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Hello, welcome to Echo's world. Echo has joined the Hostess Cafe, on recommendation from Master Vincent. He says Echo should find a boyfriend. So Echo asked Dina if Echo could join her club, and she agreed.

Echo made this world so my fans can talk to me, and Echo can tell them important things and post drawings of myself. If you want to be one of my fans, please talk to Dina first. Echo will add you to the guest poster list and my list of fans.

Echo is happy to talk to you all and get to know you.


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Echo doesn't have any fans yet BT


Hello. This is my world. Echo would like you to enjoy your time here.

Dina says that the cafe needs more members of all kinds. As far as Echo's aware, Dina and Echo are the only Hostesses, and we don't really get customers. -_-U When Echo thinks about it, Echo would like some fans. No need to crowd me, but...

Please help our cafe, if not for me, for Dina. The link is in my introduction.

Echo hopes you will have a wonderful time.