Lookie it's me!! lol

A little About Me:

Screen Name : LGA775
Real Name : Werner
Age : 31
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
height : 1.79M
weight: 72.8Kg
DOB : 18th April 1985
Country : South Africa

Biography and History:
I was born the 18th of April 1985 in a very avarage looking house in a big City called Pretoria but originally grow up on a farm with my 2 brothers, mom and dad not so far from where I live now..I Later moved back to the city life after we lost our farm due to financial problems.I didn't had the best school years most people would call pleasent but It wasn't that bad either.I was never bullied phisiclly but mentally alot not only by school mates but also by my two brothers and cousins.I'm not a very social person I would much rather be alone do my own things and do what I love..meaning "Drawing" mostly.I don't like crowded places becuase alot of people at one place makes me nervious and uncomfortable.I never liked Bars, Pubs, And night clubs when I turned 18 back in 2003 becuase for my hate of alcohol.My kind of fun is nature.I do make friends easily but I am very picky on what kind of friends I choose in real life becuase I was stabbed in the back more times I'm willing to admitt..Some day I would love to go back to country life since city life is not really for me..I have moved back and forth more times I can remember becuase some places was just to dangerous to live in. We had a driveby atleast twice with people shooting at our house

In 2008 I moved to the United States for a year to work there since here in my country work is very rare and when you do get a job the paycheck is almost worthless..Over seas is the only place you can get a decent job that pays your depts and making it possible for you to survive..I met alot of wonderfull people in the US and also made alot of friends as well..Will leave my country any time to start over not only the US but any other place then here..

I wont even talk about my love life since here in my country Girls is well I don't even know what to call it but let my just tell you, you stand a better chance to win the lottery...I haven't had a serious relationship ever in my life just a few one night stands, the one without sex since I don't believe in that before marrage and Am very serious about that subject...So my life goes on and this is my life..Fragments of it..

Facebook Page

Likes: Friendly people, Loyalty, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Dissipline, People with a great sense of humour, Funny people..(Not the movie), Drawing, Colours, Spring, Cars, Nature, Guns and explosives, Flying, planes, Exploring, Finding stuff, Collecting diffent brands/makes of pencils, Sarcasm, People that can stand up for themselves, A good personality, Positivity,

Dislikes: Bullies, Rude people, Assholes, Idiots, People with no sense of respect, Lies, Negativity, Bad breath, Sushi, something that doesnt work right, Waiting, Bad language, Know it alls,

Activities: Martial arts, Gymnastics, Drawing, Working, Annoying my brother, Cars, Music, Supporting friends and family, Facebook, Working out, Enjoying life.

Favourite Anime: Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Aww My goddess, Code Geass, DragonballZ and GT, Digimon, Black Butler, Speed Racer, Bleach, Death note,

Favourite Anime Charaters:Sakura, Ino, Naruto, Asuka, Rei, Goku, Android 18, Winri, Edward, Dexter, Jonny Bravo, Courage, Hinata, Gaara,

My Best Friends here on theO..And old MyO Friends too: And people i admire

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I'm worrying about my cousin

Hey everyone hope all is good...With me well great under the curcumstances, as my title says I'm very worried about my cousin...

Last night I got a text from his wife where she said that she left him becuase he was cheating on her..I actually saw that coming becuase I warned my cousin that he's playing with fire and If she found out she will leave him..Normaly i have no sympathy for cheaters I hate cheater so much especially when their married..But becuase it's my cousin I can't help but feeling sorry for him even thou he brought this on himself he can blame none but himself..

Cheating is a very serious thing for me and one of the only things someone can lose my respect in a instant..But I also knows that we all make mistake in the moment of weakness and we all desurves a second chance no matter what the sin might be..But the trust is gone forever and will take years to earn back..I asked him yesterday was 2 hours of pleasure really worth it? was it really worth it to through everything away?

The other Girl knew he was married and yet she still are all so willing to destroy his marrage..I asked him.."Look at this woman you have now, What's keeping her to cheat on you later on? How long do you think she's gonna stay with you? 1 month? maybe a year? Is she really worth all of this? she's not gonna be faithfull to you cousin she already cheated on you"

Ugh!! Please not now!!

This is me today and all bloody day..-___-'

Hey guys hope you all doing awesomely^^ my on the other hand are not doing to great thou..I think I'm getting sick and that's something i'm not used to becuase I almost never gets sick..Aww well its just a reminder that i am actually human..XD my chest is on fire feels like I just drank a cup of molted lava or something..Bu don't wanna say that out loud afraid it might get worse..

Sometimes I don't feel quite human.."Don't ask"..Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow becuase I don't like doctors or hospitals but I seriously doubt I'll be visiting any hospitals any time soon..If I'm not feeling better by tomorrow I'm just gonna take a long weekend and not going in for work tomorrow becuase It's my damn right to take sick leave..I not gonna ask my boss for sick leave I'm gonna tell him I'm not coming in..I can't work when I'm sick so if he can't understand it bleeeeeeeeh!!! I'm just not gonna care what he says..

Kinda early But.......................

Hello friends

I know I'm kinda early but I wanna wish you all a very happy easter.. Besides don't they always say "Early bird catches the worm" hehe..rather late then never right..

Any way Guys I hope all of you are doing fantastic^^ I'll send everyone a gift later on^^ I really hope I have enough gifts left to send..-__-

I can feel it's almost easter becuase winter is almost here..Days are getting colder

It's strange

Good morning/afternoon and night everyone hope all of you are fanastic^^..Have you guys noticed that it's been kind of a long time since anyone here on theO have been promoted? I've always loved to see all the members here on theO who got promoted but I haven't seen it in such a long time..

It's kinda strange because theO has been more active lately ever since Version Vibrant came out, and of course theO has alot more members as in the Myotaku days..I don't know if I'm theonly one who noticed or maybe I'm just Imagining all of this..I've been looking back on the News feed and haven't seen any promotion updates..

Am I possibly missing it?

500 Subscribers!!

First of all I want to thank all of my wonderfull friends here for all the support you guys gave me throught the years i really really appreciate it alot...I've finally hit 500 Subscribers and It's all thank to you guys without you this wouldn't be possible..

Also a special thanks too my new Subscriber Mampo If you guys want to visit his protfolio please do so^^

Like I always say you guys are amazing thanks for everything