Dreaming is like living or seeing another reality as our body recharges for our reality to come in the morning. They may be realistic or magical or downright bizarre, but each one is a unique story, and this is where you can share it.

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Four not-so-ordinary dreams

It’s been a while, so I have to cram in the dreams I had here, again. <3
There was one dream where I went on a road trip with my classmates. We had two cars; us girls were on one car, while the boys were in the other. Their black car broke down in the middle of the road so we had to stop until they finished repairing. We stood by outside our cars and the funny thing is I was tickling above our car with him. My last-year crush. ;P Everyone was wooing at us but we still kept on tickling each other. xD Reality is, we’re more in an acquaintances-enemies relationship now. xD


This dream after my birthday is pretty terrifying. O_o I faced Voldemort (due to watching HP and the DHP2 I guess xDD), telling me to give him Harry Potter in 3 months or he’ll kill us all. xD We actually sat in a living room and had some tea and cookies. 8DD It was creepy and weird at the same time. xDDDD Then I found put that the deviantart pages became portals that I’d be able to go to the deviant’s home by entering their deviantart page! 8D I entered this one deviant's page and got into her home where her artworks were on the walls. Then I hid under a drawer when she came but she found me. xD We talked a bit then I went to another deviant's page. xDD


I dreamed of going in a trip with my class again. I think it was a resort, and we were all having fun in the beach, swimming, playing in the sand. xD I forgot the details though lol.


Now I have another terrifying dream. (they're pretty consistent oh gosh) O_o It was night, I was in my home with my family when I went out to check. It was a bit different, more eerie and a bit foggy. I went back to the house after seeing my neighbor’s house outside and getting my doggies (I think) when we were suddenly attacked. Parts of our house got hit and immediately got incinerated. I remembered one part where our laptop got hit too and just vanished. And I thought “OH NO MY FILES ;;A;;”. I think we were in the blue bedroom that time. xD

Oh Kaitou Kid~ I wanna see you in my dreams again~ <333

Before my eyes...

... Kaito Kid appeared in my dreams~! <33

Also Aoko-chan, her dad Inspector Nakamori too~ He stole something and did lots of tricks and I was there when he did those~ <33333

I also have one dream before that where Conan-kun appeared too, but he was just standing, hahaha! xDD

Many dreams...many lost memories

Yup, as the title says, I can't quite remember many recent dreams that I had. Now I see that I should write some interesting ones. lol Hmm... Oh I remember a few. Even though I am on break, I had this one dream that I am still in school and...

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Abandoned cat-littered house.

I never ‘ad a dream that seemed normal or such. It’s always around weirdness and senselessness and nonsense. HEE~

I dreamed something Harry Potter related a few times. I swear Voldemort was trying to get me in one of them. xD

There’s this particular dream that kinda creeps me. I was in a house where my dad’s aunt and uncle lives, but it was abandoned. And old. Cats lived there. And there was sand everywhere. The cats were okay with me being in there but I felt like I need to get out of there immediately. But for some reason I couldn’t. I don’t remember what happened later. xD

And there was this one where I was being trained for some reason and it even involved diving in this man-made river that had scary sirens in it (helped me though I think)! My classmate was there too and told me something that goes like: “If you’re not a sailor then you’re a thief.” And I admitted that I was no good to be a sailor and that I am a thief. And there were flying doughnuts (with wings!!!) around there as we talked about it at the back of the place, in a hidden chamber. xPPP And the next day we had this practical test and I saw some Hogwarts students lol. They were my classmates in the place. I think we were in some institution that teaches kids with special abilities. Haha~

I still had more dreams but, I forgot. D:

Of Ships and Vessels.

I swear I kinda did this in my dream. The running part. xD

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Kay, this dream’s exciting. I was on a trip with a few relatives/churchmates and was ridin’ on a car/van. We were on our way to ride on a ship to somewhere I dunno. Next thing I know, we were in a different planet that was going to end thus our need to evacuate. There were about six spaceship vessels, really small, and each a different basic color (LOLWHUT) and I rode on one. I had my luggage beside me, and was crouching from the tightness inside, and blasted off. Suddenly, we were on the beach and needed to ride similar vessels that were being ran by the tide. I was falling behind and waded in the water to get in one, and heard one of my churchmates telling me to hurry or something. xD I rode in one the suddenly we’re in a different place again, with same vessels lined up. I rode on a pink one this time, and there were ‘freebies’ in it. It ended there. It made no sense. xDD

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Today's dream, I kinda forgot now, but I really remembered it clearly a few hours ago! Dx It was still on adventure I'm sure. :> I think it has something to do with Shakespeare. xDD