In a small town somewhere in the U.S people started to go missing slowly. Soon almost the whole town was gone. The government found out that what was causing this was some sort of demon monsters. Wanting to keep it hush hush and get rid of these monsters as soon as possible, they brought their men in, regular humans, to get rid of the monsters. Unfortunately this didn't work well and most of their men was turned into the said demons.

Trying to figure out their next move someone brought up a name that many have forgotten about. There was a group of people who weren't exactly regular humans, named The Demon Hunters.

These are their adventures, their lives, their stories.

Demon Hunters

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So I'm going to keep this world up. I still like it and there is still much we can do with it. And I don't want to restart it cause that would be a pain (unless you guys think it is a good idea or people are interested in it..) And since there is only three of us I hope you guys will continue writing for it even if it is only once in awhile.

Yuki it sounded like you wanted to write something for it. If you need ideas or something just ask.

I don't mind waiting for post, cause like I said I like this world and i understand life gets busy. I just hope you guys wont mind if it is slow. I also hope you guys are still interested in it..

Please comment or message me about any ideas or thoughts..

- Essence


So I don't know what to do with this place... since no one has been posting.. so yeahh

still in?

I was just wondering if anyone was still interested in this. I know that you are all busy so I really dont mind this being as slow as it is, but I was just wonder if you guys wanted to keep going or not.

A post!

~So I did this instead of homework....~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lila~ As we sat in the helicopter I squeezed the note and thought about what we needed to do. Of course we needed to get Ta back but before that we had to figure out th...

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Plotting Samuel

:Vince: Vince walked around the dark halls aimlessly. He looked very irritated and would constantly kick the small pebbles that would get in his was. "Tch. There's absolutely nothing to do here" he then noticed Samuel steping out the ...

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