Even in my dreams there is tragedy.


LOL my dreams were weird. Three or four of them were cases. One I was a cop (Takagi and Sato were there too) and there was a bomb just on the next neighborhood from my home and it blew up right before we found it. My neighbors got injured (the bombs were inside old socks and were hung on the barangay cap'n's fence and some children were tossing those around and got scattered and when I knew about them all I could say was 'GET AWAAAAAY ALL OF YOU!!" and it blew up. ) My grandpa helped the neighbors by putting toothpaste on the burned parts of their skin. 8D

My other dream (Sherlock was in iiiiit) was a grand opening of an Exhibit/Factory and it was quite magical since to get around you just stand on the moving floor that goes spiral around the exhibits (cakes being made, stuff and such. Even a Victorian Era bedroom xDD) at the end of the exhibit (you'd be on the topmost floor; I was for some reason lost inside the exhibit where I almost got killed lololol) Sherlock was handling this rich guy who ran then they had a chase and soooo~ (the reason why I dreamed of him was I was reading one of the stories... The Musgrave Ritual I think, and slept after finishing it~~)

I also have one dream where I looked like Rukia and was in Karakura High uniform and was running away from Ishida. 8D I hid in a restaurant and begged to work in the kitchen there but he still found me even when I hid in a hole behind the kitchen. He said something like 'There's no use running away. Do you think the problem will go away if you act like this' then picked me up by the collar like a dog. xDD

I then faced his all moe and said 'I... I was scared." and there were sparkles around us like in the shoujo manga! xDDDD


I forgot the other dreams (again D: ) but I'm sure Conan-kun was there (and I think Heiji too? xDD)