Hey! Welcome to my refurbished everything-goes world!

Before, I was just posting life updates and the like, but now, I'll also be posting fic-related stuff, in an effort to be more active on theO. Some will involve cross-posting from my ao3.

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we lost our girl

tw: animal death -- Yesterday, my dad and I had to take Rosie for her final vet visit. She had been having health problems as of late, but in the last two days, she went downhill pretty quickly. The situation was made more awkward an...

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mental strength restored!

hoooo boy I just got back from vacation yesterday, which was nine days with my boyfriend's extended family! We went to the beach in North Carolina, then visited his family in Virginia for a day before driving back, since he has work startin...

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still alive (hate that darn portal reference)

hi guys! it's been forever, i know. i miss yall. i had been good about popping in for a while but i just kinda slacked for a while. my grandma is doing alright, we're still waiting to hear about how well the radiation did for her ca...

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My ma starts radiation therapy tomorrow! Wooooo?

She's got 10 weekdays of that and then they're going to reassess the cancer. Thanks so much to those of you who have been sending good vibes and thoughts. You guys are awesome and I know you're making a difference.

I'll prob be back on tumblr and here in mid may after school gets out and I get a little brain staycation. I have some personal projects to work on this summer, so my goal is to make and post a lot more art.

Thanks for being 13/10 supportive <3

some good news!

so for those of yall that commented on my last post, thank you!! the good vibes are working. my grandma is gonna do radiation therapy and will hopefully be able to skip chemo and surgery!

she's not totally out of the woods yet, but we're getting somewhere. and that makes me so relieved.

my boyfriend and i are gonna drive up to my house this weekend to surprise her <3 cause i know she misses me, and she likes seeing him too.

thank you all for your well-wishes! it means a lot to me.