Hey! Welcome to my refurbished everything-goes world!

Before, I was just posting life updates and the like, but now, I'll also be posting fic-related stuff, in an effort to be more active on theO. Some will involve cross-posting from my ao3.

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SS Reunion Wishlist

Dear Secret Santa,

Thanks for being the cooliest and signing up for this event! I'm super excited to participate, and I'm looking forward to seeing what loveliness you create!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Castlevania: Alucard, Trevor, Sypha
2. Land of the Lustrous: Phos, Dia, Amethyst Twins
3. My Hero Academia: Deku, Todoroki, Tamaki
4. Wotakoi: Hirotaka, Narumi

TV shows-
1. She-Ra: Adora, Glimmer, Scorpia
2. Hilda: Hilda, Twig, Alfur
3. Jane the Virgin: Jane, Rafael, Michael

When in doubt, groove out~ (idk, it's something my boyfriend would probably say, lol)

Thanks again, Santa, and best of luck!

<3 Elricz


Info goes up December 10!

Fanartists and authors welcome!!

TheOtaku Renaissance (And Secret Santa!)

Hey, you!

Bubblegumscout (Lena), Keba Si Rota, and I are inadvertently spearheading a TheOtaku Renaissance.

I want to organize a secret santa to celebrate, since no one decided to do the Fanart SS this year. My classes end this week, so I'm going to set everything up next week. It'll be a December/January event, instead of trying to cram something in specifically for Christmas. More details to follow~

We're currently semi-recruiting people from tumblr, mostly by word of mouth, to try and drum up some traffic. I'm excited to see if we can get this place revived after all.

happy birthday to meeeeee (21st edition)

The title isn't exactly a self-congratulatory toot, per se. My roommate and I threw a double birthday party (hers was the 20th, mine the 28th) and we invited a bunch of our friends over. I decorated the dorm with streamers and crazy balloons and tissue paper pompoms, and we got to play Joking Hazard and Just Dance.

My boyfriend and I joked the other day about coordinated gift-giving, since we attended a gift exchange where I gave the hostess a pretty bookmark and he gave her a little book on angels, since she likes reading and is moderately spiritual/religious.

The coordinated gift-giving got cranked up to an 11, however, as between my suitemate and two of my friends, I received 5 neko atsume plushies last night!! I got Peaches, Smokey, Miss Fortune, Tabitha, and Callie, and they're all freakin' adorable. Watching their faces as they panicked realizing they'd all gotten me the same thing was pretty hilarious.

What really shocked me, however, was what my boyfriend got me.


He started a freakin' scrapbook of our adventures. He printed out pictures of us and decorated the cover with "[Our names]'s Magical Journey" and got unicorn stickers* and wrote a little note inside and yall. I cried like 3 times. He had talked about making a scrapbook but I never expected him to go out and do it on his own (or at least, to get the scrapbook and some starter materials) and print out pictures of us.

Every time I think about it, I get a little teary-eyed. It's my most prized possession and next time he comes to my house, we're gonna work on it and make it as freakin' awesome as he is.


*The unicorn stickers are because my suitemates and I joke about my boyfriend being a unicorn, because he's a genuinely sweet and sensitive guy and those are pretty hard to find. See also: the bisexuality/unicorn joke.

Printer Trouble: A comedy in three parts

Part One Hooked my printer up to my laptop. "There is a jam," it yelled at me, much to my confusion. When I opened the front of the printer, I realized it was correct, and there was very much a jam present. "Huh," I said, "that's no...

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