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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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The ALLIANCE Crew: Sora of Uakashie

Eternal Storm builds on Eternal Rain's original cast...

The Core Four Members

Sora is the male lead.

Specialty: Wind elemental attacks; his rank is Kazejin.
Likes: cooking, exploring, playing with his sister
Dislikes: arguing, cars and elevators, crowded places
Relatives of note: younger sister (Hoshi)
Closest friends: Shiori, Toshiro, Shuichi

Others' views of him...
Hoshi: My big brother's the greatest! =^^=
Shiori: He's really smart and nice. (Atsuko: She really likes him. *smirk*/Shiori: *blush* Knock it off, Atsuko! >.<')
Toshiro: Sora's a nice guy, and he rarely raises his voice. ^-^
Shuichi: Sora's very responsible and trustworthy. ^^
Atsuko: Sky is way nicer than other people I could mention. (Toshiro: I'm nice, aren't I?! <:( /Reka: I know you're not talking about me after all the times I've risked my neck for you, right? *glare*)
Takeshi: He's skillful in a fight. ^-^

The Cast: Shaoqiang Xie

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Cast: Earthen Keyholders

Shaoqiang Xie is the team's mediator.

Specialty: swordplay and martial arts; close range
Likes: strategy games, tinkering with mechanical things; favorite food is sesame chicken
Dislikes: lots of noise, arguing
Relatives of note: mother, father, seven siblings, cousin (Jun-ai)
Closest friends: Sharon, Takeshi

Others' views of him...
Takeshi: Shaoqiang is very level-headed. ^-^
Reka: He's mellow; makes him easy to talk to. ^^
Toki: He's a tough fencing teacher. -_-' (Kita: No, you're just a bad student. XD)
Kita: Shaoqiang is a nice guy, but he has a very dry sense of humor. XD
Jun-ai: He's trustworthy. ^^
Sharon: Shaoqiang is reasonable, and he don't fight with nobody. (Kita: There goes that American southern drawl. *laugh*/Sharon: Shut up. >_<)

Name Changes

In the process of updating some of my randomly-picked names.

Mizurii Akibana/Morita > Mizuki Akibana/Morita
Shiri Mikichi > Shiori Mikichi
Kiara Nikama > Kiara Louw
Mara Ndali > Mara Ndala
San-Qiung Se > Shaoqiang Xie

Stay in Character Meme: Reka

Rules: 1. Pick a character, stay in character 2. Make them answer the questions 3. Tag some peeps Time to entertain ourselves at Reka's expense. XD Reka: *exasperated sigh* Why do you do this to me? ...

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The Cast: Kiara Louw

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Cast: Earthen Keyholders

Kiara Louw is one of the team's defensive specialists.

Specialty: Telekinetic abilities, barriers
Likes: Jewelry, collecting cute trinkets, shopping; favorite food is baked chicken
Dislikes: being talked down to, being ignored, pain/getting dirty
Relatives of note: mother, father
Closest friends: Mara

Others' views of her...
Takeshi: She's great at defense, but she doesn't really try to get along with the others on the team.
Reka: She's kind of a diva. -_-'
Toki: She's stuck-up and stubborn. >.< (Takeshi: C'mon, Toki, be nice.)
Kita: Kiara's got a sharp tongue. She's a little scary. 0_0
Mara: She has a lot of pride, but she has a soft side, too. ^^ (Kita: You're too nice. ^^')
Sharon: She has possessiveness issues. :(