Interactive dreams

Lately I have had some weird, but nevertheless interesting dreams... I will share two out of all the latest ones.

~ First one I dreamed almost a week ago, but it was interesting, because it was so realistic. In that dream I was finishing one of my last driving classes (which in reality I actually did) and almost end up hitting another car. After all the commotion I was going back home, but somehow felt that I don't belong there. As it was getting darker and more depressing, I just wanted to wake up knowing that I might be dreaming. Which in the end I did, I woke up in middle of the night in my room, but... I was still dreaming.. I tried to turn on my TV to go to the bathroom, but it couldn't turn on plus I felt somehow tired. And all the darkness and fear was coming out of the kitchen almost like someone like Slender Man was watching. After that I wanted to try as hard as I can to wake up which I did.. after the third time, but it worked and I was so relieved.

~ The second dream which I had two nights ago was... Umm, how to say, helpful? Well in a way. It happened that I had to get up earlier for my last drivings test (I had to be there in 8 AM, so I set the alarm on my mobile on 7:15 AM). In dream I was doing many things, not to get into the details, but the interesting detail is that after a while I noticed something. I looked at the clock in my room and it was 6 PM. I was so angry that I throw a tissue at my wall (what??) while all the things went through my head how I could miss my drivings test. In that moment I woke up. And it was, you guessed, 7:11 AM, just before my alarm. And getting waken up by that is an annoyance, because you don't feel full in mood. So, thanks dream! *grin*

Those were one of my dreams and while lately I haven't had many of them or they were too shallow, the latest ones were interestingly enough.
~ Thanks for reading!