'Sup dudes, welcome to my humble bus stop. Mi casa es tu casa, so pull up a chair, eat a crumpet and make yourself at home. Although I'm quite scary, I can be nice deep down inside. So comment me, message me, get to know me... but don't judge me before you know me, and do not try to label me - or you will fail... EPICLY (hmm, I guess if you really want to label me that bad, then I'm sort of an emo/scene/goon/nerd/freak who likes all music besides rap).

Yeah, so just have a look around, try and have fun (I know that may be hard but meh) and then when your bus comes and it is time to go, don't just forget about me - pop back every now and then, because I really apreciate it, guys. (:

I look forward to being your friend ^^

Eleanor.Electric <3

When people stop me in the streets and ask what it was that made me this way, I look back and remember the time that you broke my heart. <3

This is like my all-time favourite song. It's by Little By Little. There is no video though O:

If you wanna see a pic of me, just go to the first post, and hey-ho, there I am! Wearing a very cool hat, might I add, that I hijacked off of my friend Pablo xD

Update :)

WOAH! Haven't been on here for AGES! Sorry about that, I've been doing soo much recently! Hope you are all well.

Oooh, if any of you cool peeps are into gaming, you should totally check out this LP channel on Youtube (it's mine and my best friend's)!


It's 2010! Insane, much? Lol.
I am very excited that it's '10 'cos there are some AMAZING games coming out this year and I am very excited!

1) Portal 2 [NEED I SAY MORE?!]
2) New Legend Of Zelda for the Wii (!)
3) Super Mario Galaxy 2
...All of which are sequels to near-perfect games. Here's hoping they shall be just as good!

What games are YOU looking forward to this year? And what games would you recommend I try playing?

All my love,

Eleanor.Electric <3


Hey guys!

How is everyone?
I am EXCELLENT thank you.

I have had the most amazing week!
Prom was such fun, everyone looked fantastic and it was generally just a complete blast, I have been hanging out with my bestest buddies most days and I have just got the loveliest boyfriend possible! <3
... And he's a farmer xD

So yeah, maybe leave a comment telling me about your week?

Sorry for the random happy rant! Lol.

All my love,

Eleanor.Electric <3

A sigh of boredom

Hey guys!

Haven't really been on here much recently... I've had a lot going on what with exams, a lot of confusing stuff in my personal life and other general stuff, such as playing Guitar Hero until my fingers are bruised and my wrist is aching. But hey-ho, all exams are over and I now have bucketloads of free time! I have been using this free time to do many wonderful activies such as watching terrible daytime television and, more importantly, drawing chibis, which I have discovered that I love to do (right now I'm mid-way through what can only be described as me as a Pokémon trainer from Konaha village, which me thinks would be trés cool!)

Oook random rant out of the way.

Actually, no it's not. Sorry. Well, no matter, it's not like anyone actually READS these random posts.

So here I go...

Yeah, I'm just going to keep typing for no reason, it makes me feel loved because at the moment I've been feeling a bit lonely and down :(
Not quite sure why.
*ponders to self*
Nope, still don't know.

NEVER MIND, because I have PROM on Monday! That's like two days! YAAAAAAAY! I am soooooooo excited! I get to wear a pretty dress! :3

Okays, now I am all cheery again xD

All my love,

Eleanor.Electric <3


Emo poems I write when bored (:

I fairly recently got dumped by a guy I truly loved, and I find poetry is a way of expressing my emotions. Apparently I have a talent for writing, so I find poetry is a good way of identifying the feelings I have, and decided to write some poems about the times me and my ex shared and about the way I felt about him.

Sorry they're long ^-^

Poem #1

It doesn't make a difference what you could ever say... even though I want to scream at you, you drive me insane, life without you wouldn't be life at all. A life without you would be death, you are my entire world. No, you are much more than that. Words cannot describe the way I feel about you. My very heart needs you. My skin aches for your touch. When you aren't with me, I am like a fallen star - I should be up with you, my sky, for I am out of place alone and away from you. I lost you once and it almost destroyed me. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't live, I couldn't be. It was like I had run out of batteries, and without your magical love to restore me I was done for. To be thrown on the heap, ignored for eternity. Just another statistic, a teen suicide to add to the number. A headline in the Sussex Express. All hope was lost, it was a despondent dawn for my life. But then, we were reunited, and I was whole once more. You are my other half, my soulmate. Without you, I am half a person. With you, I can rejoice in my wholeness, my happiness and the overwhelming love I feel for you. "I've never felt this way about anyone before" doesn't come close. No-one in the history of the universe has ever felt this way before. How could they? My heart is exploding with passion and love for you. Every second I am not with you I long to see, hear, touch, smell, taste you. Just be with you. It is as though I am burning, aching, ripping apart inside, by this terrible, beautiful, amazing love caging every part of me. My very essence belongs to you. Because, in case you didn't realise, I am completely and utterly in love with you, now and forevermore.

Poem #2

Would it make a difference if I told you that I love you? Because that is the truth. And no matter what, though I know you don't feel the same, it doesn't make it any less real. It still rips me up, cuts more than a knife. It is a pinprick in the dark, in the dead of night, when I think it's all over. But it's not. It doesn't lessen the pain that grips my heart every time I hear your name. It is a lonely silent assasin, Heartbreak, in the emptiness of being alone. And I think it must be all over soon. But it's not. I still cry each night, holding on to every memory so tight, hugging it and never letting go. It is a cold bright fluorescent light, the realisation hitting me hard in the face. It's got to be over soon! But it's not. And when I can't take it anymore, I try to carry on, try to hope. "It will be over soon." I tell myself. And you know what? I'm lying to myself. All I need is you to love me in return. But you don't... do you?

I've written a lot more but most of the others are terrible and/or naughty so I decided not to post them! I might post more at some point in time, but then again I might not bother. I'm like that you see.

Sorry for the depressing essay and stuff guys.

All my love,

Eleanor. Electric <3

Hooray, hooray :)

YAAAY! My evil parents who put a filter on my computer have loosened the filter so I can now come on here! Before I only could at school :D
Unfortunately, I'm not really allowed on here much at the mo, what with my GCSEs and all :'(
But hey. That's life.

I am going to bed since I have watched far too many horror films and can no longer sleep without having chainsaws chopping me or freaky nurses putting me in strait jackets, and so am seriously dying with lack of proper sleep *thumbs up*


All my love,

Eleanor.Electric <3

P.S. I'm going to see Elliot Minor on July 9th xDDDD

P.P.S. "I'm a fish in a monkey suit. And I like to kill people."