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A dream of Fighting on a Cliff

I had a dream...

i was in a parking lot on a cliff with 2 of my friends. miranda nd dylan. nd this kid who i kinda hate now was there. i said u wanna fight thn! (i dont no y) nd dylan thougthi meant him nd the kid i hate fight. but i said yea ur gonna fight me! nd he runs away. nd brings his dad! We sprint as fast as we can to get away. but his dad brought a camera to take our picture 2 show 2 the police so we can get arrested. thn i jumped off the cliff nd into the water below. but i was ok as 4 my friends i dont no

A dream of Mythology and Camp

I had a dream...

I arrived at camp a little late and im greeted by sarah becky and miranda.

For some reason 1 of the lifegaurds that work there (dave) thru 2 pairs of pants into the lake at camp and starts looking for them.

One of the people who works there (chris) calls evry1 attention so we can start wen my mom walks in and interupts chris and starts yelling at me. I can hear ppl laughing from b hind me.

My Mom: I told u i was gonna come on picture day.

Me: No u didnt!

My Mom: U need 2 finish ur mythology book!

Me: Im at camp i cant do it rite now!

My Mom: Well wen u get home u better start or else ull b in until u finish it.

Me: yeah ok

My Mom: Dont b smart wit me!

Me: Im not!

My Mom: GOOD!

and she left and now chris is yelling at b cuz of my mom. He tells me 2 go 2 the office.
Im on my way 2 the office wit sarah (i dont no y she came) wen we magically appeared in my bac yard but we were still at camp. Even my dog was there.

We didnt go 2 the office instead we made barking sounds and made my dog bark whick apparently cood get us in a lot of trouble.

Then we saw another person who worked there (jon) who was looking 4 us. We hid b hind a tree and i wlked toward him.

Sarah: What r u doing!

Me: We shood just show selves so we dont get into even mor trouble.

Sarah left the tree and we both walked up 2 jon and he was mad. We walked into the office which looked mor than a house than an office and it looked just lik my house. but as we were walking in he said that were gonna get a punishment that Posieden (1 of thte Greek gods) wood find terrible.

Uh oh. I thought.

He made sarah play on a Nintendo DS game where the character (Elvis) is surfing and u r controling him thru the waters of the bay.

Then he made us read the mythology book.

...and it was a blurr from there.

Europe! (and i think asia)

i had a dream...

i was going on a trip 2 europe and was going 2 go 2:

and i think Scottland

1st i was at France and the family i stayed with were really nice but i only stayed in France 4 a day. Now i was going 2 India.

The family i stayed with let me take a shower in their bathroom.
The bathroom was weird!
It was divided into 3 section.
In 1 part there was a sink and a toilet.
The 2nd section was the shower but there was no tub just 2 curtains parallel 2 each other 2 stop from peekers.
The 3rd section was empty.

I turned ont the water and reached 4 the soap but wen i grabbed it, some 1 took it away from me.

The person who took it stepped into the shower without getting wet (hows that possible). and 2 mor ppl stepped ion all laughing at me b cause:

i didn't hav any clothes on and i was blocking myself from their beedy eyes
i had 2 get the soap which they had but coodn't b cause i didn't hav any clothes on!
and yet i struggled 2 get the soap

(stupid dhs)

...and it was a blur from there.

A dream of miranda dog named Zoey talking 2 me

i had a dream...

I was at miranda house calling her name. She outside i was inside. I was looking out the window b hind a curtain then i hear a voice talking 2 me. I move the curtain and her dog Zoey is talking so me but its not friendly talking. She was trying 2 scare me! I paniced and kicked her in the face and ran onto the couch but i can barely c. It was so dark in the house no lites were on.

and it was a blur from there...

Mama Slap

i had a dream...

My mom and my friend cassandra were in a fight and cassandra slapped my mom and my mom called her fat.