This is gonna be a world with everybody's contact info in one place so we can all easily find each other outside of TheO. It would be a shame if this awesome little community went away if something happens to the website itself, so if you still use this site on a regular basis, please put up a ccontact post here! I will link to everybody's contact post in the header. If youy want to add a post for yourself, pm me or comment and I will add you as a guest poster.


Keba Si Rota
moonlit dream
Groovy Boar
Toyotami Kun
A friendly otaku
Judai Winchester

TheOtaku DA group: coming soon!

TheOrtaku on Tumblr; coming soon:

Judai Winchester

Hello I am Judai Winchester. To be honest I don't really have many contacts outside theO but I'd like to post the few I do have incase anything bad ever happens to this site. I don't want to loose contact with my friends.


✧❅~{ Judai Winchester Contact info ]~✧❅


External Image

Deviantart: Articunos-CoffeenArt

Tumblr:BakuraSunshim| Art Tumblr: xxShiny-Vulpix-Artsuwu

Email: PM me if Interested


UPDATED 6/18/2020: Updated Username on DA, added Art tumblr which I will try to post on sometimes too. I do post on DA from time to time but spend less time on there due to the Eclipse update.

A friendly otaku

Figured to leave a contact behind in case someone ever needs to talk to me outside of theO.

Here is my discord:Count saazbaum#7759

And telegram:Here

Don't hesitate to contact me if you used to know me on theO a while back, or if you just want to chat

Toyotami Kun

Hello Toyotami here, Just wanted to list all the sites I can be found on!

Deviantart: LINK

Tumblr: LINK (this is strictly my art blog)

Taptastic: LINK (mostly reading webcomics)

I also have a twitter and facebook account, but I’m not really active there, so I don’t think I’ll list them. I am considering joining a couple of other sites in the future, but I’ll add those when I actually do it.


Email: dcarlos702 at GeeMail dot Com.

If anything I check this site at least once day.(maybe)

sorry guys I have no other sites...yep I'm boring.

Groovy Boar

Actually I don't have much, but here it is ._.

PaigeeWorld: Groovyboar

Tumblr: thegroovyboar

Twitter: Here (OH so old, you won't never find me there! but hey if there arent' other places..)

Mail: Ask me in a PM.

That's all for now, stay groovy ;-)