Hiya! So this is my first world, so if its a little slow or missing something please excuse my ignorance. Let me know what you think it does or doesn't need! Like the title implies this is really just gonna be a hodge podge of all the bizarre things that come to mind, let's hope it won't break the internet.

Utterly Useless II

Soul and Maka Pt. 2 “I can’t believe we’re actually on time today; not just me, but you as well. You made it to class before class even started!” Maka stared at the clock on the school wall. Soul hadn&...

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Ouran High School Host Club Review

In my opinion, Ouran High School Host Club (Ōran Kōkō Hosuto Kurabu) is one of the greatest anime in existence. Now I know what you’re thinking. “WHAT?! What about Tokyo ghoul?! Or Attack on Titan?! Or Corpse Party?! Or the ot...

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SS 2016

My Favorite Anime's with my favorite characters: Tokyo Ghoul -Kaneki, Juuzou, Hide, Noro, Hinami Ouran Highschool Host Club -Kaoru, Hikaoru, Soul Eater...

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Organization (My Chaos)

So here’s the thing (Hi btw, how’s it going? Thanks for reading this, unless you’re not… aaaaaaanyway) I am weird in many ways. Here’s one reason. I love organizing. Now I know I know. “Ok so you love to ...

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Utterly Useless

Soul and Maka pt. 1 Maka swung her weapon, her partner soul, through the kishin in front of her. With one swift slice the monster shrieked and dissolved until all that was left was its soul. Her weapon glowed and then reshape...

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