Hey, welcome to my world. My name is alice, but most people call me all kinds of different things. So, want to know what is so cool about me? I am a cosplayer. But not just any kind of cosplayer. On request, I act like certain characters. Like that time we chased Hinata around the deck yelling "guts!"... good times, good times. And not the only good times... I remember the coolest day ever.

So, here is the deal. we where sitting there, outside with one of those little buzzer toys. So, my best friend was all like: "Dude, this is-" and we knew he was going to swear, right? so all you hear is that little buzzer toy, then he keeps going like nothing ever happened: "boring, we have to do something." And then, the idiotic jerk tries to talk. Luckily, Lylee handed me the buzzer. " Yeah I *beep*".. wha *beep* okay, sasu *beep*" and he just looks at me like "okay, stop..." I know, not that funny, right? But it was fun.

poor mat.

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