After having to put it off for a while, Ash and I finally created our Drrr!! RP world.
That's right, RP world. And we're looking for some people to join us in this new story.

Join a gang, see the city, meet new people, add your own piece of the story, have some sushi :P
Sushi good, da?

And so I don't have to nag you guys later, I'll list the rules now just in case.

  • ~Play nice and respect the other RPers, this is about having fun, not hurting other people's feelings.
  • ~No Mary/Gary Sues, showing what your character can do is one thing, trying to make them into a god is another.
  • ~Speaking of which, no God Modding either.
  • ~I'd rather avoid any 'So-and-so is mine' fights, please. It shouldn't come up but just in case it does.
  • ~If you have an idea for a story element, tell us and we'll discuss it. Don't keep asking it over and over and over, once is enough.
  • ~If you want to put someone else's character in a post, keep them in-character. If it's something serious, ask them first. Don't assume they'll be okay with whatever you type.
  • ~Keep it PG-13 please.
  • ~Ah, and the one thing that might get me LOTS of fiery glares: No 'I'm the child of such and such' or the like. We want to avoid any fans fighting. We will also not be revealing the parentage of certain characters for the sake of our own sanity. Besides, we need new faces, new blood if you will. There's more people in Ikebukuro then just Celty and the gang.
  • ~Seeing as this is a Durarara!! RP world, it'd be nearly impossible to not have some of the characters appear here and there every so rare often, but let's keep it in character. No making them go OOC for any reason, okay? And don't keep dragging them into this, they have their own lives, you know.
  • ~If you want to bring in another OC of your's, let us know first so we can check over their profile first. Also, you can up to 2-3 characters as long as you can keep up with them all.
  • ~If and when we get enough members/characters, we'll bring in the whole gang aspects. We can still mention existing gangs though(Dollars, Yellow Scarves and such).
  • ~If we have to warn you more then 3 times for anything, you're gone.

That's it for now, hopefully nothing else will come up.