to the Ethereal Host Brigade.

You've just arrived in a New World.
In this New World dwell the people who are here to help those of you with questions. Need advice? We've got it. Do not hesitate to ask, as there is no such thing as a stupid or inconvenient question. Just as there is no such thing as a stupid or inconvenient person.

So, come in, relax, have a cup of tea. Tell us about your problems. We keep all things confidential, so you can trust us to keep things private.

King- Fai no Tenshi (Angelo)
Vice President- TheDarkAngel (Yosei)
Supports (lackies):

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<wanna join us in helping others? PM Fai no Tenshi and ask! He'll decide to give you permission to post here!>

The Hosts may post their own personal problems too! We're all human, of course!

Someone needs our help!

A girl has been friends with [Joe] for quite a few years. Then, Joe came out and told her that he really likes her, like more than a friend! But, our girl doesn't have feelings for Joe, but she feels that she might be sending the wrong signals to this guy. I.E. she doesn't like him, but she thinks she's telling him she does. Her question for us is:

Can you guys give me some advice on how to not send wrong signal?

Let's give her our best advice, guys!

Mission number TWO!

Alright, Brigade members! We have a new mission! Let's do our best!

The specs:
A girl has had a crush on a certain guy for quite a long time. However, clique-standings at the school they attend are worrying her and preventing our lovely flower from approaching this boy. For the past while she's tried her best to find out more about him and his personality, but so far her friends tell her he's somewhat of a jerk.
It seems that she may want help to STOP crushing on him. She's even gone as far as to try crushing on another boy, but to no avail.

This girl has come to us for help! Let us provide the best advice we can!
~The King~

Mission: Accomplished!

Well done, friends!

Our first mission was a success! *claps*
Our Girl in Trouble took our advice! Now, the rest is up to fate to make her smile. *Squees* And, she has the cutest smile, I'll bet!!! WHEE!!!

Ahem, I'll update again soon with a new mission. There should be some coming in sometime...

  • [Don't forget, Otaku! If you have a problem, contact us! It's our job to help those in need! PM Fai no Tenshi with your issue and he'll handle it well.]
  • [On a baser note- if you'd like to join the Host Brigade, PM Fai no Tenshi. He'll be the decision-maker. ^_^v]

Our first mission!

Alright, my minions- I mean! Friends!

Our first client has just come to us with some troubles! We shall keep it all confidential!

This is a predicament where Girl likes Boy but is unsure if Boy likes Girl. What can we do to help our Girl find out if the Boy likes her?

  • What if he doesn't?
  • What if he does?
  • What if he DOES like her, but for all the wrong reasons?

Okay, Host Brigade! Leave some comments in the comment box and give us your opinion on these "What if" scenarios!

It's time to make this girl happy, and if we can, make a couple! Get to it!!!
~King Angelo~