Szayel's Experiment Gone Wrong!

It was nighttime in Las Noches. The air was still and Szayel was working hard in his experimental lab. He was trying to make himself a new fraccion. He wanted to make this one much stronger than his other fraccions, and he was almost done. The smile on his face was wicked, he was very pleased by the girl that formed in front of him. She looked more human than his other fraccions, and she radiated strong spiritual pressure. But as she was finished, her spiritual pressure, was TOO strong. Szayel was becoming weak, he couldn't withstand her power... when she opened her eyes... it struck fear into his core, he took her STRAIGHT to Aizen.

"Aizen... I'm sorry... I made a terrible mistake..." Szayel admitted, bowing his head to his master. A dark haired man looked at him curiously.

"What have you done, exactly?" He cocked one eyebrow at Szayel.

"I was... making a new fraccion, and it went terribly wrong..." He admitted. Szayel didn't mention the fear the girl gave him.

Aizen crooked one finger at Szayel, "Bring her to me."

Szayel then threw the girl in front of Aizen by her hair, she was stark naked, and her eyes seemed to express nothing. Aizen looked over the girl carefully, not sure what to make of the girl. She had long raven hair, that caressed the floor gently, and dark purple eyes, that gave away nothing. Her slender body was bent over, allowing her hair to cover herself in necessary areas. Aizen took her chin in his hand, "Szayel... I want to you tell me the EXACT process in which she was created."

Szayel was shocked by this acclimation. "But... why?!"

"You have not done wrong Szayel... you may have uncovered the way to make the perfect Espada. Now... please, get me the information I aquire." Aizen said sweetly.

His face was painted with an expression of kindness, but... Szayel suddenly fell to one knee, overpowered by his masters spiritual pressure. "Yes... Lord Aizen..." He quickly got up and left the room.

Aizen then looked back to the girl, who looked at him naively. "Lord... Ai... zen?" She managed to say.

"Yes... I have great things in store for you... do you have a name girl?"

"Sol..." She said quietly.

Aizen brushed her hair out of her face, "Well, Sol, I think it's time we got you ready. Gin!" Aizen called.

"Yeah Aizen?" Gin said casually.

"Get this girl properly dressed, and make sure she is safe." He said, not taking his eyes off of Sol's.

Gin nodded and held the girls hand, "Come on, you pretty little thing." His smile was his usual devilish smile, and she went along without another word.
Aizen was alone once more, thinking to himself, 'I must contain this girl... she may prove to be stronger than myself...'

Szayel grumbled to unintelligibly to himself as he stalked to his room, he was not happy that his mistake was to be Lord Aizen's success. He opened the door to his room and he saw the girl laying on his bed, without anything on still, and she looked at him holding a small piece of clothing that looked like... panties... She looked at him and shoved the little thing towards him.

"Help." Was the only thing she said.

Szayel grumbled more as he grudgingly put the garment on her. "There."

She smiled cutely, but as if she had no operating brain. "Thank you... Lord Szayel."

"Don't speak to me." He said, shoving away from the girl and going over to his computers. "I'm busy."

Sol didn't say anything, as she played with the clasps of her clothing, she couldn't get that either. "Ummm... Lord Szayel?"

"I said don't speak to me girl!" He yelled at her.

"Sol needs help... Sol can't get her clothes on..." She said cutely.

Szayel turned around and saw her clothing, half on, and in places it shouldn't be. She had tried to put her head through a sleeve.

He was amused, but he didn't show it, he helped, "Sol" into her clothing. The clothes were very... revealing. As most of the girls outfits were. "There. Now... don't speak a word to me."

Sol nodded and sat down on the floor, playing with her hollow hole, that was oddly located on her heart. Well... where it used to be...

After a few hours of silence, Szayel decided to go collect some data from the Hollow forest. He stood from his chair, and looked at Sol, who was fast asleep, sprawled across the floor. Then, he kicked her. "Wake up."

She fidgeted a bit, but didn't rise. This only made Szayel angry.

"WAKE. UP!" He screamed at her, she then shot her eyes open, and they were a luminescent purple. She sat up, with death in her eyes, her face contorted and it scared even Szayel.

"Don't... KICK ME!" She screamed as she destroyed the room with her spiritual pressure. Walls cracked, the floor broke in places, and many other miscellaneous things were crushed.

Szayel fell to the floor, gasping for air.

This girl is too powerful!

The second Sol saw Szayel on the ground, withering in pain, her spiritual pressure calmed down, and she went to him. "Lord... Szayel?" She whispered.
Szayel's breath didn't lighten, but he managed too look up at her, "Girl..." He croaked, and then he passed out.

An hour or so later, Szayel was laying in his bed, and Sol was next to him, watching him. Making sure he was alive. He rose, groggy and weak, and he looked Sol in the eyes.

She looked at him with the most innocent eyes you would have ever seen. He didn't want to bring up her destruction... and speaking of which, his room looked rather unaffected, and so did he.

Perplexed by his miraculous recovery, he turned to her, "How... how did you... fix everything?"

She ignored the question. "Is Szayel hurt still?"

He himself was quite sure, he scanned his now shirtless body, and gently probed his skin, he discovered a spot on his lower abdomin was a little tender. As he winced in pain, Sol leaned her head in closer to the spot, she then gently grazed her lips against the wound.

Szayel didn't know what to make of this, but he suddenly realized that he was no longer in pain. He looked at her with astounded eyes. "You can... heal?"

She smiled, "Mhmm! Sol's lips have healing powers!" She said happily.

How can she be so outwardly happy?! He thought to himself.

"Interesting..." He mumbled.

Sol's eyes then saddened, "Sol's sorry she hurt Szayel..." Her head lowered, in shame?

Szayel placed a hand on her head. "Forget it."

"But...!" Her sentance was cut sort of the fact that Szayel covered her mouth.

"Just... stop talking girl."

Sol then nodded, and continued to watch over Szayel in his slumber.

The next time Szayel awoke, Kaname was standing next to him, and he held an unconscious Sol in his arms. Szayel sat up, "What are you doing with her?"

"Lord Aizen wishes that she be destroyed. And he wants YOU to do it Szayel Apparo Granz." Kaname said, giving Szayel his Zanpakuto.

Szayel looked at Fornicarás, the seed of doubt was planted in his mind, he was being ordered to kill the one girl who seemed to make him smile, and not of madness. And he didn't know what to do.

"Kill her Szayel, or Aizen will kill you... THEN her." Kaname taunted.
Suddenly, the spiritual pressure in the room rose once more, and Sol was out of Kaname's hands. She suddenly was standing on the other side of the room with her Zanpakuto, that was still forming in her hands.

"Don't... hurt... LORD SZAYEL!" She screamed as she jumped through the air, attempting to slice off Kaname's head.

"Baribari Tori!" She screamed as she sliced Kaname's shoulder.

Her movements... were faster than those of Starrk's, her blood lust, more so than Grimmjow... and her purple eyes... were tainted with red.

Kaname hunched over in pain as Sol rose her sword high, ready to remove the mans head. But suddenly, Szayel was in front of her, holding her arm, "Don't do this Sol. You know you don't want to."

"He was going to hurt you..." She whispered.

"Not if I followed his orders..." He said even quieter than she had.

"So you were... you were... going to kill Sol?" Her eyes then returned to their normal color, and her innocent face frowned at him.

Szayel nodded slightly, and Sol started to tear up.

"As long as you kill me Szayel... I won't mind..." She smiled, knowing her fate was sealed.

Kaname then rose, "I will... report to Lord Aizen of what your... TOY has done Szayel." He disappeared, and Szayel and Sol were alone.

Not wanting to kill Sol, he gazed at Fornicarás trying to think of a better solution. But he couldn't... so he held Fornicarás out in front of him, pointing it directly at Sol's forehead. "Sol... I don't want to do this..."

Sol smiled, tears streaming down her face. "But you have to... Sol was built for one purpose... to make Szayel happy... Szayel can't be happy if he's dead."

Szayel didn't speak, he placed the point of the sword on Sol's forehead, watching a bead of blood fall down her nose. She was smiling the entire time.

"You know why I don't have a heart here Szayel?" She said, as she grabbed his blade, cutting her hand, and placed it into her Hollow hole.

Szayel didn't speak.

"It's because... I am a part of you... and that I didn't need my heart... because it always belonged to you..." She said these words, as she guided the sword across her chest, cutting her deeply.

Sol's blood was everywhere, and Szayel couldn't move. He looked at her, the light disappearing from her eyes, her lifeless corpse fell to the ground, and that beautiful black hair of hers... stained with her blood.

So... the story of how Szayel went insane came to be... and why he makes all of those fraccion? He keeps hoping that one time... he'll mess up like he did... and it'll become her again.

And it's done! ^^ I'll probably be writing more stories of the Espada and such. ^^ I hope you guys liked this story... it may be short... but I had a lot of fun making it! ^^ And I'll let you know a little something about Sol! ^^

Sol was based around the main characters of Chobits, Chi. She was a sweet innocent little girl, completely naive, but when you hurt something close to her, her inner self, or her twin sister, came out and destroyed everything in her wake.


Hair Color: Raven

Eye Color: Deep Purple

Zanpakuto: Baribari Tori ((Tearing Bird))

Hollow hole location: Her heart

Hollow mask: It was around her shoulders, but was never mentioned

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 112.4 lbs

Favorite color: Pink, it reminded her of Szayel.

I REALLY hope you guys liked this >.< If you guys want to see an Espada story, message me who you want to see! ^^ I'm sure I'll come up with something! ((It would more likely than not be a sort of love story.))

See you guys later! ^^

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