My name is Carly, and I am 14 year's old. I am always day-dreaming, so my regular life loses some interest... I live in California, so I'm every Beach Boys dream!!!
I've been to Hollywood, Long Beach, and Hawaii.
Even though I go to the beach constantly, I do not know how to surf...I got hit on the head with a surf board as a kid, and was traumatized for life...ANYWA¥, Despite my family's effort's to make me a prepy person,
I remain a gothic/floater type person. And a bookworm... total bookworm!

The Song That Will Never Leave

Well...Yep, I figured I should try to keep track of this more...Even if it's only cuz it's fun to read and disappointing to run out of material, lolz.
Moving on, I think my head is gonna explode. Yup, it's a gonner!!! There's this song and it's driving me INSANE!!!! No matter wat I'm doing, it runs through my head constantly!!! GRRR!!! If I can figure out how, I'll post it!!!! It's an awesome song, but come on!!! Even while I'm in the middle of watching a show!!!
Um...okay, well I can't find out how to post it,but here's a link!!! :D

Okey-doke. There it is!!! I LOVE fanart, (No snot Sherlock???), and I ADORE the combination of Fanart and Music. Hence, my obsession with...AMV's I think there called??? Never actually figured out why there called that, lolz... Anyways, so I think this pairings rly cute!!! I didn't finish Bleach yet, but I'm dying to know...EVERYTHING!!! Lmao, I'm such a newb. Welpz, that waz fun.


I'm studying suicide right now in class, and it makes you just want to hug EVERYONE!!! So SAD!!! Only a brave person could end there own life...I would never though, because I view it as giving up...GR8 now my emo friend is doing a presentation about it...oh crap...she put suicide is painless by Marilyn Manson...happy thoughts, happy thoughts...WAT!!! She just said she'd have preferred
Teenage Suicide!!!NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE!!! AND ALL THOSE POOR PARENTS!!! EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HAS SOMEONE WHO CARES WHEN YOUR GONE!!!!!!!Its's ok..."sigh" poor kids...I'm gonna go look at happy pictures now.

Art Rock???

Apparently rock can be artsy!!! When my teacher first said it, I was thinking someone like Slash wearing a mustache, a spectacle, and a tea cup hanging off his guitar...yes I realize my brains slow, but its in the morning, ok?

So, someone jacked my Nano...I fell hollow inside. I'm

And I swear, if I find you, loathed fiend, you leave the conflict in tatters so tattered, you won't be recognized!!! (reading Romeo and Juliet...)

I'm staking out the locker room where it disappeared...that jerk won't get away from ME!!!! I figure the jerk will try to steal someone else's joy too!!! I'll beat that jerk!!!
The day the music died...

(sorry Buddy Holly, I'm stealing that for a sec...)


Well, I'm bored and realized that I hadn't updated this since FOREVER. I love to read, and recently I started the House of Night novels. I think there really coolio. It's about all these vampyes that are Marked as humans, then begin to make a Change. While there Changing they move to the House of Night to learn about there vampyeness. Reading all these vampire books makes me feel emo...
Moving on, I just realized that I have a geometry test today, and I didn't study.................................OMG I'M GONNA DIE!!! Well thats it, yup, nothing else. See ya!

Not a good day...

I went to the library today to check out a book that finally was in the library, and found out that I have to wait at least two months to get it because I'm so far down the list!!! NNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have to buy t if I want to read it before I move on to something else!!!