can i come?


I looked at as both ben and Oz fought for the the cake I had brought for all of us.

“Oz has been in his peppy mood lately.” Abby explained.

I smiled.

“I see, so that’s why he’s so hyper.” I said as I looked over at oz and ben.


“Um, do you want me to make you some cupcakes Abby? I don’t think we’ll be getting much cake.” I asked her

“No, it’s ok.” She grinned.

“This is all I need to amuse myself.” Abby pointed to Oz and Ben who were now fighting over the cake.

I laughed.

“Did you know Oz was suppose to go over to Zero’s later?” She asked.

“No, he never said anything to me about it.” I answered.

“After the ding-a-ling Oz said he forgot, Zero invited me over.” Abby said.

“You gonna go?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” She answered

“Why not go over? You have been over a few times before right?”

“Yeah, but it was just to drop stuff off or to borrow something, I’ve never really been inside his house before.”

“And it would feel uncomfortable?” I asked.

“Yeah, something like that.she said looking at the both boy who were now shoving cake up their mouths.
She lowered her voice.

“I mean, Zero and I have been friends for a while, but lately, I’ve found it hard to look at him, I think I’m starting to really like him Rin.” I smiled.

“Then go over to his house. Spend some time with him, sort it out.” I advised her.

“Ya know, I think I will. Maybe in a little bit, after I beat those two up for eating all the cake.” Abby said. Walking over to them I followed after her.

"What are you two talking about." I asked looking at both.

"Nothing" ben smiled.

“We’re coming up with a plan to take over the world what do you think we’re talking about?” Oz said.

"OZ that was Rude to say!" Abby yelled smaking him upside the head.

"Sorry didn't mean it" he laughed.

"Well I think am going to go to zero's" abby muttered walking away from the tree of us.

"Sooo,got anymore cake?" Ben awkwardly said

I shok my head "no"

Is cake all you think about Oz "muttered.

"No! I also think about school...I don't like thinking about it but I do. Oh and video games! Hey let's go to my house I just bought this awesome new game!" Ben shouted
"Wouldn't your parents mind?" I asked.

" partents are on a..umm..buisness trip so it's fine!" He said

"Alright then let's go!" Oz shouted
I shrugged and followed them.