Dreaming is like living or seeing another reality as our body recharges for our reality to come in the morning. They may be realistic or magical or downright bizarre, but each one is a unique story, and this is where you can share it.

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weird little vehicles.

This is my dream the other day. I was at school, probably taking summer classes, and saw my classmates. When we were on our way home, we rode in... something. It was like a toy. Like a toy car for kids. My other classmate was riding a really small motorcycle. It was us girls who rode on the toy cars. We had fun, a little racing, it was insane, and just pure insanity. I rode home on it.

Yeah, somethin' liek that. =x=

My dream last night, well, I don’t remember anything. Anything at all. I quite blame the strong winds, rain, and thunder/lightning that kept me awake because a bit would go in the window and kept blocking the window with the curtain. It would fly if I don’t hold onto it. =3=

My dream~! ^^

SO, finally I was able to have a normal dream the last night. :D Okay, if I say normal, I think that I actually remembered what I dreamed and it wasn't just some voices and something in background that I couldn't recognize or remember.

Okay, now on the main part. The parts that I remember of my dream were that I went with class to a school trip. The trip was nice, I think that we went to Italy or Greece... But judging by the places that we visited, I think it was Italy and it was Rome.^^
After that, we went home, and now it get's the weird part... When we got home, we actually stopped with the bus next to one of my friends house. For some reason, it was very decorated. I came inside and thought that I was in my house, but later I look behind me and saw that some dudes appeared and that there were two couples ready to be married. Now, because I couldn't leave, I push forward into the house, until I came into this one room where the wedding should happen. Inside were some of my friends dressed in traditional clothing of my people. They said that I should join in the ceremony. I did, and for some reason, it was supposed to be some religious wedding.... But what in the world was my friend singing and doing? o_O He was doing some awkward moves and singed something that I couldn't recognized. Others followed, as I tried as well, but always failed. xD

After the wedding, I noticed in corner I saw you Alexa there. I was like: "How have you come here?" You said that you came to see Flynn and Rapunzel. They were supposed to do something (not sure what), but were pretty mad at each other and angry. Even the horse, Maximus tried to help them. We both tried that they are not mad each other and the fight stops, but at the end Flynn started acting weirdly. LoL!
Not sure how it ended, but I know that I went outside and looked behind me. The house was gone and there was no bus as well. So I had to walk my way home, while the sun was falling down... Can't remember the rest, but it was one weird, yet normal dream.^^



And I think IshiHime was in it. Fooshoo. ♥


Well, a video for all your troubles. I think this is gonna be a permanent thing.


I didn't remember the one I had the other day, but I do remember what I dreamed of last night. :D

I think I became a spy this time. There was even Megaman, LOL, and a few other good guys and I was in a meeting among them. I paired up with Megaman eventually too. xD There was this old Mafia leader who loves only his designer clothes by a company named Toni and the clothes he gets from that. His family only wants his inheritance so he detests them. One day the clothes he got were from an untalented designer (the designers were all named Toni and each replace the one before when they die) and he had him thrown away. (SRSLY WHY DID THIS KIND OF THING COME UP I HAVE NO IDEA.)

I’m not really sure with the events but it was pretty epic. xD There was more too, but Pachi came in the room barking at me and later Prettie jumped in the bed so the dream ended with the Mafia leader looking at himself in the mirror wearing those oogleh clothes. xDD

Yeah. It's weird (as always).

LOL MONKEYS. EXACTLY HOW I FEEL. But I need to go to school to enroll myself and my brother. =3=

No sense.

My dream this time is more like a series of events. I guess that’s what happens when I only get 4 hours of good sleep. xD

I was on my laptop using Tumblr. Dad and I had an argument which I think is related to Tangled. I worked on my current WIP, but I lost the hair layer forever. There was take-out food. There was a person eating that take-out food. My brother had a sandwich.

No good plot, bah. It was like a commercial. Px

And the first song to come into my mind is E.T.