Dreaming is like living or seeing another reality as our body recharges for our reality to come in the morning. They may be realistic or magical or downright bizarre, but each one is a unique story, and this is where you can share it.

Feel free to PM me if you want to be a guest poster or to have a dream shared anonymously. ♥


Welcome to my new world! This will be a place for the dreams I had each night and so starting my very own dream journal. Hopefully I remember them enough to write them here. I tend to forget immediately, like, I just woke up and it's gone immediately. xD

And I dunno how to design this world this time. Something dreamy I think? With stars and all, with a banner of a chibi sleeping? :P

So, I hope this will amuse you. Most of my dreams are weird amusing and they make me smile (unless they're nightmares) so I hope it's the same for you guys too. :D

~ Alexa-chan ♥