Class and Teacher Listing

This is the current listing, and will change over time.
If your character is not in school(again, age not choice), tell me what job they have, whether it's at the school(teacher/teacher's aide?/tutor) or in the city(waitress, police officer, etc).
Some of the characters listed will only be cameos and are on the list to help fill it out, so don't get yourself into any tizzies.


  • English-Takeshi Matsushita
  • History-Ren Edelerváry
  • Science-Nyarai Akiyama
  • Math-?
  • Art-?
  • Music-?
  • Home Ec.-Vanya Misaki
  • Phys Ed.-?

Class List:
1st Year classes

  • -Miyuki Genda(1-A)
  • -Ayako Kishitani(1-A)
  • -Ashihiro Haruka(1-A)
  • -Saika Ryuugamine(1-B)
  • -Masaki Kida(1-B)

2nd Year classes

  • -Kuiru Shimazu(2-A)
  • -Keitsuki Akamori(2-A)
  • -Kin Yumasaki(2-B)
  • -Rika Yumasaki(2-B)

3rd Year classes

  • -Gen'ei Kuroihane(3-A)
  • -Shuseki Kishitani(3-A)
  • -Akito Heiwajima(3-B/Advanced)
  • -Seuta Jitaku(3-B)