People you have to meet

Eiri Yuki s Lover ~Eiri-chan
Eiri-chan is sooooo cool she makes me feel confident when im not. Shes my texting buddy when i need help.Im so glad to have her as a friend X3.Her and i have a little world were we work together to make an awesome story


Janet-chan is like a sister shes so sweet and she can read my mind!! She makes awesome wallies


XNotUnderstood ~nada-chan
Nada-chan is incredible she makes like the best wallies ever they r so awesome and shes fun to talk to.Btw i love faving all her stuff it irritates her lol


You have to see her wallies they are incredible and so are her challenges she supports my work and i love her for being so kind an thoughtfull of others


WOw you shoul see her card they are so cool and her icons as well shes sweet and nice to talk to her shes so down to earth


akachi shiro~akachi-chan
she was one of the few friend that stuck by me and i had so much fun with her lol we had our boy crazy moments together


He makes awesome wallies and art you have to go see XD he is sweet and he inspires me he works so hards on his wallies it makes me want to work hard


Request Room

But but but why?!!!!!

Nooooooo Noragami ended what do D:


Hey guys how's it going? I've been gone for a bit and the reason is work it be killing me yo but meh I can't complain money is good money makes the world go round not love it's a lie! No but seriously you cant live off of love you'll starve

Okay so besides work I've been spending a lot of time with my friends ..oh my mom has been gone for a week now she's in Oklahoma and keep in mind I'm from Texas
My parents got into an argument and well they are thinking about divorce , I don't really know what to feel or think about all this but only time can tell

Uhh oh I'm also looking for another job I feel like I'm not appreciated at work I do so so so much for them yet I don't get a raise I've been there for a year and they didn't even give me a quarter they gave me like 14¢ I know the register,men's and kids,ladies,shoes,fitting room,domestics,layaway and I even trained some of the new coordinators in layaway and I get paid less than them, I don't think that's fair and so I'm moving to bigger and better things

I'm missed so many birthdays D: I feel awful and well my photoshop was removed by some idiots so I have to wait for my friend Justine to come over an install it again for me -3-

And uuuh I got a boyfriend ....yup so um that's pretty much it

Also I might be gone for long periods of time I've been here for almost 4 years and I think all you guys have helped me grow in so many ways and I look back at my old post and I think well dang I was a childish idiot lol but you guys still liked me so thanks for everything I'll keep you guys updated ill leave the wallies,art and ecards up to the new people and my old friends who continue to create amazing art but as for me I'll just step to the side and visit sometimes but don't worry I still haven't forgotten any of the request and I think they are the last that I will do before I actually stop creating anything anymore

Taking requests (open)(update)

I'm taking request for wallies,iwallies,ecards and icons

8.crystal fantasia

*slaps herself*

oooohhhh my goooooossshhhhhhhhhh

so i was working on a wallpaper and well....i didnt notice that i had the wrong size until i was about to submit it dang it,it was going to be for one of my requests from soulanime14

How soon is too soon(one question)

To move on from a previous relationship how soon is too soon for somebody or you in general?