Hey everyone, konnichiwa! This is Carolyn here and welcome to the eternal dream- a world where you'll get to read about many different things including anime, manga, music as well as my personal experiences. You can always feel free to send ur comments or messages about this site to me.

My profile

Name- Carolyn

Birthdate- 30th June

Fave dish- Margherita pizza

Fave color- Black

What I like doing the most- Watching anime and reading manga

My passions- playing soccer, listening to music, singing, playing guitar and ofcourse DAYDREAMING! XD

Fave song- Rhythm divine~ Enrique Iglesias

Fave vacation spot- Hawaii

Anime dat I'vewatched so far-
1. Pokemon
2. Digimon
3. Beyblade
4. One piece
5. Naruto
6. Mirmo
7. Capeta
8. Kiba
9. Get backers
10. Bakugan battle brawlers
11. Wolf's rain
12. K-on!
13. K-on!!
14. Kaidan restaurant
15. Hungry heart wild striker.

Anime currently watching- Angel beats

Anime movies dat I've watched so far-
1. Spirited away
2. Advent children
3. Pikachu's winter vacation
4. Pokemon- Mewto returns

Some of the things I would like to accomplish in life:-
1. Learn to speak Japanese.
2. Live in California when I grow up.
3. Travel across the world when I grow up.
4. Be a really good otaku.
5. Go to lots of anime conventions.
6. Visit Japan someday and check out with all the anime merchandise.