One foolish mistake and 22 year old Jacob finds himself in the middle of a love/hate rivalry between demon Zadel and angel Abel.
Constantly caught in the middle of fights between good and evil the poor guy hardly has time to worry about his own big problem: he must find true love in one month or he will lose his soul in a bet he made with Zadel!

This is where you can find some info on the story's characters and maybe some extra info on the story itself :3
WARNING!: D.O.M.E.S is a YAOI comic! Aside from men sexing on eachother, this comic will also contain moments of strong (and most likely very badly drawn) violence and gore. Also some bad language, possible girl love and perhaps some rape as well D:

Like, hay there~ 8D

Uh, hey guys ^__^; long time no update huh? Well, it hasn't been updated here at theO but it has been over at smackjeeves.
I might return to update DOMES here again if I get some replies to this post, because I have no idea if there's still people here who even care about this serires anymore, so yeah. I've got about 20 new pages to post, but only if y'all are interested in still keeping up with this series here at theO.
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Character Designs

Lulz I haven't posted here or even updated the actual comic so uh, here, some character designs I've been working on...

They still have no names, all I can tell you for now is that it will be a while until the appear. Also, person on the left is a hermaphrodite =w=b and the other one is a stupid kid I hate and who I'll probably have die a very slow and agonizing death =w=b
They are, of course, demons, the bad kind... not all the demons who appear in the story are bad, but these two are...
Oh! and see the awesometacular tentacle monster? 8D the Hermaphrodite character summons them with leaves =w=b and lulz SPOILER WHICH WILL SCARE AWAY HALF THE FANS 8D :TENTACLE RAPE IS PROMISED =w=b YUM~ HAHA 8D *is corrupted like that* ;A;


Aamon Profile

Name: Aamon

Age: 500+

Height: 6'7"

Info: The pride of his clan, he was destined to rule as Hell's king for centuries to come. However, according to Heaven's records, he lost his life over 400 years ago in a bloody battle against his rival, angel Joseph, and other angels, who also lost their lives in the conflict. However, because there was only one witness left alive from the battle, and very little evidence, there are many who believe Aamon is still out there.
Only elder demons can recall the legendary Aamon, which they would describe as; lazy, ignorant, good for nothing, and deserving of his fate, but they would also tell you, he was probably the strongest demon they ever saw in their lifetime.
Indeed, hell was confident they could topple Heaven once and for all with him as their leader, but he had no interest in the responsibility, so he did as he pleased, upsetting many but no one had the guts, or power, to force him to do otherwise.
Hell is reluctant to believe their once powerful leader had been defeated by a handful of angels, even if one of those angels was one of Heaven's most renowned fighters, Joseph. But as there is no trace of Aamon to be found anywhere, the responsibility of ruling Hell fell to his younger brother, Zadel.

Other random info~

Seme or Uke: No one tops this guy, he'll make ukes out of the toughest semes D:

Likes (or used to since he's pressumed dead...): Doing nothing, avoiding his responsibilities, tormenting angels, Magdalena, tormenting Magdalena, blood, sleeping for looooooong periods of time (like, centuries D: ).

Hates: Others trying to replace him as hell's supreme ruler (even though he refuses to act the part...), other demons, Hell (he hates the atmosphere there and prefers to live in the human world), not having a rival (life is boring to him if he has no one he wants to defeat/wants to defeat him), being mistaken for a vampire...

Personality: Sadistic, mischievous, short tempered. He can be very social when he wants to, but if he's not in a talkative mood, he just might kill anyone who even utters a word to him. He usually has a grin or smirk on his face, and if he's ever frowning or scowling, chances are anyone who gets within a 2 meter radius of where he's standing will die in a very merciless way... Oh and he only feeds on human or (preferably) angel blood. ABSOLUTELY NO DEMON BLOOD! He would never even think of drinking something so disgusting as demon blood D:

Um, I think I love him lol D: Because of who he is, and his background and his relationships with other characters... that's all I'll say, I don't wanna spoil anything =3=

AND OMG NO ZADEL X AAMON PAIRINGS *FOAM* I'm not a fan of incest, though in some cases I can bare it, BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE CASES! So no point in wishing for it to happen, this is one pairing I guarantee you won't happen D:

Edit: The picture of the blonde angel in the previous post is Joseph, and the one saying "this will be our last battle..." is Aamon, and the battle he's reffering to, is the one that claimed thier lives (according to Heaven's records)... just incase you were curious of who this Joseph might be. I'll write up a description for him some day... and for Maggie....


Wouldn't that be cool though 8D

But anyways, I'm bored and I haven't posted anything here in a while...
Just wanna know what some of you guys think...

like, who do you think will end up with who? Do you think anyone will die? (lulz I loooove tragedy and sad endings so death is a must! =w= )What are you guys expecting will happen in this story? Just tell me whatever opinions you guys have~ I really would like to have some communication with my readers, and have my readers communicate with eachother, too ;A;
so don't be shy to post here or comment on the actual comic updates ;w;

Glory Profile

Here is, possibly the main villain in the story, Glory~

Name: Glory
Age: 100+
Height: 6'2"
Info:The pride of the Black Cross (a clan of demons which was once known to be hell's most talented until a rival clan devastated them and took over). Black Cross is very low in members and lacks the great power it once had but some see Glory as not only the clan's most formidable member but possibly hell's future ruler, that is, if he can successfully overthrow hell's current reigning clan, which includes Zadel.
He does not care much for his clan and does things for his own benefit. His only interests are power, fighting, becoming even more powerful and being feared by all. He's not interested in love or romance or any other pleasure gained through any other means but fighting.

Extra random info~

Seme or Uke?: He doesn't care about love, sex, or things of the like sooo he's neither?... Let's just say Seme =___=
Likes: Fighting, winning, killing, torturing, seeing others in fear.
Hates:Doesn't actually hate anything... there are things he likes, and everything else he's just not interested in, but he doesn't hate anything really...
Personality: Sadistic, murderous, always looking for a good fight, not very talkative, always has a smile on his face, always seems to be in a good mood and never seems to get angry.

He is a character I'm not sure I'll like or hate, or be neutral about... I do like his design but not sure if I like him yet... And um, don't expect him to be involved in any yaoi situations, he's not interested in smut so you won't be seeing him paired up with anybody, seriously, so don't get your hopes up D:
And um, he never wears shoes... and he usually floats around so his socks won't get dirty and worn out from walking without shoes D: