I loved his company, he stopped to stare into my eyes, i look up just when he kisses me. His lips are soo soft, the same they were 6 years ago, the same sweet taste, i wrapped my arms around his neck, as when he picked me up and gave me a huge hug, letting me know that no matter what he'll never leave my side again, protect me, and be by my side until the end!.
THE END~~~~~~I hope it wasn't dumb, i did my best for my first story:P hope you like it!