Ulquiorra's Taste of Nature

"Ulquiorra, I want you to go and retrieve someone for me."

"Who is it, Lord Aizen."

"It's a girl, her name is Forest, you can find her..."

"In the Elfin Forest." Ulquiorra finished the memory.

He was coming in fast to the grand Forest, the air whizzed in his ears, and the sweet air soothed his senses. The girl he was looking for was, lean, dark haired, beautiful, and all around had a good nature about her.


Ulquiorra arrived at the village, and he hide amongst the trees, looking for the princess of the forest.

At first, he didn't spot her right away. And Elves don't have much spiritual pressure, so he couldn't locate her through that method. So he scanned the area, time and time again for the right person.

There she was, clad in a light beige. She was gowned in an elegant dress, it was short, but it looked very graceful and extremely beautiful. It seemed that there was a special event going on in the forest, and Ulquiorra got closer to get a better look.

Little did he know of the emotion that would send him reeling.

He was completely blown away by her beauty, and he didn't even know what he felt. He only knew that he wanted to touch her soft skin, see if it was as warm as it looked, and suddenly he heard one of her friends say:

"Lord Lucien won't make a bad husband! Your children will be strong! Healthy! You'll have a life worth bragging about!"

A marriage... He thought. His chest started to ache a bit, but he didn't know why. Why do I feel this way? This is most perplexing. But he didn't give the chance for the thought to fester in his mind, he landed on the ground, knowing no one could see him. And oh so suddenly, Forest was no where to be found.

With the sudden disappearance, the Elves were in a panic, "Where is princess Forest?!" A majority of them screamed.

Ulquiorra removed his eye, and sent it, to find her.

In only seconds she was located, and he went to her, and she was crying. She was crying behind a large tree, and he couldn't see her from where he was, so he followed the sounds of her sobs to her location.

When he made himself visible, she looked up, and gasped in shock. He didn't give her the chance to scream, he wrapped his hand around her mouth and disappeared into Hueco Mundo.

Hueco Mundo

"Lord Aizen, I have brought you the girl." Ulquiorra said calmly.

"LET ME GO!" She screamed, her claws digging into the heartless man's arm. Ulquiorra had a firm grasp on her neck, so she didn't move much, but what she could move, she used it to try and break free of him.

All attempts were futile, he didn't even so much as glance as his prisoner.

Aizen was leaning on the palm of his hand as usual and he smiled at her, "You're a feisty one. Much more outgoing than our last captive." He glanced at a girl that was pinned against a wall, a surprised expression on her face, and she was covered in blood. She was dead.

Forest looked at the girl and shrieked in terror, "I meant to get that cleaned up before you got here. She ended up killing herself..." He sighed and shook his head. "Well, onto why you're here, I'm guessing your curious."

She didn't speak she just glared at Aizen, still digging her claws into Ulquiorra's arm, drawing blood.

"I have been observing humans and other creatures that have supernatural powers, and you are one of them." He stated, smiling again.

"I need my army of Arrancars to become stronger, and the only way that can happen, is through training, and also modifications. My friends and I here are trying to find ways to copy the powers that people like you attain, and put them into our elite team of Arrancars, known as Espada. And you are to be held captive here until we can extract your power.

"Ulquiorra, take her to your room now." Aizen motioned for them to go away, as he called for another arrancar to come and clean up the other girls corpse.

Where am I?! What kind of sick place is this?! Forest thought as she was forcibly dragged down the hall. And who is this man?!

"Stop struggling. Or I'll rip your hair out." Ulquiorra threatened, still not looking at her.

She just glared up at him and kicked at his feet. Her foot connected with his right leg, and he disappeared, and reappeared behind her.

"I wasn't joking." He grabbed a fistful of her beautiful brown hair, and slightly tugged at it.

She screamed in utter pain, and suddenly... Ulquiorra couldn't do it. Something inside of him wasn't letting him hurt this girl, and he had no idea what!

Why have I been feeling so different lately? And why can't I bear to see this girl hurt?! Ulquiorra thought to himself, becoming frustrated.

He let go of her hair and she looked at him, her eyes were wet with tears. No force on earth had ever moved him as much as those tears just had, he struggled to keep his balance, and he couldn't help but look into her eyes. "Look away." He managed to choke out. She instantly obeyed him, and they continued to his lonely room.

When they approached he warned her, "Do not try and escape. For I WILL take you back, by force if necessary." But from that spectacle that just happened, he wasn't sure if he had it in him. He would give it time, see if it was just a fluke.

He opened the door and threw her in. She landed on her stomach, and her long brown hair en-cloaked her. Her limbs her sprawled out in front of her, and she didn't move. Ulquiorra started to inch towards her, "Are you dead woman?" He asked, trying to hide his concern.

She sat up and looked back at him, "There is... no sun here... no water... no... life..." Her voice was strained, and she sounded exhausted. She collapsed back onto the floor, and he ordered a passing Arrancar to fetch him some water.

The Arrancar returned shortly and Ulquiorra pressed the container of water to Forest's lips. Why are you trying to help her? It's better that she's weak! She won't struggle that way! It seemed Ulquiorra was in a constant war with his mind and with his body. Everything Ulquiorra used to be, was suddenly changing.

"Why are you... helping me?" Forest gasped between sips.

He didn't respond.

She accepted that that was all she was going to get, and she continued to drink the cold water.

Her skin turned into a darker shade than it was, and then she stopped drinking. "Thank you..." She said quietly, her skin was a little flush underneath her eyes, and across her nose. She didn't look at him, as he had commanded.

Ulquiorra only nodded at her, and left the room, locking it behind him. "I will check on you in the morning."

Something ticked inside of Forest...

"Why are you keeping me here?!" She yelled as she pounded on the door, locked in a chamber with no windows... no life... she was suffocated.

Ulquiorra was just outside the door, and his eyes were wide.

"I want to leave! I have something I have to do! LET ME GO!" She screamed.

Ulquiorra heard sobs from behind the door, and also heard the sound of someone falling to their knees. He reached for the door and then caught himself.

Why do you feel remorse towards this Elf? She's like every other prisoner you've kept. So why do you feel the need to open the door and console her? Not that you could. You're the Espada without a heart.

Ulquiorra quickly turned over his shoulder and marched down the hall.

Gin was waiting, smiling as always, perched at the end of the hall, and it looked as if he was... laughing.

"What's so funny... Lord Gin..." Ulquiorra said, closing his eyes.

"Oh nothin... just that... this 'ere little girlie... seems to have awaken our lil' heartless Espada!" He smiled coldly at the 4th.

Ulquiorra stopped, and gave a sideways glance towards Gin, "What do you mean."

"Oh nuthin." With that, Gin had vanished.

Ulquiorra decided to cast aside what the devious fox had said. He continued down another never-ending hall towards the Espada meeting room. When he arrived at the door, he let out a large sigh... and opened it, letting the creaking of the door disturb the silence.


"How can I get out of here?" Forest asked herself, looking at the window, too high for her to reach. Her mind was plagued with thoughts of worry, "I wonder how Jin is doing..." She sank to her knees as she leaned against a snow white couch, making her landing a little quieter and softer.

The thoughts of her fiance were making her think of her mother, her father, her sister... and it came to her realization that... she might never go home... suddenly startled by the evident fact, tears started rolling down her face again, and her stomach started to pain her.

Before she knew it, she was remembering every little detail that had happened in her old life, her stomach hurt more in response... and her breath grew short. In tiny spastic breaths, she tried to cry out to someone... anyone... but her voice wouldn't carry beyond her lips. "Ulqui... or... ra..." She gasped as she clenched her chest and fell to the floor.


"As you all know, we have the elf girl held captive, and tomorrow..." Aizen paused to glance at Szayel, "Szayel, you will take her to the laboratory and begin extracting information from her." Szayel gave a silent nod and attention went back to Aizen. "And on another note..." He was cut short, Ulquiorra had stood from his seat.

"Lord Aizen, I must go." He claimed, staring straight in front of him, not even barely removing his gaze.

"Where to Cuarta?" Gin mused.

Aizen closed his eyes, "Go."

Without another word, Ulquiorra was gone.


Forest was lying on the floor of the Cuarta's room, and her breath hadn't regulated. It was still spastic, and the tears rolled down her face at a much faster rate. Suddenly she heard the door unlocking, opening, and closing, and an arm scooped her up in their warmth.

"What is wrong?" The voice called to her.

Her eyes were wide and blood shot, she began to move her mouth, but sound still wouldn't move past her lips.

"I think it's called "hyper-ventilation"" A voice mused in the background.

"And that means?!" The first voice snapped.

A sadistic laughter filled the air, "She needs more carbon dioxide, simple."

"How can I get her more?!"

"You may be dead Cuarta, but you still breathe out Carbon Dioxide." The door shut again.

A pair of green eyes looked up at the man that was holding her, "Ulqui...!" She was cut short... as Ulquiorra pressed his lips against hers.


"I... I can't believe he... he actually... no... it wasn't... it was just to help me breathe... that's all..." Forest kept telling herself.

Shortly after the... Lip to Lip encounter, Ulquiorra quickly disappeared. It should've relieved her... but did far from it...