Okay so Ten Town means Heaven Town in japanese I think. And anyways it's a place that was made by Angels to use as a war ground against the Demons and Devils. So you can be a DemonDevilevilthingy, Angelsaintgoodthingy, Cyborg, Ryuningen (half dragon half human), someone whos posseded by a Demon or someone who is posseded by a Angel.

Note: Angels arn't always good and Demons arn't always bad. What i mean is the Angels will do anything to kill a Demon even kill a human with a Demon in them. Also the people with demonsangels in them are them selves because they take some kind of medician that kepts the demonsangel at bay. Also if you are a Ryuningen you got to have at least one body part of a dragon!!!

A little history. (blah) Ok when the angels made this place it was for a war with the demons but a demon and angel fell in love (blah blah blah) and had kids the kids were human and lived in the little town. This town grew and grew until our time (2010 or whatever) and now there are lots of people who have demons or angels inside them. Because of this the war was canceled but is starting up again.(blah blah) The end kinda.The scenes can be at the school, your job, your house whatever! (even in hell)

Points system: 50pts for joining, 40pts for post, 100pts for 3rd place in a contest, 200pts for 2nd place in a contest, 300pts for 1st place in a contest, 50pts for contest entry.

Charaters:i need at least 4 before this can start! Not including mine.
Ben (AngelKiomo, me) Pts:220
Oz (Clueless101) Pts:380
Rin (lapaperninja) Pts:130
Abby (Liveeverysecond) Pts:130


Other stuff.

Demon or Angel

AngelKiomos (me) other oc.

i'm making this mostly to remind people that you can make up to two ocs without spending points. (If you want)


Age: 20(400)



Hair colorstyle:Short black hair red at tips spicked out.

Personality: Likes to be in controle. A very lonely person he talks to himself a lot and enjoys others pains.

Power: He has a little controle over time. He can go into the past (but only about an hour ago) or stop time.

Other: He is the leader of demons and devils but not the devil himself. He likes it when people call him Master or Sir.Obsessed with power.

Must remeber!!!

Okay so...i haven't been on in awhile and imma getting bored of school so you peoples can start posting on sunday at like 7:30pm or something. Also i have thought of a new Oc! It took awhile cause me and a friend had a huge fight over him. I won...kinda. Anyways start posting on sunday the 19th i think at 7:30 ish and ya.

clueless101 oc

Name: Zero

Age: 18 (200)

Hight: 6’2”

Weight: 125lbs

Hair colorstyle: Jet black semi long spiky hair

Personality: Mysterious, sly, smart

Power: mind control and other things dealing with the mind.

Other: He is a fallen angel. And he enjoys messing with peoples minds.

My oc!

Ok here is my oc!





Hair colorstyle:Short messy red hair that spikes out, he wears a black baseball hat to cover it.

Personality:Funny, outgoing, kind.

Dragon Body parts:Wings and his right hand is a dragons foot.

Others:Ben has a small (huge) addiction to cake he eats it all the time and will do anything for it. He will do anything to help someone he trusts.

Liveeverysecond Oc

Name: Abby


Hight: 5’4’’

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair colorstyle: Dark red, has an angled cut where its longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Eyes: Bright Blue

Personality: Very kind, always willing to lend a hand, sometimes a little too trusting. Can be sarcastic at times.

DemonAngel name: Jade

DA Personality: Daring, brave, extremely loyal, stubborn, loves cute things ^.^

Other stuff: Abby is skilled in self defense, but rarely resorts to using it unless it is absolutely necessary, she would take a bullet for those she cares about in a heart beat.