floating islands and lizards

I guess I've said it before; I dream a lot. Almost everyday and they're quite vivid.

It's just that I usually forget them whenever I wake up, and it's so frustrating! Dx

Anyway, /coughs

It was a twilight. The skies were cloudy, grey and violet. There are islands. FLOATING islands. They're as wide as an ordinary house though. I was like a ghost; floating in the sky, a little above the islands. I could see clearly one island where I think I lived in; with a mansion, a garden and such. My family was there. Floating a few blocks in higher altitude was a creepy island that resembled a rain forest. I had the knowledge that giant lizards lived there.

Then I saw eggs in one forest-like island a few altitudes below the islands I mentioned. I think they belonged to those giant lizards. And what's weird was Sherlock and John where there. xD; I can't remember what they were doing but the next thing I knew, they were placed inside boxes and were dragged in the ground by unknown beings. They looked like corpses, lol I don't know, it was so weeeeird. And I was on that island with them actually, and I was digging the ground, where the eggs were scattered, and suddenly I picked up something mushy and dirty and later realized it was a DEAD FROG. /shivers

I don't remember anything else from there, sorry. 8D The atmosphere was very gloomy, kinda reminded me of Tim Burton's films. xDDD