Art Process!

A brief overview of my art process:

Stage 1: Research
I usually go on Google and look for reference images to get a good idea of what I'm going to be drawing.

Stage 2: Sketching
Done on anything ranging from notebook paper to cardstock, just a few experimental sketches before trying to make a final product.

Stage 3: The Final Drawing
If I'm going to color it, I'll go ahead and use a fine line Sharpie and my magical "light table"--a glass-topped coffee table with a bright light underneath--to trace my final from my sketch.

Stage 4: Scanning (or to a lesser extent, taking a photo with my cellphone camera)
I try to aim for the scanner, but since I technically don't know how to use it, I must rely on my dad to help me submit my art.


Okay, so that's the brief overview. A slightly better explanation of how I did my Link Fanart that Jen requested:

Stage 1: Google a bunch of pictures of Link from Zelda.

Stage 2: Sketch a bunch of terrible pictures of Link based off the two reference pictures I chose.

Stage 3: Quickly attempt a better sketch... with my new Ticonderoga pencils that I have fallen in love with because they are awesome... and decide that I like the sketch enough to go directly to the final drawing using my light table. (More info on the actual fanart can be found in the fanart description.)

Stage 4: Turn my almost-dead cellphone on to take a picture, then connect it to my computer to crop and submit.

Hopefully deciding to use my cell camera wasn't a bad decision...

And, conveniently enough, the light I usually use for my light table broke right after I finished tracing. It was, of course, one of the most important parts--the swiveling head snapped into four nice little pieces. Of course, feeling bad for breaking an already-almost-broken lamp, I tried to superglue it back together... and nearly glued my fingers to the lamp.

*sighs* The things I do for art to be a good daughter.

Nonetheless, I hope you like it, Jen!