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Szayel's Experiment Gone Wrong!

Starrk's First Encounter

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Nnoitra's Arrogance takes its toll

Yammy's Obsession

Nel's First Fraccion

Halibel's Dance Amongst the Clouds

Barragan's Only Love

Aizen's Best Match

Gin's Reunion

Kaname's One Sight

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Teacher and Student


Itachi and Sasuke

Itachi and Sasuke

By Puppet

“Alright class, settle down.”

Several of the students ignored Iruka sensei’s request, but since I was already seated in my typical seat next to the window so I didn’t care. I looked distantly into my reflection in the glass, ‘Another day in the torturous labor induced hell.’ After awhile, the primates around me finally sat down, including my best friend who sat down next to me. Uzumaki Naruto… I released an exasperated sigh. I wasn’t sure how I managed to become friends with this A-Class knucklehead, no less my BEST friend.

“Starting today class, I’m going to be aided by a student teacher. His name is Uchiha Itachi. You guys better treat him better than you treat me!” Iruka sensei roared, sending the other students into an uproar of laughter.

Naruto leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “I wonder what he’s going to be like… stiff as a board… or our next meal.” A low chuckle rumbled from his chest… puberty was kind to him.

A tall, muscled, man walked into the classroom with a brief case in hand. He had long black raven hair held together by a small band. In clothing, he wore the typical button down shirt and brown pants and black loafers on his feet… since when did I care this much about someone’s clothing? The last thing I noticed was a small pair of glasses that fit perfectly on his face… Little did I know this one man would probably send my mind and life into a downward spiral of despair.

“Good evening class. My name is Uchiha Itachi, but you will call me Itachi-sama or Itachi sensei, any questions?”

I raised my hand, just to be a little snarky.

“Ah yes, you there.” He pointed to me as he pushed up his glasses with his other hand.

A sly smile itched at the corner of my lips, “Why do you walk like you have a poll up your ass?”

All of the students roared with laughter. But it didn’t seem as though I got much of a reaction out of him, the reaction I was hoping for, came out of Iruka sensei.

“MR. ITO. YOU WATCH YOUR TONGUE!” The overreacting man said.

Yes, that’s me. Ito Sasuke, orphaned, alone… no one even knows my real last name. So I was stuck with one of the most common names in the entire country. Not only am I an orphan, I don’t even remember who my parents were, not their faces, and not their voices… so, naturally I became very sarcastic and rude, often making fun of others with my friend Naruto. Currently I’m living with Kakashi-sensei, my old homeroom teacher, he’s very quiet… and always wears a medical mask over his mouth. Even I’ve never seen his real face.

“ARE YOU DAY-DREAMING AGAIN MR. ITO?!” Iruka sensei had slammed his fist into my half of the table, causing the actual day dreamer to jump. I kicked him in the leg, ass.

Suddenly Iruka sensei was right in my face, red as my favourite food, and yelling until his voice broke. Itachi sensei came up behind Iruka sensei and placed a hand on his shoulder. “That’s quite enough Iruka-sama, I’ll just have a chat with Sasuke-chan after class.”

‘What a bastard! I have stuff to do with my life, thank you!’

The hateful thoughts all but burst from my head, something about this man just made me want to rip his limbs off and made me feel entirely safe, which made me want to kill him even more. I never feel safe, I’m always on edge, and always ready to punch out anyone who gets in my way.

“Alright, we shall begin with attendance, Akimichi Chouji?” Itachi sensei said, strolling back up to the front of the room.

After 15 minutes of unneeded roll call and a welcome speech for Itachi sensei, the bell signaling the end of homeroom finally rang. Quickly, I hefted my bag over my shoulder and tried to get out of the room before Itachi sensei could see me.

Then that annoying, irritating, stuck up ass had to catch me… “Forgetting something Sasuke-kun?”

Damn I was starting to hate that monotone voice.

“No, not at all Itachi sensei, what would you like to talk about?” And what I was really trying to say was, ‘Get bent you uptight prick. I don’t care what you want to say to me, you can kiss my ass.’

“May I ask, why you felt the need to make that comment at the beginning of homeroom?” He never looked up from his papers, what a conceited ass!

“It’s how I am sensei. I make snarky comments whenever I can.”

I shoved my hands in my pockets as I looked at him… suddenly he was staring straight into my eyes. Confused, I looked away quickly… I could feel the blood pooling into my cheeks… and I wanted to slap myself…

‘Why are you so embarrassed? You’re acting like the runts you beat up every other day.’ Silently I kicked an imaginary rock out of my way… imagining it was his face at this moment.

Itachi sensei leaned to his right and placed his elbow on his desk, still looking at me, while removing his glasses.

“You’re an interesting boy Sasuke-kun. I think you should come see me for your lunch break every Thursday.” He quickly jotted that down on a piece of paper as I gave him the most sarcastic look I think I’ve ever given anyone.

“And… why?”

Ulquiorra's Taste of Nature

"Ulquiorra, I want you to go and retrieve someone for me."

"Who is it, Lord Aizen."

"It's a girl, her name is Forest, you can find her..."

"In the Elfin Forest." Ulquiorra finished the memory.

He was coming in fast to the grand Forest, the air whizzed in his ears, and the sweet air soothed his senses. The girl he was looking for was, lean, dark haired, beautiful, and all around had a good nature about her.


Ulquiorra arrived at the village, and he hide amongst the trees, looking for the princess of the forest.

At first, he didn't spot her right away. And Elves don't have much spiritual pressure, so he couldn't locate her through that method. So he scanned the area, time and time again for the right person.

There she was, clad in a light beige. She was gowned in an elegant dress, it was short, but it looked very graceful and extremely beautiful. It seemed that there was a special event going on in the forest, and Ulquiorra got closer to get a better look.

Little did he know of the emotion that would send him reeling.

He was completely blown away by her beauty, and he didn't even know what he felt. He only knew that he wanted to touch her soft skin, see if it was as warm as it looked, and suddenly he heard one of her friends say:

"Lord Lucien won't make a bad husband! Your children will be strong! Healthy! You'll have a life worth bragging about!"

A marriage... He thought. His chest started to ache a bit, but he didn't know why. Why do I feel this way? This is most perplexing. But he didn't give the chance for the thought to fester in his mind, he landed on the ground, knowing no one could see him. And oh so suddenly, Forest was no where to be found.

With the sudden disappearance, the Elves were in a panic, "Where is princess Forest?!" A majority of them screamed.

Ulquiorra removed his eye, and sent it, to find her.

In only seconds she was located, and he went to her, and she was crying. She was crying behind a large tree, and he couldn't see her from where he was, so he followed the sounds of her sobs to her location.

When he made himself visible, she looked up, and gasped in shock. He didn't give her the chance to scream, he wrapped his hand around her mouth and disappeared into Hueco Mundo.

Hueco Mundo

"Lord Aizen, I have brought you the girl." Ulquiorra said calmly.

"LET ME GO!" She screamed, her claws digging into the heartless man's arm. Ulquiorra had a firm grasp on her neck, so she didn't move much, but what she could move, she used it to try and break free of him.

All attempts were futile, he didn't even so much as glance as his prisoner.

Aizen was leaning on the palm of his hand as usual and he smiled at her, "You're a feisty one. Much more outgoing than our last captive." He glanced at a girl that was pinned against a wall, a surprised expression on her face, and she was covered in blood. She was dead.

Forest looked at the girl and shrieked in terror, "I meant to get that cleaned up before you got here. She ended up killing herself..." He sighed and shook his head. "Well, onto why you're here, I'm guessing your curious."

She didn't speak she just glared at Aizen, still digging her claws into Ulquiorra's arm, drawing blood.

"I have been observing humans and other creatures that have supernatural powers, and you are one of them." He stated, smiling again.

"I need my army of Arrancars to become stronger, and the only way that can happen, is through training, and also modifications. My friends and I here are trying to find ways to copy the powers that people like you attain, and put them into our elite team of Arrancars, known as Espada. And you are to be held captive here until we can extract your power.

"Ulquiorra, take her to your room now." Aizen motioned for them to go away, as he called for another arrancar to come and clean up the other girls corpse.

Where am I?! What kind of sick place is this?! Forest thought as she was forcibly dragged down the hall. And who is this man?!

"Stop struggling. Or I'll rip your hair out." Ulquiorra threatened, still not looking at her.

She just glared up at him and kicked at his feet. Her foot connected with his right leg, and he disappeared, and reappeared behind her.

"I wasn't joking." He grabbed a fistful of her beautiful brown hair, and slightly tugged at it.

She screamed in utter pain, and suddenly... Ulquiorra couldn't do it. Something inside of him wasn't letting him hurt this girl, and he had no idea what!

Why have I been feeling so different lately? And why can't I bear to see this girl hurt?! Ulquiorra thought to himself, becoming frustrated.

He let go of her hair and she looked at him, her eyes were wet with tears. No force on earth had ever moved him as much as those tears just had, he struggled to keep his balance, and he couldn't help but look into her eyes. "Look away." He managed to choke out. She instantly obeyed him, and they continued to his lonely room.

When they approached he warned her, "Do not try and escape. For I WILL take you back, by force if necessary." But from that spectacle that just happened, he wasn't sure if he had it in him. He would give it time, see if it was just a fluke.

He opened the door and threw her in. She landed on her stomach, and her long brown hair en-cloaked her. Her limbs her sprawled out in front of her, and she didn't move. Ulquiorra started to inch towards her, "Are you dead woman?" He asked, trying to hide his concern.

She sat up and looked back at him, "There is... no sun here... no water... no... life..." Her voice was strained, and she sounded exhausted. She collapsed back onto the floor, and he ordered a passing Arrancar to fetch him some water.

The Arrancar returned shortly and Ulquiorra pressed the container of water to Forest's lips. Why are you trying to help her? It's better that she's weak! She won't struggle that way! It seemed Ulquiorra was in a constant war with his mind and with his body. Everything Ulquiorra used to be, was suddenly changing.

"Why are you... helping me?" Forest gasped between sips.

He didn't respond.

She accepted that that was all she was going to get, and she continued to drink the cold water.

Her skin turned into a darker shade than it was, and then she stopped drinking. "Thank you..." She said quietly, her skin was a little flush underneath her eyes, and across her nose. She didn't look at him, as he had commanded.

Ulquiorra only nodded at her, and left the room, locking it behind him. "I will check on you in the morning."

Something ticked inside of Forest...

"Why are you keeping me here?!" She yelled as she pounded on the door, locked in a chamber with no windows... no life... she was suffocated.

Ulquiorra was just outside the door, and his eyes were wide.

"I want to leave! I have something I have to do! LET ME GO!" She screamed.

Ulquiorra heard sobs from behind the door, and also heard the sound of someone falling to their knees. He reached for the door and then caught himself.

Why do you feel remorse towards this Elf? She's like every other prisoner you've kept. So why do you feel the need to open the door and console her? Not that you could. You're the Espada without a heart.

Ulquiorra quickly turned over his shoulder and marched down the hall.

Gin was waiting, smiling as always, perched at the end of the hall, and it looked as if he was... laughing.

"What's so funny... Lord Gin..." Ulquiorra said, closing his eyes.

"Oh nothin... just that... this 'ere little girlie... seems to have awaken our lil' heartless Espada!" He smiled coldly at the 4th.

Ulquiorra stopped, and gave a sideways glance towards Gin, "What do you mean."

"Oh nuthin." With that, Gin had vanished.

Ulquiorra decided to cast aside what the devious fox had said. He continued down another never-ending hall towards the Espada meeting room. When he arrived at the door, he let out a large sigh... and opened it, letting the creaking of the door disturb the silence.


"How can I get out of here?" Forest asked herself, looking at the window, too high for her to reach. Her mind was plagued with thoughts of worry, "I wonder how Jin is doing..." She sank to her knees as she leaned against a snow white couch, making her landing a little quieter and softer.

The thoughts of her fiance were making her think of her mother, her father, her sister... and it came to her realization that... she might never go home... suddenly startled by the evident fact, tears started rolling down her face again, and her stomach started to pain her.

Before she knew it, she was remembering every little detail that had happened in her old life, her stomach hurt more in response... and her breath grew short. In tiny spastic breaths, she tried to cry out to someone... anyone... but her voice wouldn't carry beyond her lips. "Ulqui... or... ra..." She gasped as she clenched her chest and fell to the floor.


"As you all know, we have the elf girl held captive, and tomorrow..." Aizen paused to glance at Szayel, "Szayel, you will take her to the laboratory and begin extracting information from her." Szayel gave a silent nod and attention went back to Aizen. "And on another note..." He was cut short, Ulquiorra had stood from his seat.

"Lord Aizen, I must go." He claimed, staring straight in front of him, not even barely removing his gaze.

"Where to Cuarta?" Gin mused.

Aizen closed his eyes, "Go."

Without another word, Ulquiorra was gone.


Forest was lying on the floor of the Cuarta's room, and her breath hadn't regulated. It was still spastic, and the tears rolled down her face at a much faster rate. Suddenly she heard the door unlocking, opening, and closing, and an arm scooped her up in their warmth.

"What is wrong?" The voice called to her.

Her eyes were wide and blood shot, she began to move her mouth, but sound still wouldn't move past her lips.

"I think it's called "hyper-ventilation"" A voice mused in the background.

"And that means?!" The first voice snapped.

A sadistic laughter filled the air, "She needs more carbon dioxide, simple."

"How can I get her more?!"

"You may be dead Cuarta, but you still breathe out Carbon Dioxide." The door shut again.

A pair of green eyes looked up at the man that was holding her, "Ulqui...!" She was cut short... as Ulquiorra pressed his lips against hers.


"I... I can't believe he... he actually... no... it wasn't... it was just to help me breathe... that's all..." Forest kept telling herself.

Shortly after the... Lip to Lip encounter, Ulquiorra quickly disappeared. It should've relieved her... but did far from it...


Starrk's First Encounter

'I'm all alone...'

That's what Starrk always thought. He was the strongest Hollow for miles, and anyone who came close to him was engulfed in his spiritual pressure and their soul would leave their bodies. So Hollows didn't get near Starrk, he truly was... alone.

But one day, when he was sulking on a rock in Hueco Mundo, a girl was happily skipping by, she was indeed a Hollow... but she looked extremely human like and well... happy. Starrk spoke in a contorted Hollow voice,
"Go away..." He croaked.

The girl stopped in confusion, she didn't know where the noise had came from, so she advanced towards Starrk, not knowing what he was. And only when she was about three feet from him did she notice that he was a Hollow.

"WHOA!" She exclaimed pointing at him, "I thought you were a rock!"

Starrk looked at her in confusion, "Why aren't you dead?"

She looked around confused, "Well technically... I AM dead ^^ Does that mean... you're alive?" She teased.

This girl truly perplexed Starrk, he didn't know what to make of her. She was, happy, playful, cheery, and overall... someone who wouldn't associate themselves with the likes of him. He lifted off the cloth shielding him from the rest of the world to get a better at this odd creature.

She was, average sized, very lean, she had a Zanpakuto attached at her hips by a small rope, her left hand was on her left hip, which was cocked to the side, she had light green hair, pink eyes, and a Hollow mask that was missing a horn and covered her left eye.

"What are you looking at you old perv!" She protested, catching Starrk off guard.

"I was just..." Starrk started to say,

"You were just checking me out!" She stuck her tongue out at him, and laughed a little. "I like you Mister!"

Starrk didn't know what to say... so she spoke for him it seemed, "What's your name?" Her smile looked as if it were glowing.

And just as Starrk was about to introduce himself, she stopped him, "YOU TAKE TOO LONG!" She yelled, "My name is Lily, Lily Ginger." She smirked, "And I'm the Segunda Espada!" She winked, "I'm sort of... the Princess of Hueco Mundo! Barragan acts like he's my dad... it's pretty funny!" Her smile widened, and Starrk was even more confused.

He pointed a finger at the girl, "YOU, are the Segunda Espada?" He asked with sarcasm.

"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!?!" She then punched him vigorously in the stomach. "I'M A POWERFUL ESPADA YOU JERK OFF!" She continued punching him in the stomach.

"Stop it Lily! I'm sorry I'm sorry!" He pleaded, but then he thought to himself, Why am I associating myself with this girl?

When Lily stopped, she looked Starrk in the eyes, "I can sense unease in Hueco Mundo... I can tell that you're lonely, and I feel your pain... it's not fun being an all powerful Arrancar, no one wants to play with you..." She paused, "Starrk... I don't want you to be lonely..." She caressed his cheek lightly.

Starrk was soothed by the small hand but suddenly he realized something, "I never told you my name... how do you know it?"

"I'm the Segundo... I should know a thing or two about the strongest Hollows of Hueco Mundo silly!" She teased, back to her childish act. "I have to go... but I'll come and visit you tomorrow!" She blew Starrk a kiss as she stood, "Bye~" She sang, and then she disappeared.

A thousand thoughts were going through Starrk's head, and the only ones he could make out... were the ones that told him, 'You're not alone anymore' and 'The girl was kind to you, too bad you can't express the same kindness'.

That's when he decided, he had something to look forward to now...

The touch of his savior, Lily Ginger... an interesting girl who seemed to bring light to his darkest days in Hueco Mundo. He couldn't wait to see her again.

The next day, Starrk sat perched on his rock, awaiting the return of the Segundo. He looked very anxious, and he didn't get any sleep. Well... he didn't get as much as he normally did.

Suddenly, a green haired little imp showed up in front of Starrk, "Hey wolfie!" She waved. Starrk didn't pay attention to the comment as a small smile formed on his face. "Hello Lily."

Her grin widened, "You weren't sad last night!" She paused, "I'm glad!"

There was a long silence, and Lily decided to punch Starrk right in his Hollow mask. "AWKWARD SILENCE BROKEN!" She smiled devilishly

Starrk's mask broke on the top, and his nose gushed blood, "Uh... OW!" He yelled, breaking his nose back into place.

"Well?! You weren't talking, so I decided to forcibly START a conversation! You can thank me later!" She then looked his in the eyes, and started observing him from all angles.

There were a series of 'hmms' and 'uhhhs' and Starrk didn't know what to make of this. Then she suddenly stopped, "I think I'm going to go ask dad if he'll make you into an Arrancar!" She smiled happily at him, and slapped his dumbfounded face.

Starrk's face was pushed into the ground, "Would you STOP doing that... please?" He said, as he went back up onto the rock... suddenly coughing up sand, he made an odd array of choking and coughing noises... and then he passed out on the rock. Lily didn't like this very much.

And out of spite, she jumped, high in the air, and jabbed him in the stomach with her foot, "WAKE UP!" She screamed, as she continued to punch him in the stomach, "Come on Starrk! Wake-e wake-e!" She teased.

Starrk had woken up as soon as Lily had jumped into the air. So he was REALLY awake when Lily hit him... several... times... "I'm awake! I'm sorry I'm sorry! I won't fall asleep I swear!" He pleaded.

Suddenly, Lily looked to Las Noches. She withdrew her sword and pointed out in front of her, "Hunt... Los Lobos..."

Her spiritual pressure roared around her, and a pack of twenty wolves appeared in front of her. She pointed to Las Noches, "Go, find the disturbance." The wolves then ran from Lily.

Starrk looked at Lily, "What's wrong?"

Lily kept looking at Las Noches, "Someone... is trying to enter Las Noches..." She said quietly. "Dad..."

"What... how?!" Starrk called, "Who is powerful enough to break into Lord Barragan's fortress?!"

Lily pointed to a hole forming in the sky, and three what looked like... soul reapers... flash stepping out of it. She formed a part of her hollow mask over her right eye and looked at them... there was a long silence, as the intruders crashed into Las Noches, Lily kept starring at them. Finally, the wolves came back... but there weren't as many as who had left... about 6 returned, gravely wounded.

She went straight to the biggest one, wrapped her arms around its neck, and whispered into its ear. The wolf growled back in response, and Lily nodded. She turned to Starrk abruptly.

"Starrk... there are three people entering Las Noches. They are traitors of the Soul Society. The two, Kaname Tousen and Gin Ichimaru, aren't was bad as their leader. Their leader is extremely strong, and ruthless. His name, is Sōsuke Aizen. He plans to take over Hueco Mundo, as the Hollow King. And he's currently in the progress of talking to my father. One day, he'll come for you Starrk, and ask you to be a part of his army, I want to to go with him." "But... what about you?" He intervened.

"I'm going to die here."

Starrk looked up at her in amazement, he couldn't find words... and Lily touched Starrk's forehead... "Los Lobos... follow this man, until death." Suddenly, a strange power filled Starrk, and the wolves looked directly at him. And the next thing Starrk knew... she was gone...

He screamed, a Hollow Wail that pierced all of Las Noches. Lily, who was in the process of entering the walls, was crying, and whispering... 'I'm sorry' over and over again. She entered the walls of the palace, to find... her friends bodies... dead on the floor, her comrades... secured to walls. Her speed quickened as she made her way to her fathers throne room.

She opened the door to see...

A silver haired man, with just a tint of purple, standing next to a man of darker color, and wore a bandanna over his eyes. "Kaname... Gin..." She snarled.

They both looked at her in astonishment, "Yer some powerful Hollow girlie!" Gin said, smiling devilishly. "Should we kill 'er Aizen?" Lily didn't give Aizen a chance to respond, she unsheathed her sword, and swung at Gin. And if he hadn't withdrawn his Zanpakuto when he had, he would've more than likely lost an eye... or an arm.

He smiled devilishly, "What's yer name girl?" He asked.

"Lily Ginger." She snarled at him.

Kaname started to advance on the two, put Gin told him to stay back, he wanted to fight her.

"Lily?!" Barragan yelled from his chair, looking past Aizen to try and see her. Aizen looked at Barragan, "If she's a distraction to our discussion... I'll gladly get rid of her..." He smiled sweetly, and pointed a finger at Lily, who was currently having an epic duel with Gin. Barragan pushed Aizen to the side, and the Haro he shot, went just slightly to the right, JUST missing Lily.

"She won't be a distraction..." He promised, "Just don't hurt her."

Aizen smiled, and they continued their little discussion.

Back with Gin and Lily, it seemed as though Gin was winning, but... Lily pushed him back and whispered... "Howl..." Then she screamed, "LOS LOBOS!" Her sword then changed, it was then very flexible, and it was spikes protruding from it in several places. "Time to die..."

Back at Starrk's rock, he began to worry, and he didn't know what to do. He wanted to go and help Lily, but he didn't know how to fight someone who could penetrate Las Noches. If they were a threat to Lord Barragan, they were more than likely a threat to him. He suddenly saw an explosion come from the palace, and he also saw a small figure, covered in blood, shoot out from the debris.

It was Lily.

He saw a shadow come out of the same spot as she had, and it picked up Lily, and from what he could tell, it ripped off her head. Starrk stared in astonishment. He didn't know what to do, the only person to give him light... the only person to make him feel anything except loneliness, was now dead... he screamed once more, this time... louder...

And the more and more he thought of Lily, it seemed, a figure of her would appear in front of him... he swore he could reach out and touch her... but she didn't look quite like her...

He then realized... that whoever was in front of him WAS real. "Do you have a name?" "It's Lilynette Gingerback." "Do I have a name?" He knew his name... he just wanted to make sure he was the same person. He en-cloaked the girl in a part of cloth. Suddenly, a man wandered up to them.

He looked at the girl, and asked her her name, "Lilynette Gingerback." He smirked, and he noticed all of the dead hollows around him.

"Did you kill them Starrk?"

"No. They just died." He said nonchalantly.

"My name is Sosuke Aizen, and I'm putting together a team... would you like to join me Starrk?" Aizen smiled.

Starrk thought to himself, He's not dead... maybe I won't be alone anymore...

"You'll never be alone." Lilynette answered his thought as if she had heard it.

As the body of Lily lay on the ground outside of Las Noches, her head started to regenerate... she sat up, and looked around...

"Where am I?"

LE FIN! ^^

That's the end of Starrk's story! ^^

Lily Ginger: The first Hollow/Arrancar that Starrk came across without dying. She greatly resembles Lilynette Gingerback, and in this FanFic, it's because Starrk missed Lily so much when she "died" that he subconsciously made a fraccion, that looked exactly like her, and took away his memory of her, because that's where she came from, a memory. Lily Ginger was stated to be like the Princess of Hueco Mundo, since Barragan treated her like a daughter and she was his second in command, the Segundo.

NEXT UP. ULQUIORRA'S STORY! ^^ Look for it! I may not start it right away, but I ensure you... it MIGHT be the longest one I'll make! ^^ Here's a prelude.

"Why are you keeping me here?!" She yelled as she pounded on the door, locked in a chamber with no windows... no life... she was suffocated.

Ulquiorra was just outside the door, and his eyes were wide.

"I want to leave! I have something I have to do! LET ME GO!" She screamed.

Ulquiorra heard sobs from behind the door, and also her the sound of someone falling to their knees. He reached for the door and then caught himself.

Why do you feel remorse towards this Elf? She's like every other prisoner you've kept. So why do you feel the need to open the door and console her? Not that you could. You're the Espada without a heart.


External Image

Szayel's Experiment Gone Wrong!

It was nighttime in Las Noches. The air was still and Szayel was working hard in his experimental lab. He was trying to make himself a new fraccion. He wanted to make this one much stronger than his other fraccions, and he was almost done. The smile on his face was wicked, he was very pleased by the girl that formed in front of him. She looked more human than his other fraccions, and she radiated strong spiritual pressure. But as she was finished, her spiritual pressure, was TOO strong. Szayel was becoming weak, he couldn't withstand her power... when she opened her eyes... it struck fear into his core, he took her STRAIGHT to Aizen.

"Aizen... I'm sorry... I made a terrible mistake..." Szayel admitted, bowing his head to his master. A dark haired man looked at him curiously.

"What have you done, exactly?" He cocked one eyebrow at Szayel.

"I was... making a new fraccion, and it went terribly wrong..." He admitted. Szayel didn't mention the fear the girl gave him.

Aizen crooked one finger at Szayel, "Bring her to me."

Szayel then threw the girl in front of Aizen by her hair, she was stark naked, and her eyes seemed to express nothing. Aizen looked over the girl carefully, not sure what to make of the girl. She had long raven hair, that caressed the floor gently, and dark purple eyes, that gave away nothing. Her slender body was bent over, allowing her hair to cover herself in necessary areas. Aizen took her chin in his hand, "Szayel... I want to you tell me the EXACT process in which she was created."

Szayel was shocked by this acclimation. "But... why?!"

"You have not done wrong Szayel... you may have uncovered the way to make the perfect Espada. Now... please, get me the information I aquire." Aizen said sweetly.

His face was painted with an expression of kindness, but... Szayel suddenly fell to one knee, overpowered by his masters spiritual pressure. "Yes... Lord Aizen..." He quickly got up and left the room.

Aizen then looked back to the girl, who looked at him naively. "Lord... Ai... zen?" She managed to say.

"Yes... I have great things in store for you... do you have a name girl?"

"Sol..." She said quietly.

Aizen brushed her hair out of her face, "Well, Sol, I think it's time we got you ready. Gin!" Aizen called.

"Yeah Aizen?" Gin said casually.

"Get this girl properly dressed, and make sure she is safe." He said, not taking his eyes off of Sol's.

Gin nodded and held the girls hand, "Come on, you pretty little thing." His smile was his usual devilish smile, and she went along without another word.
Aizen was alone once more, thinking to himself, 'I must contain this girl... she may prove to be stronger than myself...'

Szayel grumbled to unintelligibly to himself as he stalked to his room, he was not happy that his mistake was to be Lord Aizen's success. He opened the door to his room and he saw the girl laying on his bed, without anything on still, and she looked at him holding a small piece of clothing that looked like... panties... She looked at him and shoved the little thing towards him.

"Help." Was the only thing she said.

Szayel grumbled more as he grudgingly put the garment on her. "There."

She smiled cutely, but as if she had no operating brain. "Thank you... Lord Szayel."

"Don't speak to me." He said, shoving away from the girl and going over to his computers. "I'm busy."

Sol didn't say anything, as she played with the clasps of her clothing, she couldn't get that either. "Ummm... Lord Szayel?"

"I said don't speak to me girl!" He yelled at her.

"Sol needs help... Sol can't get her clothes on..." She said cutely.

Szayel turned around and saw her clothing, half on, and in places it shouldn't be. She had tried to put her head through a sleeve.

He was amused, but he didn't show it, he helped, "Sol" into her clothing. The clothes were very... revealing. As most of the girls outfits were. "There. Now... don't speak a word to me."

Sol nodded and sat down on the floor, playing with her hollow hole, that was oddly located on her heart. Well... where it used to be...

After a few hours of silence, Szayel decided to go collect some data from the Hollow forest. He stood from his chair, and looked at Sol, who was fast asleep, sprawled across the floor. Then, he kicked her. "Wake up."

She fidgeted a bit, but didn't rise. This only made Szayel angry.

"WAKE. UP!" He screamed at her, she then shot her eyes open, and they were a luminescent purple. She sat up, with death in her eyes, her face contorted and it scared even Szayel.

"Don't... KICK ME!" She screamed as she destroyed the room with her spiritual pressure. Walls cracked, the floor broke in places, and many other miscellaneous things were crushed.

Szayel fell to the floor, gasping for air.

This girl is too powerful!

The second Sol saw Szayel on the ground, withering in pain, her spiritual pressure calmed down, and she went to him. "Lord... Szayel?" She whispered.
Szayel's breath didn't lighten, but he managed too look up at her, "Girl..." He croaked, and then he passed out.

An hour or so later, Szayel was laying in his bed, and Sol was next to him, watching him. Making sure he was alive. He rose, groggy and weak, and he looked Sol in the eyes.

She looked at him with the most innocent eyes you would have ever seen. He didn't want to bring up her destruction... and speaking of which, his room looked rather unaffected, and so did he.

Perplexed by his miraculous recovery, he turned to her, "How... how did you... fix everything?"

She ignored the question. "Is Szayel hurt still?"

He himself was quite sure, he scanned his now shirtless body, and gently probed his skin, he discovered a spot on his lower abdomin was a little tender. As he winced in pain, Sol leaned her head in closer to the spot, she then gently grazed her lips against the wound.

Szayel didn't know what to make of this, but he suddenly realized that he was no longer in pain. He looked at her with astounded eyes. "You can... heal?"

She smiled, "Mhmm! Sol's lips have healing powers!" She said happily.

How can she be so outwardly happy?! He thought to himself.

"Interesting..." He mumbled.

Sol's eyes then saddened, "Sol's sorry she hurt Szayel..." Her head lowered, in shame?

Szayel placed a hand on her head. "Forget it."

"But...!" Her sentance was cut sort of the fact that Szayel covered her mouth.

"Just... stop talking girl."

Sol then nodded, and continued to watch over Szayel in his slumber.

The next time Szayel awoke, Kaname was standing next to him, and he held an unconscious Sol in his arms. Szayel sat up, "What are you doing with her?"

"Lord Aizen wishes that she be destroyed. And he wants YOU to do it Szayel Apparo Granz." Kaname said, giving Szayel his Zanpakuto.

Szayel looked at Fornicarás, the seed of doubt was planted in his mind, he was being ordered to kill the one girl who seemed to make him smile, and not of madness. And he didn't know what to do.

"Kill her Szayel, or Aizen will kill you... THEN her." Kaname taunted.
Suddenly, the spiritual pressure in the room rose once more, and Sol was out of Kaname's hands. She suddenly was standing on the other side of the room with her Zanpakuto, that was still forming in her hands.

"Don't... hurt... LORD SZAYEL!" She screamed as she jumped through the air, attempting to slice off Kaname's head.

"Baribari Tori!" She screamed as she sliced Kaname's shoulder.

Her movements... were faster than those of Starrk's, her blood lust, more so than Grimmjow... and her purple eyes... were tainted with red.

Kaname hunched over in pain as Sol rose her sword high, ready to remove the mans head. But suddenly, Szayel was in front of her, holding her arm, "Don't do this Sol. You know you don't want to."

"He was going to hurt you..." She whispered.

"Not if I followed his orders..." He said even quieter than she had.

"So you were... you were... going to kill Sol?" Her eyes then returned to their normal color, and her innocent face frowned at him.

Szayel nodded slightly, and Sol started to tear up.

"As long as you kill me Szayel... I won't mind..." She smiled, knowing her fate was sealed.

Kaname then rose, "I will... report to Lord Aizen of what your... TOY has done Szayel." He disappeared, and Szayel and Sol were alone.

Not wanting to kill Sol, he gazed at Fornicarás trying to think of a better solution. But he couldn't... so he held Fornicarás out in front of him, pointing it directly at Sol's forehead. "Sol... I don't want to do this..."

Sol smiled, tears streaming down her face. "But you have to... Sol was built for one purpose... to make Szayel happy... Szayel can't be happy if he's dead."

Szayel didn't speak, he placed the point of the sword on Sol's forehead, watching a bead of blood fall down her nose. She was smiling the entire time.

"You know why I don't have a heart here Szayel?" She said, as she grabbed his blade, cutting her hand, and placed it into her Hollow hole.

Szayel didn't speak.

"It's because... I am a part of you... and that I didn't need my heart... because it always belonged to you..." She said these words, as she guided the sword across her chest, cutting her deeply.

Sol's blood was everywhere, and Szayel couldn't move. He looked at her, the light disappearing from her eyes, her lifeless corpse fell to the ground, and that beautiful black hair of hers... stained with her blood.

So... the story of how Szayel went insane came to be... and why he makes all of those fraccion? He keeps hoping that one time... he'll mess up like he did... and it'll become her again.

And it's done! ^^ I'll probably be writing more stories of the Espada and such. ^^ I hope you guys liked this story... it may be short... but I had a lot of fun making it! ^^ And I'll let you know a little something about Sol! ^^

Sol was based around the main characters of Chobits, Chi. She was a sweet innocent little girl, completely naive, but when you hurt something close to her, her inner self, or her twin sister, came out and destroyed everything in her wake.


Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Deep Purple

Zanpakuto: Baribari Tori ((Tearing Bird))

Hollow hole location: Her heart

Hollow mask: It was around her shoulders, but was never mentioned

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 112.4 lbs

Favorite color: Pink, it reminded her of Szayel.

I REALLY hope you guys liked this >.< If you guys want to see an Espada story, message me who you want to see! ^^ I'm sure I'll come up with something! ((It would more likely than not be a sort of love story.))

See you guys later! ^^

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