EPIC POST (Abby and Jade)

I understand if you guys don't wanna read this beast, but I encourage you too, it's funny! XD

I was almost to Zero’s house when I pulled out a little pill from my back pocket and swallowed it. I couldn’t afford to have Jade in my ear every 2 seconds telling me that she wanted Zero like a fat kid wants cake. I found that her voice got muffled with only a few words and phrases sometimes coming through. I found myself in front of Zero’s house.

I just might take you up on that offer from earlier. You busy? I texted him.


Can I come over?

…Fine. I grinned and rang the doorbell. Zero answered it.

“Well that was quick…ironically.” He said looking down at me.

“Well you did make the offer, I just forgot to text you before I got here.” I said honestly as I walked past him.

“Come on in…please do it’s fine with me.” He shut the door.

“I thought so.” I smiled.

“So what do you want to do?” He asked sitting on his couch.

…Hot… I heard part of Jade’s sentence.

Shut up.

“Well you asked me over so it’s up to you.” I said not knowing what to do.

“Well usually it’s Oz that comes up with the ideas on what we do.” He replied.

“So what would he want to do?” I asked.

“Lay down on the couch and stare at the ceiling.” He answered.

“Like a couple of crack heads, how attractive.” I smirked.

“You make that sound like that’s a bad thing.” He shot back.

Sexy Druggie.
I heard Jade say.

Seriously, shut up!

“So you are a crack head.” I said teasing.

“No…I’m not a crack head I’m an anime addict.”

“Which is ten times more addicting than crack.” I said.

“Exactly, you get it.” He smiled and leaned back. I heard Jade mumble, but I ignored her.

“Where are you parents; I never see them around.” I asked. It was something I had wanted to ask for a while now.

“I don’t have parents.”

“I’m sorry.” It was the only thing I could say.

“Don’t worry about it.” It was silent for a few awkward moments. “You can sit on the couch you know I promise I don’t bite…hard.” He said.

HOT DAMN!!!! Jade yelled from the back of my head.I blushed and sat down, knowing that I agreed with Jade to an extent. Just as I sat down, Zero stood up.

“I’m going to go and take a shower.” He stated.

“Oh…okay.” I glared at him as he walked away.

You bastard! Jade tried saying something but I couldn’t hear her. Zero started laughing randomly.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” He disappeared around a corner. I felt weird sitting there alone so I followed him. He emerged from a room with some clothes. “My anime is in here if you want to look at it.” He said pointing his thumb over his shoulder.

“Not allowed to touch huh?” I said going in there.

“That’s not what I meant; pick something out if you want to. I also have regular dvds.”

“Any chick flicks?” I asked.

“No.” I heard a door close. I sighed and shut his bedroom door.

The only show I want to see is him in there. I thought, then blushed. I walked over to his dresser. If I find any dirty movies I’m never going to let it down, oh what’s in this drawer? I opened it up and discovered something odd. It was a very, very old looking Nintendo gaming system. I shrugged and lightly tossed it over to his night stand. I missed and it hit the wall then tumbled to the floor. SHIT!

“WHAT DID YOU JUST THROW?!” Zero shouted from the bathroom.

“I fell.” I lied.

“You’re such a Klutz.” He said.

“Don’t you have a shower to take?” I said wanting him to stop talking about how uncoordinated I was.

“I’m getting there, why do you want to join me or something?” My face never felt hotter than it did at that moment.

Jade yelled again.

Shut it!!!!!!!! I didn’t say anything out loud. I sat on his bed looking at the posters that were on the walls, then I laid down. His pillow smells like him. I rolled over a little and ended up on the floor making a loud thud. Zero’s bedroom door flew open.

“What happened?”

“I fell off your stupid twin sized bed.” I looked up and blushed. He was wearing his pants, and nothing else.

“You fell off the bed?” He asked.

“Ah…ur…um…” I sounded like a broken robot. He backed up and shut the door. I laid there, starry eyed.

Wow. Jade tried saying something, but I couldn’t understand it.

Jade go away.


Seriously don’t talk about Zero like that. I said starting to get irritated.

“What the hell?” I heard Zero say.

“I didn’t say anything…are you dressed yet?” I asked.

“I’m going.” He shouted. What?

“What you didn’t already go? What have you been doing this whole time?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” He replied. Grrr.

“okay…your stupid catch phrase needs to go like now.” I stood up and went to pull the door open, I felt a bit closed in. The door wouldn’t budge. “What the hell let me out I’m claustrophobic.” I said seriously.

“There s a window.” I looked at it, there was a piece of wood across the top of it.

“It’s boarded up.” I started to get short of breath.

“No it’s not.” He said. My chest tightened up.

“There are nails all around it, now let me out I’m panicking.” I said reaching for the handle. The door opened up and I rushed out. I ran into Zero and instinctively I wrapped my arms around his waist to keep from falling. I suddenly saw a hand, and it was gripping onto what looked like a pair of black wings. Then I saw the floor of Zero’s hallway coming towards me. I hit the ground and I heard a door slam. What was that? I thought about the hand and the wings. That was weird…hey he let me fall, really; awe he’s gonna get it when he comes out. “Zero, get your ass out here.” I commanded. I heard the door open and I stood up.

“Sorry you surprised me.” He said. I rushed up to him and started punching him.

“First you lock me in your bedroom then you let me fall, what kind of guy are you?” I asked angrily. He pushed me back by my head and I could no longer reach him as I punched.

“I’m sorry.” He said. I stopped and caught my breath. “So did you pick a movie?” He asked. Damn it…

“No…” I answered.

“Do I even what to know what you were doing in my bedroom?” I smirked.

“Use your imagination.” I was shocked to see his face turn light pink. “HA that’s the first time I’ve ever seen you blush.” I stated.

…Cute... Jade said.

“Fine I’ll pick the movie.” We went back to the living room and I saw him pull out Paranormal Activity. My stomach dropped.

“No, you know how I feel about scary movies.” I said.

“Well you should have picked something before me now sit down.” He smirked and pointed at the couch. I glared and sat down. Zero pulled the blinds down and turned off all the lights.

Ha, I’m back bitches! Jade said triumphantly. Zero sat down beside me and I stood up quickly.

“Be right back.” I walked into the kitchen and pulled another pill out of my pocket. I swallowed it. Bye Jade.

You… I smiled and walked back into the living room.

“What was that about?” He asked.

“Don’t worry about it.” I smirked because I had just used his own line on him.

“Just sit down.” He said.

“Aren’t you going to turn the lights back on?” I asked.

“No.” I started to feel uneasy.

“Then I’m not watching this movie.” I said defiantly.

“Yes you are.” He took my wrist and pulled me down next to him. My heart started to beat faster. Damn him, damn him, damn him. “Come on it won’t be that bad.” He told me.

“I’ve seen the commercials for this thing.” I pouted.

“Awe well to bad.” He said grinning.

“You are so evil.”

“Get use to it.”

“I already am.”

“Then stop complaining.” I saw the opening scene and I covered my eyes with my hands. I thought I was doing good until it got silent and I felt a jab in my side. My hands went down to my waist and I jumped as something flew towards the screen.

“Jerk!” I shouted. He laughed. I kept watching it for about 10 minutes. Then came another intense part and I started to shake. I felt an arm around my shoulders. My heart skipped a few beats. It was hard to blush and analyze my feelings when I was waiting to be scared.

“I can’t believe that you’re making me do this.” I muttered.

“Would you like me to turn off the movie?” He questioned.


“Alright I won’t.”

“Do you even have a conscious?” I asked.

“…he’s off on vacation.”

“He probably has a cell phone that you can call him.” I said.

“Sorry busy signal.” I screamed as something scared me.

“I have ears you know.”

“Well they’ll be bleeding by the end of this movie.” I glared.

“You’ll be fine. They can’t crawl out of the tv like the Ring.”He said.

“I hate that movie.” I muttered.

“I love that movie. I think I’ll make popcorn.” He got up and strolled into the kitchen.

“Don’t leave me here alone.” I followed him.

“I’ll be right back in the boogy man isn’t going to get you, stop acting like a baby.” I turned back and sat down. Baby huh?



“I hate you.” I shouted.

“No you don’t.” He replied coolly. Damn it, it’s true. I shoved myself into the corner of the couch. Zero returned with popcorn. He walked over and turned the movie off.

“No turn it back on.” I said.

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“Completely.” I said confidently.


“Yes put it back on and come over here and sit down.” I ordered. I didn’t think he would, but he turned it back on and sat back down. I shut my eyes and kept them shut.

“The movies over you can open your eyes now.” He said after a while.

“Thank you.” He turned on the lights. That wasn’t very fun… “Turn them back off, aren’t we going to watch another one?” I asked.

“No.” He said opening the blinds.

“why not?” I asked.

Yeah, Why not?



“You won’t get away with that, because why?”

“Because I said so.”

“Who died and made you king?” I knew that had come from Jade.

Stop Jade, please.

“This is my house.” Zero said.

“So…” Jade was starting to push into the front of my mind.

“So that means I can do what ever the hell I want.”

“No consideration for others?”


“You’re a cold hearted bastard but you look good with your shirt off.” I was horrified that I had said that. Zero blushed lightly. “Awe you’re blushing again. You sure you don’t want to watch another movie?”

Jade, please.

It’s my turn now missy. She told me in my head.

“No.” Zero answered.

“Why not?”

“We’re not doing this again.”

“I didn’t mean another scary movie, go pick out one of your anime thingys.”

“Don’t order me around in my own house.” I was getting embarrassed. I asked Jade to back off, but she didn’t listen.

“Funny thing is, is that I know that you’re going to listen to me.”

“No I’m not.” He crossed his arms.

“Please Zero.” Jade made my face twist into my puppy pout.

“Fine.” He muttered, and he went to his room.

I really would appreciate if you let me take control again, I need to find out for myself if I like him or not.

I just wanna be with him for a little bit ok?

Jade- She cut me off as she made me yell.

“I know I had you wrapped around my finger.” I shouted.

“Don’t push it. “ He yelled back.

“You know it’s true.” I shouted, I was smiling. Jade had officially taken over me.

“I’m giving you two choices, Bleach or Final Fantasy.” He said as he walked back in.

“Which one’s your favorite?” Jade asked. Zero popped in Bleach and then sat down.

I’m begging you Jade.

“Aren’t you going to shut the blinds and turn off the lights?” She asked ignoring my pleas.


She made me stand up and shut the blinds and turn off the lights.

“Really Abbs?” Zero asked.

He thinks it’s still me, PLEASE JADE! I yelled to her. She ignored me still.

“Yes, now be quiet!” I sat down next to him, closer than before.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” He muttered. My hand found the blanket on the back of the couch and I threw it over Zero and myself. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m cold.” Jade answered.

“But I’m not cold.” He answered.

“Shut up the movies starting.” She told me.

Stop! Please!

Zero tried to get up. “I have to go to the bathroom.” I pulled him back down.

“Hold it.”

JADE! LET ME OUT NOW!!!! I screamed. I started to push back. I knew Jade couldn’t hold me back for much longer.

“What is with you? You’re in one of your moods again.” Zero asked.

Abby, get back. She said darkly.

“Yea I guess so.” She said as she tried concentrating on pushing me back. I pushed back harder.

“Why don’t you take your medication?” Zero suggested. He knew I took medication, but I had never told him for what. I moved my fingers. It was my chance to get a pill down my throat.

“Okay.” I clenched my fists up fighting Jade for complete control. I got to the kitchen. I pulled out another pill.

I had him just where I wanted him, don’t do it Abby.

You need to go away this is my time not yours. I shoved the pill in and swallowed. Jade was completely quiet within a minute or so. I was relieved to have my body back, but I was mortified that she had done and said those things to Zero while he thought it was really me. I walked back into the living room.

“You alright?” He asked looking at me. I walked over to him and gave him a hug. I felt really bad about what had happened, I hated it when Jade made Zero feel uncomfortable.

“Sorry about that.” I resumed my position in the corner of the couch.

“It’s the fricking twilight zone.” I heard him say quietly. I couldn’t hold it in.

“I can’t help it.” I blurted out.

“Can’t help what?” He asked.

“I guess you could say I have a type of bipolar disorder.” I answered.

“You know Oz has a bipolar disorder too.” Really?

“He does I thought he was completely normal?” I said.

“He is I guess.”

“I know what you mean that kid is weird.” I said thinking about his strange mood swings he had from time to time.

“Not where I wanted the conversation to go but alright.” I was confused, but he smiled and I felt my heart flutter. I looked away. I couldn't like him, Jade likes him, I couldn’t ever have a relationship with anyone because of her.

“What’s wrong?” Zero asked.

“Nothing really I’m just a freak.” I answered simply.

“Really, you don’t look like one.”

“It’s hard to see deeper in.” I looked at him.

“It is huh?” He smirked. He thinks I’m kidding.

“Yea.” I looked away again.

“Come on you don’t have to be down.”

“You don’t understand.”

“Well you never know until you tell me.” He stated.

“You would treat me differently.” I said.

“I highly doubt that.”

“I’ve never told anyone.” I explained.

“Well then let me be the first.” My eyes stung as I thought about that statement. He had always been my first for everything. The first to talk to me, my first friend, my first crush. I felt the tears start flowing.

“Don’t cry.” He stuttered. I couldn’t stop. It’s all her fault. “Come on, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” He put a hand on my shoulder. I felt so comfortable, so I let it out.

“She’s always there, she never leaves me alone; I want her to stop.” I said.

“Who’s there?” He questioned.

“Jade.” I said quietly.

“Jade, who’s Jade?” He asked.

“She tells me she’s my angel. But she’s more like the devil to me.” I said trying desperately to stop crying.

“I see, well that still doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you any different.”

“But you never know when its me or when it’s Jade.” I looked up at him.

“Oh I think I can tell the difference.” He smiled. It took my breath away for a second.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes I’m sure.”

“Then who are you talking to now?”

“Abby.” He answered. I started to stop crying.

“you only know that because I took my medicine.” I said.

“Your point?” Stupid Zero…

“Shut up.”

“See there’s Abby.” He laughed making me smile a little. I punched him.

“That’s definitely Abby. Let me guess Jade was the one that threw the blanket over us?” I looked away.

“No shit…Not that I wouldn’t have done that…I …a…a…shut up and watch the movie.” I stammered.

“The movies over.” He informed me.


“Really is that all you can say?” He smirked.

“Shut up, why do I feel like the rolls have been reversed?” I mumbled.

“Because this is the way it’s supposed to be. So Jade is the lovely dovey one?” He asked.

“At least towards you.” I admitted.

“Well isn’t that nice to hear.”

“I wouldn’t be too thrilled about that.” I said bitterly. I heard a mumble.

“That’s not making me feel too much better.”

“That’s why I never told you.” I explained.

“I find it strange that one half of you wants me.” He said. I cringed.

…Shirt...off him…
Jade said in a muffled voice.

“Don’t call her my other half. Oh and she said that she just wants to see you with your shirt off again.” I informed him

“Are you sure it’s her?” Zero asked.

“Partially.” I muttered, unable to lie at the moment. He laughed and I turned red.

“If you ever need a test Jade doesn’t blush I do.” I said. Jade never got red since she has no shame.

“Good to know.” He smirked. I wanted to get off the subject of me.

“So do you have any deep dark secrets that I should know about?” I asked him. He looked at the ceiling, then stood up after a minute.


“Jade says you’re lying.” Ha, I’m lying by saying you’re saying he's lying Jade. I teased her. I just heard muffles.

“Really.” Zero questioned.

“Yea.” I said.

“Then what do you think my deep dark secret is?” Now or never I guess, time to find out. I was nervous and my heart beat faster.

“I know Zero.”

“Know what?” He asked.

“Deep down inside…I know you like me.” I said.

“Exactly you hit it right on the head.” He answered. I, was right?

“I knew it, actually I kinda like you too.” I admitted.

“Huh?” He asked.

“We- yea.” I said looking at the ground.

“Alrighty then.” He said lightly.

“Were you being sarcastic or were you being serious because I was being serious.” I looked up at him. He sighed and started to pull his shirt up

Mmmm!!!!!! Jade mumbled loudly.

“What are you doing?” My face got extremely hot. I grabbed his shirt and pulled it back down.

“Don’t give her the satisfaction.” I hissed. I wanted so badly to kiss him right then and there.

“But in order to show you something I have to take it off.” He stated. “Do you think you can hold her in?”

“It’s not her that I’m worried about.” I said.

“Right well I gotta do this.” He quickly pulled it off and turned around. I gasped as I saw a large ‘V’ shaped scar on his back.

“Zero what is that?”

“I got my wings ripped out.” What?


“I’m a fallen angel.”

“So your not normal, phew I thought I was the only one-“ Jade mumbled something.


“JADE!” Suddenly, she pushed through.


“Just ignore her.” He said coolly.

“Now she’s screaming.” My hand flew to my head. “Ow.” It hurt so bad.

“Do you have another pill?”

“Not with me, unfortunately. “ She I muttered struggling to hear him over Jade’s tantrum. My knees gave out as I leaned wrong.

“Abby.” I heard Zero say.


“She’s in a rage.” I muttered, hoping Zero heard me.

“Yea…I see why your head hurts.”

“How would you know?” I asked still holding my head.

“I left out a little detail.”

“Like what?” I said as I tried to calm Jade down.

Jade, relax, you’re hurting me, please stop.

“I can read minds and anything else dealing with the mind.” He answered.

“If you can read minds you would really know that I want some ice water right now.” I said. He left to the kitchen immediately.

Jade, you’ll exhaust yourself, take it easy. She started to slow down and lower her volume.

“Here.” He handed me the cup. I looked up and saw his shirt was still off.


“She was starting to calm down.” I said holding my head again.

“Then what happened?” Zero asked.

“She saw you with your shirt off again.” I replied.

“Right I’ll put that back on.” He grabbed his shirt and put it back on.

See? It’s on, now stop this childish fuss. She did calm down.

I-I’m so tired. I don’t want to sleep.

“She’s starting to stop now, she’s tired.” After a few minutes she had given into her sleepyness. “She’s sleeping now.”

“Well that’s good.” Zero answered, looking relieved.

“I’m really, really dizzy.” I muttered.

“What do you want me to do about it?” Zero asked

“I don’t know.”

“Well you didn’t let her out.”

“It came with a price.” I said

“Really and what’s that?”

“I am exhausted.” I sat on the floor, but still was leaning up against the couch.

“Then why don’t you lay down on the couch.” He suggested. I tried to get up, but nothing happened.

“I can’t move.” I muttered. I heard Zero sigh and he picked me up and laid me gently on the couch.

“There you moved.” He said smartly.

“Don’t go, it’s the only time we can talk with out her.” I blurted out. To my surprise, he sat down on the coffee table.

“So what did you want to talk about?”

“You.” I said simply.


“Yes you.” I repeated.

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Why did you lose your wings?” I asked.

“I fell in love, and Angels are not supposed to fall in love with humans.” What?

“Who decides that?”

“The higher angels, the arch angels.”

“That’s not fair.” I said unable to keep my thoughts to myself.

“Life sucks just out it that way.”

“But if you’re an angel then you’re dead right?” I asked.

“I was.” So, what does that mean then?

“Well how old are you?”


“Seriously?” I questioned.

“18 plus 172.” Oh my God.

“You’re 200 years old?!” I exclaimed looking at him shocked.

“Don’t I look good for my age?” He smirked.

“But you look 18.”

“My point has been proven, thank you Abby.” I frowned.

“You sure you’re not a devil?”

“I’m positive.”

“So what are you doing here?” I asked.

“This is just where I ended up.”

“I’m glad. That explains the original nintendo that I accidentally dropped in your room.” I thought out loud.

“YOU WHAT?” He yelled and it made the pounding in my head worse.

“I didn’t do it on purpose don’t yell please.” I groaned.

“So that was the thud I heard.” He muttered.

“But I really did fall out of your bed.” I said.

“Why were you in my bed?”

“Because I wanted to lay down on it.” I explained truthfully.

“So if I went into your room and rummaged around and laid on your bed you wouldn’t mind at all.”

“No.” I answered.


“I said no.”

“Yea I got that part.”

“Then what are you asking?” I asked.

“I don’t know I’m just confused.”

“Surprise, surprise.” I sat up, and the room didn’t spin. “I’m feeling better.”

“Good.” He said. I stood up slowly.

“Is that all you can say?”

“No.” He answered.

“Then continue.”

“No.” He teased.

“You’re almost as annoying as she is.”

“Out but that ‘almost’ saved me.” He smirked.

“I guess it’s probably it’s not a good thing that you’re a fallen angel but; I’m glad I’m not the only fruit loop in the neighbor hood.” I said smiling.

“Oh trust me there’s a lot more foot loops in this bowl.” I couldn’t help but to hug him.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“Hugging you.” I answered.


“Because I want to.”

“Did Jade suddenly wake up?” I frowned not letting him go.

“You really want to know, go ahead and get inside my mind you’ll hear her snoring.” I said as I tuned out her sleeping sounds.

“Fascinating.” I looked up at him.

“I respect you a lot more then Jade does you know.” I informed him.

“Thank you, I really don’t know what to say to that.” He said not looking at me.

“You’re two hundred years old and you couldn’t think on anything better to say? Maybe you should build up your vocabulary a little.” I let him go and stepped back a little.

“Really, and what if I don’t what are you going to do about it?”

“Absolutely nothing.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Do you always to get the last word in?” I asked

“Yes, yes I do.”

“Ha something other than no!” He laughed.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I said stop using that line.” I reminded him.

“But it works on you everytime.”

“Not always.” I blushed a little.

“You always have to get the last word in.” He shot back.


“I thought so.”

“Okay I’m done playing this game.” I said.

“So am I.”

“Are you sure?”





“I said yes already.”

“Okay I’m done.”

“Me too.”


“Don’t whatever me.” I said smiling a little.

“Whatever.” Zero walked away.

“Don’t you walk away from me I’m not done.”

“You just said you were done.”

“But I lied.”

“What more do you have to say to me?” He asked.

“…” I wanted to say it, but I didn’t want to get rejected.

“Speechless is see.”

“Kiss me.” I said. He didn’t say anything.

“Who’s speechless now?” I smirked.

“No.” My heart sank.

“Why not?” I asked.


“Because why.”

“Because I don’t feel like it.”

“Why not?’

“I don’t want to play the why game.”

“Then just kiss me.” I said simply.


“Why not?”

“Stop it.”


“Why are you harassing me?”

“Because Jade is sleeping, and I would rather have me first kiss with just me alone.” I admitted.

“Good luck with that.”

“Come on Zero, I really do like you.” I felt like I was pouring my heart out to him.

“I’m 200 and you’re 18 there’s an age difference.”

“no one has to know.” I cut down that reason. He walked toward me and my heart raced. He kissed my forehead. What?


“That’s cheating, that doesn’t count.” I complained.

“Yes it does.”

“No it doesn’t.”

“I’m not playing this game.”

“But you are right now.”

“No walking to my bedroom right now.”

“And I’m following you.” I informed him.

“Stop following me then.”

“Not until you legitimately kiss me.”


“What’s so awful about me?” I asked.


“Then what’s the problem?”

“Nothing.” He said.

“Then kiss me.”


“Zero look at me.” He stopped and turned around.


“Please.” I did the puppy pout, hoping that might work.

“Not that, in this case it’s not working.” He said.

“What part of I really like you don’t you get.” I said angrily.

“Giving me the guilt trip now?”

“Is it working?”

“No.” My eyes stung again and I just let myself cry, there was no point in fighting it.

”Abby don’t cry.” He doesn’t understand my point.

“You’re the only one that gets me.” I said through my tears.

“Stop crying.” He said.

“You’re making me cry.” I shot back. I looked at him and he rolled his eyes. I started to cry a little harder.

“You want to know why I won’t kiss you?”


“Angels shouldn’t fall in love with humans.”

“But you’re already fallen.”

“Your point?”

“That’s why you fell isn’t?’

“Your point?”

“What more could they do to you?” I asked quietly.


“I’m not asking you to fall in love with me.” I said as I slowly stopped crying.

“But who knows what will happen if I kiss you.”

“Don’t let the what ifs stop you.” He came over to me and wiped away the tears on my cheek. His hand stayed there on my face.

“It’s not the end of the world if I don’t kiss you.” He said softly.

“It will seem like it though.” I said truthfully. He had been my first in everything, and I wanted him to be the one to have my first kiss with to.

“Stop it.”

“It won’t be the end of the world if you do kiss me.” I pointed out.

“You’re twisting my words around.”

“You haven’t moved your hand so…” I blushed a little.

“Who’s to say I’m thinking about it?”

“Who’s to say that you’re not thinking about it.” I shot back.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not.”

“I’m not going to poison you.” I said looking up at him.

“I know.”

“Then just do it.” I said.


“You’re being stubborn.” I was close to having to beg him, and if it came to that, I would.


“You’re acting like a child, you say you’re 200 but you act like a kid that’s never been kissed in his entire…” I couldn’t say anything. It took me a second to realize that I was being kissed. He pulled back and smirked as I said nothing.

“What nothing to say?”

“I didn’t think that you would give in that easily.” I said shocked.

“Really I gave in that easily.”

“Yes, yes you did.”

“Last time I checked we were bickering for a good ten fifteen minuets.”

“That’s okay it was worth it.” I said still a bit confused as to what just happened.

“I’m sure it was.”

“Well for the split second that I sorta realized what was going on.” I said as I understood what had just occurred.

“Says the child that’s never been kissed.”

“You did not just go there?” I said as I glared at him.

“Yes I did.”

“Then if you went there, get back over here.” I ordered.

“Okay.” He leaned down and kissed me again. I closed my eyes and my hands wrapped around his neck. He pulled away a few seconds later. “Is that better?” He asked.

“For a first kiss yes.” I smiled.

“Actually it was your second.” He laughed.

“Whatever.” I laughed with him and held him close.

“You want another reason why it’s not good for an angel to fall in love?”

“Why is it not good for a human to fall in love with an angel?” I asked.

“After the first kiss the human can’t resist the angel that kissed them.” He muttered.
LONG! XD But it was soooooo much fun!