Five More Requests - Almost Done!

Hi guys!

Since the request offer I put out, claimed by MangaKid, went so well, I figured I'd offer up the opportunity for five more requests!

As before, I'm up for anything: fanarts, comics, eCards (but sadly, I can't offer to do wallies). Fear not whether I'll be familiar with whatever you request--I have to research everything I draw anyways. No worries!

Requests (Now with links):
1. Haitaka - Nausicaa (of the Valley of the Wind)
2. Keba Si Rota - Keba, the adorable fox demon
3. Zuzu Uchiha - Edward Elric
4. Alphonse13 - Monkey D. Luffy
5. UnknownKey - Hinata

Aaaand... GO!

EDIT: One spot left! I wonder who'll claim it?

EDIT 2: All spots claimed! Thanks to everyone who made a request. I should have them all up by next Monday, the 21st. If you wanted to make a request but didn't get to, don't worry! There'll be more chances in the future. (And I promise I'll stop spamming you all with updates.)

EDIT 3: I'm 3/5 of the way done. Well, technically I'm 4/5 of the way done, but I just haven't had a chance to scan Key's yet. There are links to all the artwork that's up already.