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Story genres: Action, adventure, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, shonen
Rating: PG/Teen (13+) for sci-fi/fantasy violence

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The Keyholders: Kita Mikichi

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

The Four Core Keyholders

Kita Mikichi is the series' second female lead. (Kita: What, I don't get a cool title like "third-in-command" or something?!)

Specialty: Hand-to-hand and Añi fans
Likes: horsing around, combat sports
Dislikes: DRESSES!
Relatives of note: father, younger sister (Shiori)
Closest friends: Toki, Mara

Others' views of her...
Shiori: I like my sis'. She's cool. ^^
Takeshi: She's very enthusiastic. ^-^
Toki: She's weird. (Kita: Hey! <_<) But I like her.
Reka: Kita's crazy. (Kita: WHAT was that?! / Takeshi: Please calm down.)
Mara: Kita is a lot of fun. ^^
Sharon: She's a loose cannon -- way too impulsive. (Kita: Aw, come on, guys!!!)

The Keyholders: Toki Shimeru

Eternal Rain features a large cast of diverse characters...

Core Four Keyholders

Toki Shimeru takes center stage in Eternal Rain's main storyline.

Specialties: Naginata (English equivalent: halberd) for attack; Water Key Pendant for defense.
Likes: writing, shopping with her classmate, Aki
Dislikes: school in general (especially the catty girls and the cafeteria food)
Relatives of note: Mom, Dad, older sister (Yumi), younger sister (Atsuko), aunt (Miko), (cousin (Natsumi), but Toki doesn't know her yet)
Closest friends: Kita, Reka, Mara

Others' views of her...
Atsuko: My sister's evil! >.<
Takeshi: She's a valuable asset to the team. ^^
Kita: Love her! It's like I have two little sisters! <3
Reka: She's fun to mess with. XD (Takeshi & Kita: 0.0.../Reka: What?!)
Mara: She's a sweetie. =^^=
San-Qiung: She is honest and a hard worker. ^-^

Name Changes

In the process of updating some of my randomly-picked names.

Mizurii Akibana/Morita > Mizuki Akibana/Morita

Shiri Mikichi > Shiori Mikichi

Casting Call! (Rain arc)

I've been playing with this for a while. I'm working on a cast list for the Eternal Rain gang. Each character has a potential seiyuu and English dub VA or at least a close approximation of what his/her voice would sound like. (As of right now, onl...

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Eternal Rain PREVIEW - Book 1, Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 Toki woke up in a warm bed. What? Was it a dream after all? But, no, that wasn’t the case – the room was unfamiliar and crowded with scrolls and books. Kita was at her side. “Finally u...

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