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I'm Sorry

I've tried on two different computers, and while I can submit art on one, I can't submit comments on either one. I doubt many people will read this, but in case you do -

garitoaga2006, thank you for favoriting and subscribing! I hope you didn't just do it to return the favor, but thank you anyway! And your character Blair is really beautiful, for some reason I really like her legs XD

Crimson-Rose, thank you for the fun challenge and the comment!

And chocolatemud, I'm sorry I missed your challenge! Hopefully in the future I will be able to make a picture for you, even though the challenge is over.

So, just all around - Thanks and sorry, guys!

Echo out.


Ahaha, who would have thought there would have been a snow day when it's almost May? Don't get me wrong, I still hate the cold, but at least its being useful now. There's only, like, four inches of it, but it's heavy and wet stuff. It's a bit weird that they decided on a snow day, though, since the massage school doesn't even get lake effect like we do.....but I'm not complaining! I just wish I hadn't gotten up now

Oh yeah, and the first ten people who comment on this post (do I even have ten people subscribed to me lol) get a sketch of their original character from me. Mind, my 'art' sucks, and all of you can probably draw better than me, but whatev. I'm doin' it anyway. :D

Have an awesome day, yo!

Echo out.

EDIT: Random fact, right now this world has 1,234 views! Fun huh? But now you got on...and ruined it.... It's okay, I forgive you!

Secrets in the Attic

Ha ha, just kidding. I thought the title would sound cool. It's really just secrets in the garage. Sorta. So, a few months ago we cleaned out the entire garage. Pulled everything out, sorted it, threw some stuff away, and put everything back in again. During the cleaning my sister, I,myself on here, found a little black bag. She opened it, and we saw some old, .22 bullets and few currency papers. She put it back in, and that was that. Today, my mom opened it completely, and pulled out a .22 gun :D Complete with already-loaded bullets and safety off. There are a lot of coins, and we haven't gone through them yet. The currency papers are from lots of places - Finland, Italy, some orient....Not bad, not bad. Of course, its all fairly old, possible from my uncle, and not worth a whole lot right now. Anyway, thought that was interesting.
Last night, we watched Getteysburg. It was long. And for some reason...I can't get it out of my head. I was never unusually intersted in history, but I keep thinking about it. Weird.
Okay, that's about it, all you pretty people.

Have a good day, yo.
Echo out.

So lazy....

Yes, I am feeling particularly lazy today....which is never a good thing. There is so much stuff to be done around the house and yard, plus, I should give at least two of the dogs baths today. But I feel like I could sleep through it all. Oh cruel, wonderful summer heat.
Also, I'm sort of fearing for my contest. I mean, I never expected much, and I'm completely thrilled that it got a beautiful entry. But a contest with one contestant isn't a contest. I know it's still got tons of time, I guess I'm just being paranoid.
And for some reason, I've been thinking about names lately. Like, why do you give your characters the names you do? Why do you give babies the names you do? Oh, and what are some of your favorite names? Anyway, I have to go do all the stuff I mentioned earlier.

Have an awesome day, yo!
Echo out.

Please help, yes? D:

Little problem! It would seem that for the past few days, I haven't been able to post comments anywhere. I like posting comments At first I thought that maybe it was just a problem with my laptop, but my sister is haveing the same problem, and she uses the family computer. I would go to the bug and glitch page....but obviously I can't post my problem. I would ask is anyone else is having this problem, but then I wouldn't be able to tell if they did, or if no one was bothering to comment^^; So, I guess I'm asking if anyone knows something that will help.
Man, I hope this posts XD

Echo out.