Welcome to the world of dragon pokemons! And for now damaris's world!

Damaris: Hey! welcome! Feel free to wonder around!

Wish list! XD

Damaris: hey! You’re alive! I thought that you had died since you haven’t come up with something! Me: hehe sorry! I’ve been on birthdays business…for some odd reason a lot of people had their birthday by this time XD...

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Damaris's voice

Damaris: Wa! a post in my world!!! It has been such a long time since the last time I saw one here! Me: yeah I know...gotta do a lot more things you know? Damaris: But that doesn't mean you should left me abandoned like you always do!...

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Damaris wish list

Damaris: Well i guess it's time for my pay back Corazón! XD Me: Sorry Delin But I guess I also wanna see that XD Well here we go... Damaris Wishlist: 1. See Delin with out a shirt...Preferably in a swiming suit &g...

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Damaris room

White walls, with some bubbles drawn around the room. Wooden floor with a carpet with the drawing of the sea in it. A small balcony with seats and a small table in the center and a huge window that connects the room to it. The window...

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Damaris's Profile

Pokemon: Dragonair National #: 148 Title: Dragon pokemon Type of Pokemon: dragon and water Held Item: lava cookie Abili...

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