Hi everybody! I’m Elricbrothersfan, but you can call me Elricz!

I decided that after over a year of being pretty much the same, boring old intro it’s always been, I wanted to revamp my main blog introduction.

I’ve been a member of theO since June of 2012, and boy, have I made some incredible friends since then!

Some of my best buddies ever, in no particular order: Keba Si Rota, MangaKid, DemonsandAngels, XxArrancarFanxX, TheDarkEclipse, Klassic, Zuzu Uchiha, Soulanime14, ChibiMarco, Moka, UnknownKey, and squazio

Other awesome theO peoples, also in no particular order: itemilicious, Spectre, Angel, willotaku, Darkarax, Haitaka, RinMustang22, yummy suika, Hifsa, moonlit dream, ItachiSasuke, toyotami kun, cardcaptorryoko, Viollet, Dranzerstorm, kita mikichi, Valerie014, nimbusoak, and dragonseiryuka

Some of my favorite anime, in a very particular order: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Kamisama Kiss, Soul Eater, Negima!

Some of my favorite manga, in no particular order: Fruits Basket, Claymore, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto

So, without further adieu, welcome to my blog!

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Watashi wa nihongo wo benkyou shimasu!!!

For those that do not speak Japanese, it basically translates to, "I'm going to study Japanese!" (if one were to interpret the -masu as future tense and not present) In short, my dad got me this book on Kindle that's basically teaching me J...

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Sweet Reprieve!!

Ok so not sure if you remember but waaaay back in November and December I got into these huge fights with this guy I really cared about and there was a lot of arguing and stupid discussion and the occasional mean word exchanged and it turned into ...

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Life has been... hard lately. *big sigh* I want to get back into art, but with legal complications and whatnot starting to crop up from the accident, it's getting harder and harder for m...

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It doesn't even seem like it anymore... Friday afternoon, around four, my dad and grandmother and I were in a car accident. It was the other driver's fault, and because of her all of us had to be rushed to the emergency room to be checked ...

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Forever and a Day

It feels like forever since I've been in warm weather... *shot* Ok, I seriously didn't mean for that to rhyme. It just kinda happened like that.

My life has been jam-packed full of Spanish, tests, studying, quizzes, reading, art, projects, crocheting/knitting, and watching The Third: The Girl With The Blue Eye. That lovely mid-Janu-February break that we got, courtesy of the snow days/polar vortex/proof that global warming is a sham *shot* actually left me more tired than rested. Humph. -3-

I have missed all my Otakulings dearly, and seem to have neglected to at least check my backroom/inbox for multiple weeks... and my appearances on here are to be made ever-the-more-scarce as I run out of free time and into that humungous pile of make-up work and homework that lies before me.

One bright thing that's happened (err, okay, a couple things) is that I've been invited to audition for talented and gifted art at my school! Right after I wore a dress for the first time in forever *frozen to death* and had on pretty, cute heels to boot.

*radiates confidence* Plus people keep telling me I need to go into professional artistry, yet after finishing a sweater I've been working on for months (on and off, mostly off), my grandma said I need to be a fashion designer.

Umm no... art is my precious babbu/boyfriend and I shall marry my profession! Who needs guys when art will never talk back to you or leave clothes all over the floor? *shot* I may be slightly sleep deprived... idek

Salutations and farewell for now, my lovelies <3 I shall hopefully be back soon with a bunch of eCards under my belt and some more fanarts in the works.