Current event - Secret Santa! 2020

Important dates!

Sign ups close on the November 30th

Wish lists due as soon as possible please!

Parings will be done on the 12th

Drawings can be posted as early as 20th, but deadline to have them all in is January 10th

Please update

seeing as christmas has come and pass we are still missing quite a few gifts please do update me on whats going on and whom your pair was seeing as I lost my list.

Pairing sent

I have sent the pairing, this was done at complete random. If I somehow missed you let me know via PM so I can get that taken care of.

Wishlist deadline has ended.

I am sorry to say two people will not be in our exhange OoAnBuOo and gareit0 for not getting me wishlist's sorry guys! maybe nextime! Pairing will be done soon


If I do not get your wishlist by the 5th you will not be able to participate in this years exchange. Get them to me ASAP! I need to get everyone paired up

Secret Santa signups! 2020

As December approaches! lets get this going, All I need from you lovely people is a wishlist! that way we can get this going!!

Rules -

Sign ups will be open for two weeks, if you miss it and still want to sign up PM me and we can work out. Sign ups will end on the 26th of November.

please try for full color, I will leave the full body, half body, or face shot to your discretion

All drawings can be posted starting December 20th at the earliest, and drawings are expected to be posted on Christmas. If you are in need of an extension or something comes up please message me.

Lets get this site active again! I miss the wonderful community and how much fun I always had with this event!


-Keba Si Rota - wishlist

-superstarpanou - wishlist

-SadSilver666 - wishlist

- Starscream - wishlist

- Calicoe - wishlist

- Rainbow Dragon - wishlist

- Moonfini - Wishlist

- HametsuKuro - Wishlist -

- SaturnSakura - Wishlist

- Cougarsama - Slayers: fav character Zelgadis, pairing Zel x Amelia
Scryed: Cougar, Cougar x Mimori
Sailor Moon
Classic Star Wars
Jane Austen
Agatha Christie's Poirot
Classic rock like Bon Jovi, Meatloaf

- Inphinity - Wishlist

- moani1582 - Wishlist

Bubblegumscout - wishlist