Utterly Useless

Soul and Maka pt. 1

Maka swung her weapon, her partner soul, through the kishin in front of her. With one swift slice the monster shrieked and dissolved until all that was left was its soul. Her weapon glowed and then reshaped into a human. Not just any human, Soul Evans, her partner and friend. Soul picked up the kishin’s soul and dropped it into his mouth, he swallowed it whole and turned to his partner.
“That number forty-eight, Maka.” He said to her, smiling a sharp toothed grin.
Maka smiled. Not too long ago they had collected Ninety-Nine kishin souls. After that, they had needed one witch’s soul and Maka would’ve turned her partner into a death scythe. Unfortunately they had been tricked into collecting the soul of a cat that had strong magical abilities and posed as a witch for the fun of it. Because of this, all of the souls the pair had collected in the past meant nothing and they had to start collecting souls all over again.
“Only fifty-one more to go, and then a witch.” She said.
“Yeah, a real one this time.” Soul laughed. “C’mon lets head home.” He said walking towards his bike. Maka followed close behind. They hopped onto his bike and began the short ride home. Maka wrapped her arms around soul’s middle to keep from falling. She leaned forward and buried her face in his jacket.
She had to be honest with herself, although she had hated the thought of having to start collecting kishin souls from rock bottom, a small part of her had been happy that she would get more time to spend with soul being her partner. She didn’t like the thought of ever having to part ways with him, or see him be used by someone else. She liked to think to herself that she was the only one who could really handle him, the only one who really knew him. But she knew that she owed it to him to turn him into a death scythe. She had always promised him she would of course, but after the time he sacrificed himself for her and was nearly sliced in half by Crona and Ragnarock it had begun to feel less like a promise and more like a debt that she owed him.
She clung to soul tighter as he swerved around traffic. Just thinking about what had happened to him made her feel guilty and horrible. She hated herself for not being able to defeat Crona. Of course they were close friends now that he didn’t have a psychotic witch breathing down his neck, but it still hurt her to think about the fact that that she hadn’t been strong enough. After soul had recovered they went through a very rough time. Their relationship as Meister and weapon as well as close friends suffered heavily. But they had gotten through it and were still working together and after the whole ordeal, they were even closer as friends. This thought always encouraged Maka and made the awful scar on soul’s body easier to acknowledge.
Soul pulled into the alley beside their apartment and parked his bike. He and Maka then rolled it into the small shed that served as a garage for the motor bike that carried them from kishin to kishin. After locking the shed’s door, soul and Maka walked tiredly into their apartment. Upon entering, soul immediately fell face first into their couch.
Maka smiled. “Don’t you want to eat? We haven’t had anything since this morning.”
Soul mumbled into the couch cushions. “Too tired to eat.”
Maka laughed. “That’s not even possible.” She began pulling things out of their fridge and throwing it all together. It frustrated her that she wasn’t as good at cooking as soul was, but she could certainly make an amazing omelet.