I am getting tried of looking up ma fave. yaoi couples and there is a anti-yaoi fan. They are saying that its not right and its sick, but im thinking so what you like what you like and i like what i like plus its not like the pair is real. They get on ma nerves so bad sometimes i just want to cruse them out but i don't.

Sorry about this random post but im just mad and have to get the anger out some how.

love has no gender

You know some people say yaoi or real life gayness is wrong but u know wat u cares i don't cuz u can't somebody who they can love and who not 2 cuz they choose. Plus the heart wants wat the heart wants so. Like the goes love as no gender and if u don't wat that means pm me or put in ur comment

Sometime yaoi or real life gayness is really cute so. I like it cuz my 2 guy friends r gay they r so fun to hang around also if u need to cry or anything they will comfort u and will make u laugh. Gay people r really fun and loving people so stop whineing and deal with gayness haters.